My skin regimen~

Here are my items I use for my skin care~ I have oily combination skin which can be sensitive to some skin products so this item that I am using have been working wonders for my skin! I haven't really brokeout after using this products which I have been fighting for ages! :) Most of the item I use is oil free.
Here are the list:
Dermalogica daily microfoliant *I have 6 oz pro size but they come in 2 oz size*
DHC balancing lotion water base toner/lotion it will balance your ph level on your skin
Clinique moisture surge oil free moisturizer, leaves my skin hydrated
Remede Alchemy concentrated antioxidant moisture lotion its like food for my skin
Bliss pore perfecting facial polish very gentle creamy exfoliator great for any skin type
Dove gentle exfoliating skinvitalizer great cheap skin exfoliator which leave my skin glowing

This is the order of my skin regimen~

Here is the Dermalogica microfoliant face wash that I LOVE~ but this product have strong rice scent. All you need is small amount, washes away my make-up too!
*I dont use it like it is directed I like to wet my face and rub the dry power and let it get creamy on my face.*
This product have alot of natural ingredients such as rice, tea tree, ginko biloba leaf and many more also contains salicylic acid. This face wash is really great for people that breakout and have oily skin, it leaves my face glowing after I wash with this stuff!

DHC balancing lotion is great~ its water base toner that makes my skin tight also balances my skin so its not as red. Very gentle, no scent and feels like you are just splashing water on your face :) *I like to pat my face with cotton with this product*~
I dont usually like Clinique products but this moisturizer is pretty amazing if you have oily skin. Its gel like texture non greasy leave my skin moist. I didnt like it when I used it for the very first time, it almost felt like it was burning my face but after using it for a while its amazing~*I use this product after my balancing lotion*

I love using this as additional moisturizer especially as makeup primer~ This contains grapeseed, green tea and vitamin c as well as UV coat SPF 30 non greasy. All you need is alittle bit goes long way :)

I love using exfoliators but I dont like rough dry textured ones that hurt so this is perfect for me its gentle and creamy. smells like oranges, this exfoliator does not foam and leaves your skin kinda feeling oily but I like it, after you dry your face it leaves your skin moisturized. After using this product for few weeks my pore did seem tighter and smaller~ *all you need is nickel size amount, I dont add water and rub in circular motion gradually add water and rinse* I use this maybe once or twice a week

This is another great exfoliators, this thing vibrates and there is two sides on the pads soft and hard. I like using the harder side since I like to feel like I am polishing away dead skin! I use this once a week but its gentle enough to use everyday!


  1. Cool routine! I always wondered about Remede products~~ They look really nice.

  2. the dove exfoliator sounds interesting..i think i should get it just because i'm lazy =p
    i look forward to your ayu post!

  3. thanks for the products review, very useful! :)

  4. where can I buy Remede Alchemy?

  5. i tried looking up the Remede Alchemy but it seems like its nowhere to be found! i googled it up but for some reason the exact one u have isn't selling anywhere. im only bumping into the alchemy moisture emulsion =/

    where do u buy urs at? T__T

    ill look more into ur routine...my skin is also combination oily, and i break out really easily..and u have like perfect skin @_@

    and does exfoliating ur face without using water better or something? i always make my face a bit watered up before using a scrub.

    my poor skin needs help @_@


let me know what you think~ :3

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