Sick days, manga time~

so I been in bed all day today since I have the worlds worst migraines that makes me feel like my brain is going to explode, on to of that it make me really nausea n dizzy,,

so thank goodness for my laptop and onemanga.com keeps me entertained~ X3 Im such an addict of naruto! cant get enough haha so if you are in to manga check it out here they have almost every manga out there but its only subbed in english,, I couldnt find any that was in japanese.... :/


  1. Hope you feel better soon,thanks for the manga site, I love manga~~

  2. Put a clod compress on the eyes & forehead.

    Feel better & get some rest!

  3. oohh mangas!!!

    You should go to mangafox.com! They have tons of manga to satisfy my addiction!!!

  4. aww I hope you feel better! I love onemanga! <3

  5. aww, hope you feel better soon ; ;
    Migranes are the WORST thing in the world >.<

    Onemanga.com is the best!

  6. Hope you make a speedy recovery!!

  7. wow...thank God I read your blog! I love Naruto too

  8. i hope you get better soon! get some more rest and drink plenty of water!

  9. feel better soon! thanks for the sweet msg :)

  10. Oh no I hope you´ll feel better soon!
    Who doesn´t love manga?*laugh*

  11. Hehe, I'm also a big fan of Naruto. Hatake Kakashi is my #1 fav, kakoii desu ne! >_< Get well soon!

  12. oh being sick is sucky! hope you get well soon have some R&R! :)

  13. get well soon! migraines are awful.

  14. hi hun <3
    i've been coming to your blog & enjoyed readin a lot of posts. For some reason I had a hard time following ur blog! Blogspot was being gay at night times..but finally, its back to normal. LOL

    so sorry that you're sick..
    everyones been sick, even myself...but im pretty much all recovered !
    hope you get well soon !


    ps: i love alllll of your music <3

  15. OMG baby

    that is what i had....i had these horrible migraines for at least a week and then it turned into a flu...my cuz is a doctor and she prescribe me medicine and they went away once i took them...there loaded with caffine though...ayyy i hope you feel better...



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