I'm eki or ekimura thats my nick name that has been with me since my art days. I have a back ground in art, beauty and makeup artistry so I do multitasking in those field for a job for a living but my blog is where I share alittle portion of who I am so I hope you enjoy them♥

My blog is about random things that interests me, most often I feature items that I LOVE and so I started this blog to share with you all ♥ If I do a review on a products on my blog they are always my 100% honest opinion and I try to describe in details as much as I can so you can get a better idea of that products :)

All the photos on this blog are taken by me and the materials are copyrighted so if you like to use any item from this blog please ask me for a permission first by contacting me, Thank you!

Genuine and honest people
kawaii things
clear blue sky
beauty products
nerd tech stuff
bicycling and rollerblading

Fake and negative people 
green bell pepper
humid weather

Facts about me:
I'm mini sized at 4'11"
Born in Japan raised in US
Fluent in both Japanese and english
I am a middle child
Left handed
bad vision at -5.50 both eyes *__*
worked for Apple INC so I LOVE Apple products but my BF is more of a apple fanboy...LOL
Sounds like apple crazy people right?? Its because we met each other while working for apple~! Going strong for 4+ years♥ :)

If would like to ask me questions or want to talk to me please write to me at my twitter so I cant get back to you faster and its easy for me to respond back to you♥

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