majolica majorca look~ love package~

EDIT:: original first imaged looked creepy in thumbnail so I change it LOL XD~
Hello there~

Im lacking on makeup stuff lately and Im sorry.. >_<
mm palette I bought from Valli not too long ago along with the Jill Stuart stuff and Im loving the colors on the palette PK740~

I did my the shadows just like the box says and it looks good, its very shimmery & very pretty :D

mm palette
loreal Lineur intense felt tip liner in black mica
NYX brow pencil in taupe
diorshow iconic mascara

DHC Q10 foundation in beige ocher 02
Jill stuart mix blush in 02
NYX concealer in beige
NYX round lip stick in baby pink
NYX round lip gloss in baby pink

also I will make a Vid tutorial soon on hair styling~ remember I am NOT good at making vids I get all weird and nervous LOL XP

but I will do my best to share few tips on hair~!

also I got a LOVE package from Lotus from Singapore~! :D
She is a reader of my blog so she purchased my handmade items not too long ago and she sent me a return love package!!! ^0^

How sweet is that?!?! I am really grateful and happy to receive such a sweet gift!

it was packaged so kawaii and everything looks so happy~ XD

the letter was too cute~ its natto! Ive seen tofu but natto is super kawaii! LOL

also with super yummy snacks!! I havent been back to Japan is like almost 5 years now and this made me so happy since Im super homesick >0< >THANK YOU SO MUCH LOTUS for all the kawaii and thoughtful stuff you've sent me~ :3
I will send you my love as well! ^0^


  1. Woooooow! Your eyes are sooo beautiful. I reallly love the look. Really makes me want to find it and buy it right noooow. Anyways very pretty. Also, very fun package you got there.


  2. Wow! your eyes are sparkling no matter what palette you use:] So gorgeous<3

    And the love package is awesome:] I think I'd devour those collagen/vitamin C candies so I won't age:[ Haha.

    Anyhow, can't wait for the hair tutorial:]

    Take care then and talk to you soon!

  3. there is such a thing as sweet potato kitkat? ooh.
    you look amazing as always :D

  4. wow
    it looks so pretty!

    make a vid!
    i love your vids..
    you look so pretty

    lots of things to try too

  5. Cute look. I cant wait til your hair tutorial! :)

    You're spoiled with LOVE :)

  6. Hey Eki,

    I love how bright and soft your blog is, it makes me feel happy every time I visit. ^^

    I can't wait for a video tutorial! :)

  7. Looks lovely! And all that stuff looks yummy hehe (:

  8. you're so pretty!! i love mm palettes :] i only have one but i use it all the time!

  9. I have that palette too and am soo loving it, the colours are just so sweet. they look lovely on your eyes :)
    uh, I never tried potato kitkat lolz..does it taste nice??

  10. your makeup looks perfect!!! and that is one nice love package!

  11. girl! you look good with everything!

  12. Kira Kira Ekisan!!!


  13. oh, so sweet! is that etude house or Liole items?
    I like your pink look. cute

  14. Beautiful Eki as always! Damn~ ... Such apretty face ;_; haha <3
    Nice goodies you got! And looking forward to the hair tut dear

  15. The colors on the palette are very pretty.

  16. wow how sweet of her to send you such lovely things! and i heard japan has many different flavored kitkats! i follow a blog called a canadian in kobe, and he posted a video where he tried all the diferent kit kat flavors, and he made them all look so delicious!!!

  17. oh u should try the kawaii tokyo product.. its not bad... i am frm singapore too n happens to be once kawaii tokyo's sales promoter... haha~ its not bad... made in japan and with nana technology~


  18. wow they are cute! :) love your pics too.

  19. The MM eyeshadow is so beautiful, I love the shimmer!
    Oh what a very cute love package indeed! Lots of yummy candies too hehe

  20. Aww how lovely! Both the hair and the love package! I can't wait to see your hair tutorial!

  21. Skills! Skills! Major skills at applying makeup!!! You look gorgeous! I'm so envious XD

  22. Love the Majo Majo on you!! Great Love Pack!

  23. Hey pretty girl,
    Love your pics! You hair looks so pretty!

    Yea, Jun Pyo is so handsome! Ay... Just thinking of him makes me smile :) Jan Di is so lucky! She got to kiss him so many times! If I was her i would make sure I get a lot of outtakes. Hehe.

    Wow, You got a lot of cool stuff! Ohh.. Those snacks are making me hungry ^_^

  24. so beautiful eki!

    love the love package!!!

  25. This looks amazing :] I love your lashes!

  26. u are so gorgeous, ur pics turn out so beautiful!! luv the makeup so much^_^

  27. Super cute make-up eki dear!^^ <3 it~ The colors look so much prettier on you than I culd ever make them XD
    The snacks look so good, I've alwys loved the flavored KitKats from Japan^^

  28. i love your look! so gorgeous! <3
    n aww... lotus is so sweet <3

  29. i like the shimmeryness of these palettes, esp the #4 shade.
    the package looks so tasty..i saw the kitkat and started to drooool

  30. How come when I try to follow the diagrams on the back of e/s it never looks as pretty as yours!

    Eki love, you deserve all the love in the world! She sent you really cute stuff!! Mmm.. candy!

  31. soooooooo pretty! bijin? is that how you say it? man i forget hahaha :) such a bad nihonjin.. HORRIBLE nihongo. gotta get me some dhc foundation! :P

  32. awww so pretty! i'll be looking forward to your hair tutorials for i need to learn how to fix my own hair lol.

  33. you so beautifull eki <3 i like your makeup

  34. Preeetty pretty look!! I look forward to your hair video!!!!

  35. lovely eotd!! :D
    can you do my make up?? hahas xD
    can't wait for your hair styling video too! :p
    your hair always look so gorgeous!


let me know what you think~ :3

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