limited edition FIberwig, popchu gloss, maquillage summer 09~ love package <3*pic heavy*

I been feeling not well past few days with migraine and my body has been hurting and feeling like I ran a marathon all aching everywhere >_<
I hate pms really hate pms!! why do we girls have to go thru this =__=;
but anyways one thing I have been dying to get is my swap with my good friend Lotus from Singapore~!!! it was a blind swap but I did request the Fiberwig since its my all time fav mascara~ :D so she found me Limited Edition Fiberwig~!! ^0^ so kawaii~

she is super sweet~ she know exactly what I love <3
also included some cosmetic catalog for me to drool over hehe so I scanned the maquillage summer 2009 catalog since it was beautiful~ :)

I love U~ and your beautiful kind soul~
I LOVE everything X3
she doesnt have blogger account but I want her to make one hehe >3<

super kawaii HK wallet and chopstick!! panda note pad is super cute too~ love it~

H+collagen HI-chew in muscat grape~ & milk pu cho!! how cool is that?? :D
Randon fact:
I LOVE TEA~ I grew up drinking tea~ I think thats all we had in the house when I was growing up, it was either mugi cha or green tea in the house ^_^

ahh JP cosmetics~ I love it ^0^

Majolica majorca jeweling eyes in GR780
really shimmerly beautiful green palette~

B&C love clover Popchu gloss in Vanilla Beige with Honey extract and collagen
it feels really nice on the lip not heavy and sticky has hint of sparkly shimmer
I love the flat applicator so easy to apply~ & very kawaii :D

Limited Edition Fiberwig mascara by Deja vu~ I have been fiberwig user for very long time like 5~6 years and I love it! it works amazingly with my electric lash curler and doesnt transfer basically its waterproof without needing to use a makeup remover

depending on how many coats you apply you can achive a falsie affect which I love since I really dont like wearing falsies X3
the packaging is so kawaii and its in PINK!! XD
thank you Lotus for getting me this kawaii mascara~

here is the shiseido Maquillage summer 09 catalog~ the model Anna Tsuchiya is SO beautiful!! also a singer too~ she is half Japanese and half Russian American :D

here is the maquillage website if you want to see more item from their line and her~
*click here*


  1. everything looks so cute :D esp the gloss & mascara packaging!

  2. What a lovely swap!
    The popchu gloss is so cute. Do they sell the Fiberwig mascara by Deja vu in the states?

    I hope you feel better.. keep hydrated!

  3. What a fun swap! Also, that lipgloss container is super cute - I really like it and the nail polish looks lovely too. :O)

  4. wow, super cute! I'm totally loving the Majolica majorca palette! :)

  5. Fiberwig is a must get mascara. If i happend to travel to KL (west Malaysia), the big city, i will buy lots of them.

    And im so happy when i found it in the malls couple months back.*jump2*..

  6. take care of ur health!! anna tsuchiya is beautiful and she can act too!


  7. Cool swap! That mascara is so pretty :)

  8. awwwh i hope you feel better soon! i take MIDOL :) it's pretty nice.

    i love your swap :D and i gota try this mascara sometime!

  9. Everything is sooooo cute. I actually thought that was a real lollipop not a lipgloss. That's a pretty gloss color. =) The eyeshadow is very shimmery too. I haven't tried any Japanese eyeshadow or nailpolishes, but would luv to since they look so pretty. ^___^

  10. I'm overjoyed that you like the items :) And the gloss looks lovely on you! I took your 'hint' & may set up a blog account soon ;)
    Hope you're feeling much better!

  11. Your new goodies are SO CUUUUUUUUUTE!

    I really thought your lipgloss was a lollypop.

  12. haha..
    i first thought it was a lollipop..

    that gloss looks so nice!

    i would so love to try fiberwig all because of the nice reviews from it..

    your friend is so nice to send you those stuff!

  13. omg hahahaha i really thought that was a lollipop. I was like..wow that looks good. Wow a cute concept!!

    Looking gorgeous as ever I see. And great items!


  14. You totally tricked me with the lipgloss, I thought you were really holding a lolipop, for reals xD Like, "How can that possibly be a lipgloss??" then I saw another photo, and went "Ohh..." :D Anna Tsuchiya and Ueno Juri are my favorite Maquillage models!! Nice haul, and you look great, Eki!! n____n

  15. Eki, you're so beautiful [:
    much love,

  16. aww, I hope you feel better, get well soon dear!

    The lips look gorgeous! wow

  17. The popchu lipgloss looks soooo kawaii~ I also love fiberwig mascara, the love package looks so lovely, how I wish I would receive one too..By the way, u look sooo pretty in the picture^^

  18. aww Eki u look real gorgeous in that picture! ur new haircut really looks good! oh how i wish i could pull off an asian haircut too -__- haha
    ohh sooo much goodies! and Anna Tsuchiya is wayy too beautiful!

