in the mail!

Hi everyone!! looks what I got in the mail!! my prize from spankedelic! XD
she was kind enough to include

china glaze in shocking pink
Dior diorshow iconic
Make up for ever bronze aqua eyes, eyeliner
The balm stainiac cheek and lip tint
hourglass solar tan primer
Tigi S factor smoothing lusterizer
shu uemura sponge
Kawaii Hello Kitty journal~ :D

so here is the swatch for the aqua eyes in bronze it goes on like smooth gel it says waterproof I love it! I wore this on bottom lash line.

I have used Diorshow but not iconic I have to say I love it!! the brush is amazing I might have to get the full size now! worked great with my electric lash curler too~ it has very good lengthening effect! X3

lastly I used the The balm stainiac on my lips have really pretty pink color~ I love it!

I havent tried out the smoothing lusterizer but it smells soo good smells sorta like strawberry yogurt! hehe :3

THANK YOU so much Trinh Im loving everything!

I have been asked what kind of contacts Im wearing here and my arabic eye look and they are FreshKon color fusions in baby aqua!
they are pretty but can look grey, if anyone buys other colors please let me know I wanna see em! :D


  1. you are beautiful!

  2. wow pretty eyes! i love how your eyes look :)

  3. yay..........i'm glad you liked everything!

  4. hey erika!
    oh my gosh your color contacts are so pretty :)
    nice prize~ enjoy the new goodies!

  5. Your eyes look soo gorgeous =)

    Congrats on those prizes !!
    stay beautiful and i hope your days are getting better and better!!

  6. Oooh, everything looks so nice! I may try that stain now that I've seen it on you - it looks so pretty!

  7. Hey Eki!!!

    I'm loving the quality of the pics!!! And as always, you are looking so damn gorge!

  8. i love your playlist :) i'm going to just keep your blog open while i ATTEMPT to make earrings.. hahaha :)

    what nice prizes! i still have to try aqua eyes, fuz talks about it all the time!! that must mean it's awesome :) hehee.

    you're so pretty! what blush are you wearing? :)

  9. Congrats on winning the contest again!! And look at those pretty prizes!! What a great look you did with all the products!!

  10. ooo lovely prizes! the mascara looks greta on you :D

  11. Ohh... Love your lashes! I love the Diroshow... :)

    Thanks for the advice on the camera!

  12. ohh! congrats! the mascara looks beautiful on you!!! but you are already pretty hehe =P

  13. congrats :) that nail polish will be perfect for warm sunny days!

  14. i have a new found addiction for mufe aqua eyes liner! tat color is gorgeous

  15. i wanna try those contacts~ they look really prety

    congrats on the win!

  16. oo i have that mufe eye liner its sooo pretty love it! everything looks good dont you just love bloggers!!!

  17. Hi girl! :) Thanks for the comment :) I love your blog!! I will be a follower from now on! :) You are too gorgeous! I love your eyes! & wow your skin is so flawless :)

  18. Lovelyyyy~~

    I actually have been thinking of purchasing some blue contacts or violet ones. The ones you have on looks fabulous on you. I haven't tried any color that stands out yet, but I'll see. hehe. =)

  19. i love the way those contacts look, its beautiful on you!

  20. Ohhh I found the post you told me about on my cbox!
    They all look very nice on you!

  21. eki dear! i purchased some freshkon contacts. thought you'd like to see what the other color looks like: http://swatchcrazee.blogspot.com/2009/05/haul-freshkon-colors-fusion.html

  22. hi eki,
    just wanna know what you do to make your contacts last. i buy mine good for 6 mos to 1 year but it only lasted for almost 2 mos and my eye gets irritated.. i'm from phils.. and i' near sighted and i sometimes hate wearing eyeglass. could you help me on this.. thanks.



let me know what you think~ :3

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