LOVE DSK~!! and love package from Aileen <3

Hi loves
THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for the love and the comments I got on the last post about my drawings!! I was really shocked at the LOVELY comments of encouragements I got!! *sniffs* it REALLY do mean alot to me since My passion was ART! With time it was slowly dying within me and I want to revive it again~ X3

I really would love to make a ART BLOG for anything relating to art~ for everyone to share and post to get inspirations ^__^
I just gotta figure out how to do that first I have to look into that more hehe

so on to DSK LOVE <3
one of my fav on blogger love is DSK!! she creates the most adorable and beautiful jewelry that have been imitated alot due to the fact that DSK jewels is so beautiful~ but you cannot imitate her customer service and the love she puts into her handmade swarovski jewels!! X3

here is flower charm in AB clear crystal and leaf in AB clear crystal *depending on the light it can look green*, they are so beautiful and shinny the photos dont do justice to these gorgeous jewels I really adore DSK jewels~:3

DSK jewelry

LOVE package from lovely Aileen~ :D

she lives in FINLAND so she have sent me some Finnish LOVE~ Did you know moomin is from Finland?? I used to watch moomin when I was little in Japan but back them I didnt have a clue :P I loved moomin such a cute cartoon~!! I really would love to visit Finland,Norway,Sweden someday!! :D
look at all the moomin products ^0^


also she makes really beautiful jewelry aswell please check out her site

ALSO one of my reader KIKI have informed me of this site with a fake account of me http://asiantown.net/EKI
this site was not opened by me and I really dont appreciate someone posing as me and networking under my name.
Im happy that you "fake eki" like my site enough to use my correct info to make a fake account but its not right that you made a account & stole my images without my acknowledgement and approval.

so if you have spoken to "fake eki" from there it was NOT me,

this is the only personal BLOG I own so if you would like to talk to me please do so here ^__^

thank you so much for my reader KIKI for giving me a heads up and letting me know! Im happy to know that you have my back!! No one wants to have their identity stolen or duplicated.. please be courteous to others~ :)

thanks for reading
p.s.I will be out of town for next 5 days so I might now be able to answer question for a while but when I get back I will have tutorials that I have been slowly working on hehe,, :D


  1. haha! wow, people are WEIRD! O_O why would you do that. they must think you're SUPER cool :) and that's a super cute love pack! :D

  2. thank you hunnie!!! i really appreciate your every comment!!

    you're always so extremely sweet and wonderful. i'm so thankful to have met you on blogger =). and I'm so glad that you're going to do an art blog!! you are absolutely so talented. i would love to see more of your art work!!

    i'm so sorry that someone would want to imitate you.. it's an upsetting type of flattery..

    as a newbie at anything html or bloggy type... it takes me years to make a post... but i see that you put your heart in all you do and how you represent yourself...

    i think i found one of holly too!!! this eki copycat is friends with holly...copycat?? this is way too weird... i'm glad that at least you girls watermarked your pictures!! it's good to protect yourself.. especially with the time you spend on your pictures!

    i love your posts!! =)

  3. D= that's awful someone is impersonating you. you should report it to the authorities at asiantown.net and have them remove it. =/ just in case they do something malicious under your name.

  4. hi eki! just found your blog recently and i think u are so cute and talented! ive recently started blogging myself, please check me out when u get a chance!

    oh and it is so creepy that someone would copy ur info/pics and start a fake blog. =/

  5. Oh My Lady Gaga not you too! So many people that have blogs or such are having there identities stolen/duplicated quite a few have had this happen more then once. It is just soo creepy! Kudos to KIKI for catching this person! I would love to see an art blog from you sometime in the future!

  6. What a great love package from Aileen!!

  7. Boo! to the fake account! >_< That used to happen to me all the time on Myspace, I never thought that people would pull stuff off of people's Blogger accounts though! -___- Gosh, some people are jsut so stupid, & it's actually sort of creepy how they're trying to be you =/ They're not just using your pictures and pretending to be someone else, they're actually trying to be YOU ! @__@

    Goodness, anyways, that love package was very nice, I really like your DSK (i actually have the same necklace - just different flower), & you look beautiful as always~! <3

    Oh and just as a heads up, I plan on ordering more bows soon (and maybe even some headbands) from you for my next giveaway! :D I know so many of my readers LOVE your bows, so I want to share it with them for my giveaway [along with some DSK too] hehe ^__^

  8. What a lovely love package^^
    Why do ppl have to copycat all the time, too bad ..I hop it won't happen to u again~

  9. wow!! fakers!! :( blegh! they're just jealous of your beauty :) hehehe.

    love your dsk pieces! ahh i really gotta take some new pics of 'em.. dammit. :< but you're doing a great job, hehe.

    art blog! yeaa :) i'd love to sis! but.. yes. how would we go about that?