  19. Eki love on my blog <3 I posted pictures :)

  20. Anna Tsuchiya! I regret not going to her concert in LA last year :( I love her music, and she is so beautiful!

    I've seen that popchu lipgloss before... does it plump?

  21. lie down and drink warm water to ease the uncomfyness during pms-ing :)

    wahh i wann the popchu lip gloss!
    so candy like..yumm yum

    anna tsuchiya is soo mesmerizing!
    i like her movie called sakuran! kirei ne

  22. Hello Eki:) You're so pretty as always! I love that lipgloss its so cute!...you guys get such nice cosmetics from where you are. Would love to try out your Fiberwig mascara. Sounds great!

  23. aww that lip gloss is so cute!!!

    Great concept :)

    I love that pic!! And you have DSK on, BONUS!!! Time to exploit you on DSK Jewelry blog ;P

  24. hwta a lovely swap! the gloss looks so pretty on you!!

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. awww what a cute swap! I thought the lip gloss was a lollipop until I scrolled down!

  27. hahah i really thought u were holding a lollipop!

  28. Awesome post! You are such a doll! I love your blog!


  29. Nice swap... The lipgloss color looks really nice on you..
    I like the picture of you holding e 'lolli' ..

  30. i love your eye makeup in the first picture! gorgeous :)

  31. I thought that your lipgloss was a lollipop in the first pic too! haha! :P silly me :P
    very cute gloss packaging! :P

    aww.. hope you are feeling better eki! I couldn't even tell you weren't feeling well! You still look so pretty! :P

  32. that is a really cute lipgloss. the packaging is genius.

    i hope u feel better soon!

  33. Mugicha!!!mmmmmmm I love tea. I grew up in Kenya not far from tea plantations so I love strong black tea too. My fave teas are Lady Grey (Have you tried that?) Genmaicha, Nihoncha and mugicha.


  34. hi eki, im loving ur blog and im now following it..soo cute and love ur tutorial. i can relate coz my eyes is small and in ur tutorial u give tactics on how to make it seem bigger..thanks

  35. Great swap Eki!! The makeup is soo pretty!! Even the packaging on it is cute! LOL! Thanks for the swatchies!!

    And mmmm... yummy candies & snackies! :)

    AWW the HK wallet & hashi are adorable!! :)

    I hope you feel better soon! Migraines suck!! And so do body aches. My monthly time just ended so I hope yours flies by!!! *HUGS*

  36. You are gorgeous and the colors are so kawaii!

  37. at 1st I thought it was lollipop! ahahah! You look too gorgeous!! fun swap too :)

  38. aww...such a sweet package. I hope u feel well soon!

  39. aww that's such an amazing love package. i still can't get over how pretty you are. i know you like posted the pictures of you without makeup but you basically look the same. are you full japanese?

  40. lol i also thought that was a real lollipop at first! it's so cute!!!
    i'm really digging the palette

  41. That is the cutest gloss ever and such a pretty shimmer.

    I'm a chronic migraine sufferer and the only thing that works for me is flat diet soda and tylenol migraine. Caffeine is a big ingredient in migraine relief pills so I guess taking it with the soda helps.

  42. I love the Hello Kitty wallet and the cute lipgloss! Lucky you:)

  43. i LOVE your blog (and your gorgeous)!


  44. OMG - the tube of mascara is SO CUTE! Hehehe.

    And aww. I'm having cramps right now too. It totally sucks. =/ Hope you feel better soon!

  45. i want that lipgloss!! thats so neat looking. I love those circle lens u have on in the pic best. gorgeousssssss girl ;)

  46. Cute new stuff!!

    I hate PMS as well. Pooping while on your period has got to be the most painful thing I experience every month!

    And guys wonder why we're so pissed off all the time! Hello! It doesnt feel like someone's stabbing you ever ten minutes for five days!

  47. I definately want to try some of that gloss! It looks like good stuff!

  48. popchu sounds so yummy, i was considering getting that gloss, then i noticed that i have too many.
    ah! you have the LE fiberwig! that's soo much nicer than the christmas one..which was just metallic..i threw mine out already lol.

  49. aww... cute pic with the popchu! ^^

    hmm.. i forgot why i gave up using fiberwig.. i used to use it 5 years ago.. hahas. but I change to clinique and keep changing until I found P&J curly mascara.. :p
    maybe I should give fiberwig a try since it's cheaper than p&j! :))
    thanks for sharing!!

  50. wish I knew where to get fiberwig.. Sasa has it, but they don't have it in the color black (; ;)


let me know what you think~ :3

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