tagged~!! haul~

Hi ladies~
I have been sick and been feeling like blah zombie for the past few days... T_T

I took some photos of yasumi's creation but could not take a good ones since its been kinda cloudy lately..

Izumi chan the extender tubes are amazing!! it takes amazing amazing photos!

so I was tagged by 2 lovely babes!
Leigh & Whit~ XD
thank you thank you ladies for the love~

I guess its my turn to share alittle about myself XP

what is your current obsession?
making kawaii things

what is your weirdest obsession?
lol I donno.. maybe calling my bf, monkey..? XB
what's your favorite comfort food?
my mom's cooking~okonomiyaki, ramen, strawberries,curry, mostly anything Japanese LOL

What would make today special?
umm I need to catch up on 24! XD

what would you like to learn to do?
make amazing bento!

what's the last thing you bought?
some stuff from craft store

what are you listening to right now?
bf watching NHL and making lots of noise haha

what is your favorite weather?
sunny but not humid and flowers blooming everywhere

what is your most challenging goal right now?
making a name for myself in my makeup artistry career :/

what do you think about the person who tagged you?
Whit= gorgeous girl with beautiful eyes! with makeup skill that is FAB!! she got some great skills! love her tatas!! XD
Leigh= well educated powerful beautiful lady~ great example of smart beautiful ladies out there! you go girl!

if you could swap lives with anyone for one day who would it be and why?
i donno, I dont really care to.... maybe be a bird for a day i wanna fly :D

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
Interlocken, Switzerland beautiful place~
which language do you want to learn?
Mandarin, since my bff is Taiwanese I wanna be able to speak to her and understand her mama LOL XD

what do you look in a friend?
just genuine person that I know that the person is real and not fake~ and care for me as much as I will care for them :)
who do you want to meet in person?
all the blogger ladies!

If you had £100 now what would you spend it on?
Im sure makeup lol
favorite designer?
I used to love any thing christian Dior but now I
love JUICY
Do you admire anyone's style?
I like gyaru style so I guess I admire Ayumi Hamasaki's style? :D

Describe your personal style
I wear anything kawaii to me

what's your favorite ice cream flavor?
I love rum raisin and mint choco chip!

what is your favorite makeup brand?
anything japanese mostly

what makeup do you use alot?
I love my DHC Q10 foundation!! XD

wow that was soo long I just deleted some question that was meaningless to me lol

Im gonna name few to say thank you for your friendship!

PINK *your so sweet~ had fun chatting with you*
Mika *my new found sister*
Fuz *your always there with your sweet comments*
Izumi *very talented sis always sweet*
Mayaari *super friendly lovely lady*

my bff Mary from high school
sorry the photo is from halloween XP
<---- she is in the right, I LOVE her~~hehe XP

just sent me sephora gift card
for my bday so i bought juicy train case! I was eyeing it long time ago but now its gone down in price so I got it! great for travel super kawaii!!~

also got beauty insider deluxe sample for urban decay eyeshadow primer potion in sin

very shimmerly beige peach color~

yu be cream

benefit erase paste eye cream

ghd hair serum

thank you for reading this LONG post!! :D


  1. oh your pictures are so good!! :) i love it!

    you and your bf are sooooooo pretty! <3

    your haul is CUTE.. just like you.. hehe :)

    aww, sis? i love it xD i think i'll call you onee-chan from now on (:

  2. Eki!
    Ahh thank you for the shout out :)
    You have become my caring, sweet onee-chan that I never had.. hahaha.
    That Juicy case is SO cute~ I didn't know juicy makes makeup cases/pouches. Can't wait for you to try all the new stuff you bought and show them how they are!

  3. cute train case!!

    aww thanks for sharing with tag.. lovely pics of the earrings!

  4. super cute Juicy case^^

    I wish the best of luck to you in making a name for yourself in the beauty business. With your skills and personality I'm sure you will get there eventually!!!!