  10. wow i cant believe that person is lame to steal all your images from you!! glad you found out about it though.

    Cute packages Eki!! enjoy ^^

  11. ps. the Kit kat was nice, not too sweet, has a tarte taste to it lol

  12. Wow! DSK jewelry is so amazingly pretty! I should def. go check it out<3
    And you always look so flawless, Eki!:](Like a pretty doll).

    And !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously, people do not have lives when they have to pose as someone else:[

    Just see it as "oh, this poor unfortunate person envies the crap out of me..pfft!"
    Haha:] Have you notified the idiot who is posing as you? You should! Totally creepy 0___0;;

    Take care and I hope things smooth for you<3

  13. You always take great pics of DSK!! I finally took a good one on this last post of mine! LOL! FINALLY!! Ha!!

    Finnish love looks good!! I've never heard of Moomin, is that bad?! LOL!

    You and Holly both attacked by fake accounts?! WTF?! I wonder if it's the same person. Hrmm... some peeps just don't have a clue, or are to insecure to be THEMSELVES that they have to steal your gorgeous face & name!! Ugh!

  14. nyan!
    Mumins, how cute
    DSK look awesome

    and wow, you have now Crystal Kay's song on ur blog. i like her ^^

  15. That fake account is so annoying! She/he is just envying you!

  16. Eeee! I'll wait excitedly for your art blog hehe. Ooo and so much lovely stuff :D Hmmm and that fake account is not cool :(

  17. <3 your pictures as always - you're so gorgeous, Eki! Also, boo to stealers!

  18. You take the most amazing pictures! I dont know if you've mentioned this before since I'm a new follower, but what kind of camera do you use?

  19. Nice packages from both DSK and Aileen!

  20. what a creep! ppl can be so weird!!! "I'm here to do business, not make enemies"??????? what's that about?? crazy stuff... i really wonder why ppl do these things... seems like they have a little too much time on their hands..

    hopefully your dsk and love package made you feel better? :) i hope so..
    thanks for sharing the site :) she has pretty jewelry <3

  21. Gah fakes is so lame -_- And they are sad too... Pretending to be someone else.... How is their confidence?

    Ooooh Moomin! I loved the show when I was younger! In the swedish version they have such cute voices! Swedish with finnish accent! haha I love it!

  22. aaaah eki love, i so envy you xD i want a love package too and especially the dsk necklaces v.v i want one <3

    omg i sooo hate fakers, i cant understand why ppl have to fake themselves with other persons >3<

    nja, im gonna post some pictures which i draw myself if i have got some spare time cause my room is beeing fixed with a new bed and stuff.. haha now i have got a pinkish carpet.. but im posting some photos of my new room. so please visit my blog for updatos!~

    chibi <3

  23. why do people steal other ppl name? they have so much time to do that :( anyway, lovely piece from dsk! :D and you look lovely as always :D i love your drawings too. when you said you wanna open an art blog, is it particular only for drawings? i love silk painting but have stopped for a while, ive been wanting to start again so I'd love to join your art blog (if it ever to be opened :D)

  24. No Problem!!! =D I knew you wouldn't go on that loser site. LOL.
    With love, KIKI*

  25. People like that need a life. :( Good thing you found out.

    The necklace looks so pretty on you! And the love package is wonderful! Nope, I did not know Moomin is from Finland. ;-)

  26. You should definitely start an art blog! Don't think too much about it, just start it and see where it goes. I love the leaf DSK necklace, I wanted to buy it- maybe when Stephanie starts taking orders again. =)

  27. woah! fake site! can't believe there's such a weird person exist! ~.~

    you look pretty as always with the DSK goodie~ hehes

    nice package you got there! ^^ enjoy~~

  28. wtf? someone's trying to be you? isn't that creepy?? freak!

    anyway, love the dsk jewels!!!


  29. that is the prettiest DSk necklace I've ever seen so far...

    and u should continue posting some of your drawings cuz u definitely have the talent..:)

  30. Omg that fake Eki accunt is insane! It's silly how people have no lives and respect now a days huh?! :(

  31. Pretty necklace and you look pretty always wearing it. =)
    That is so sweet of Aileen sending some great goodies. =)

  32. wow, i know the economy sucks right now but i didn't know people had that low of a life to lurk and steal photos pretending to be the real owner. Someone somewhere is really desperately seeking for attention. But i am as shock as you are. Just the other day while i was watching some videos on youtube that was showing photos of a few girls i have seen on myspace and all of a sudden i saw an old photo of me. You shold report that accont to the moderator to get it removed.