    Cute pics^^

  5. I love mint choco chip too! Very cute haul too! When is your bday?

  6. You both are gorgeous. I love the traincase!!

  7. the traincase is sooo kawaii >_<

    You and your bff are soooo lovely :)

    And i hope you feel better soon sweetie<3

  8. LOL, for some reason, your comment on calling your bf monkey made me think of Goku xP

    OoO and I would love to make amazing bento as well!!! with the pink heart in the middle of the rice and everything. x3 looks so amazing!!!

    And that juicy train case is super cute. :) nice haul <3

  9. Ohh the Juicy Traincase!! Good pick! LOL!! Aww Eki feel better! Sick sucks!

    And your pics are always just breathtaking!

  10. beautiful!! ohh you were a pirate for halloween hot! hehe

    That train looks really cute!!! and yay now we get to know a little more about eki! and aww girl you'll make it in the makeup industry!!! you're so talented and pretty! <3

    OMG I love ayumi's style too!!! I wish I could go to japan for like a year and just buy a ton of stuff! lol

  11. LOL yay u finally answered the survey! hehehe..
    omgosh.i am so flattered..u think im smart? lol. i hafta give credit to all my professors in college..hahaha.Ü btw,u just crack me up,why do u call ur bf a monkey?wahaha.. =) ok,so if u learn how to make bento's..make sure to post them,ok?! =)

  12. you are so KAWAII ! : 3

    the picture of you and your friend is actually very nice! ^_^

  13. awww.. the train case is soooo pretty
    hehe, everything cute is my love too <3
    lol, I thought most japanese know how to do a really cute bento, honestly, I think it is very time consuming too. but if one day I have my own kids, I will do bento for them, it feels so warmth.

  14. what a nice way to spoil yourself! happy birthday to you!
    even if it was a halloween picture, i think you both look hot.
    i think you should definitely learn mandarin when you get the chance. i learned some for a university credit and got the chance to go to shanghai for an exchange 4 years ago...buuttt....most of what i learned is already out the other ear haha.
    i'm glad you've bonded with a few girls. sometimes i think the blogger ladies are even better than my friends in canada! shhhh!!!!

  15. The Juicy traincase is so pretty!

  16. OMG! that JC traincase is so pretty!


  18. Thanks for the tag beautiful!!! :D I'm so excited to wear your hair accessories, haha! Cute train case~ I have one too, diff color~

  19. ohh cute juicy bag! it looks perfect for traveling!

  20. Oooh, cute Juicy train case!! Your nails are so lovely, where did you get those 3D flowers? They are just precious!!! Yeah, I heard that Mac has the best CS, but I love the Sony VAIOs haha. They aren't that bad actually.. We'll see what happens, I gotta ship it out to San Diego today so it can be repaired. Thanks for caring, gorgeous!!!


  21. very cute traincase!!! i liked reading this post. i really like your pics, too :)

  22. I LOVE YOUR JUICY TRAINCASE! and youre so pretty :)

    too cute! but with the clumsy me, it looks like i can already imagine i spill something there haa.
    Your hat is so cool :D looks sexy. reminds me of nakashima mika :DDD

  24. Hii! Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment! :) You are so pretty!! And I love you nail designs and your new lens! They're awesome! :)

  25. I like the music you having playing too! (^_^)

  26. Your pics are still lovely~even if the weather isn't =)

    Cute train case and halloween pic. Hope you're feeling better!

  27. looooove the photos - they look great!

    thanks for the tag :) I'll have to adjust my answers from last night since I'm falling behind, lol

  28. that pic of you and your bestie is super cute!

  29. Wow you are so pretty! I love Juicy too haha I recently bought a Juicy purse from NY :D

  30. way to go! Snag it up when it's on sale :)
    You are soo prettyyyyy!!!!
    Aw sorry for you being a zombie! Just don't come and eat me! lol.

  31. Aww I hope you're feeling better!
    & I love your Juicy traincase!<3
    Wish you a happy birthday!!(:

  32. ahaha i'm the opposite way around--i'm taiwanese and i wanna learn japanese! :D i love ayumi's style too! have you ever seen her pictures in VIVI? she's gorgeous in there :)


let me know what you think~ :3

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