  33. Hey Eki...have fun when your out of town

    I just checked out that site...that is just so stupid of them writing those stuff and just pretending to be you, :[ you should have that site deleted or something ...somhow, the things they write on there are just so not you :[ hmm...:p i was reading the comments above,so it would be nice if u had an art blog! ur so talented :] I'd be looking forwand to it, or just for more drawings of yours

  34. love dsk, too!!! cute necklace. i must get one when she takes orders again!n yay love packages!!! lol to the impersonator. you are so pretty and cool! they want to be you!!! but ya, kinda creepy having someone take ur pix and make a fake account. i'm glad i know the real you!!!!

  35. Beautiful crystals! Love your hair Eki!

  36. I heard about the fakers! What is up with this world! :(

    I hope you & Holly can find a way to have those sites shut down. A fan page is one thing, but this site seems to be posing as you guys! It's so creepy to think of the person behind this, >:(

    We will get them!!!


    Thank you for the beautiful photos Eki, you're the best :)

  37. Hey hun, I'm having a really hard time deciding which bows to get for my giveaway, so I was wondering... Which bows are your most popular or would you suggest?? :)

  38. the jewelry is so cute!
    its lovely!
    im pretty sure it will suit you!

    & those are nice stuff...
    i used to watch moomi..hehe

    that is so creepy!
    knowing that there are others who would do such a thing!

  39. o__o that's scary. People are insane nowadays and it's not right to make money off the ads they have on there by stealing your content. Tsk tsk.
    Oh well, as the saying goes, what goes around comes around ;)

  40. Screw whoever is pretending to be you! Makes me so mad! I really hope you reported it under report abuse. Messed up! Good thing someone found it! Thanks again for the luv package you awesome babe!

  41. how annoying with the fakes! ppl need to get their own personality and stop trying to steal other ppl's lives cause they dont have one of their own!

    i hope the love package made u feel better but! :D

  42. gawd! an imposter~~ that is soo lame!
    boo for her we know our genuine eki!

    you look adorable here~~nice curls..
    i need to touch up me hair color..
    but the hair its so chemically damage T.T

    you do hav amazing skill with your hand ;)

  43. wow, love all the way from finland?! thats awesome! :) and HAH! to whoever that was who pretended to be you. some people just have too much time on their hands....

    you are lookin' gorgeous as always ms eki :) and steph's stuff looks great on ya!

  44. lovely dsk! And fake eki account? that's crazy!! I'd be sooo mad if I were you! tsk tsk... Have a great time getting out of town :D

  45. wow... the leaf and flower look really good as earrings!

    and your photography skill is amazing :)

  46. The hippos are so cute! Thats so lame how someone's pretending to be you!

  47. that's so weird how someone would imitate you...kinda creepy
    oohh art blog! i'm excited to see your drawings. i wonder if you'll draw ayu when you have time =D

  48. Hi eki! I'm new to the whole blogging world but I found your blog from Holly's and I just wanted to tell you that I think you're so pretty and amaaazingly talented!! All your artwork is just absolutely wonderful!! Also, I loved your fiberwig mascara and panasonic curler tutorial! I went to go look for fiberwig mascara at Sephora but I live in Canada and they only have it in the States so I can't try it out.. =( Hopefully one day I'll be able to find it. (I hope this is the right place for me to comment!!)
    But anyways, I just wanted to tell you that I really admire all the work that you do!!


  49. Hey Eki (: I have an award for you on my blog :D

  50. Her jewelry is so pretty! What a nice gift.

    Btw... thank you for your comment! It was very sweet.

  51. so many wonderful goodies from Aileen! her jewelry is really awesome too :)

    ugh, I can't believe that you have to deal with a faker stealing your pics! they're just jealous that they can't be you =T

  52. I was so happy to read abut this entry!
    You know, I got very good friend in Japan and I had sent Moomin stuff also to her!! :D It's funny !! <3
    I am going to see her for third time and this time I am going to be at KYOTO with her <3

  53. wow!! fakers!! :( blegh! they're just jealous of your beauty :) hehehe.

    love your dsk pieces! ahh i really gotta take some new pics of 'em.. dammit. :< but you're doing a great job, hehe.

    art blog! yeaa :) i'd love to sis! but.. yes. how would we go about that?


let me know what you think~ :3

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