doll eye tutorial~new creation :3

Hi loves~
long time no post lately >_<
Ive been super stressed and didnt feel too good,, but feeling ok now :D
so I made a natural and simple Doll eye tutorial~ kinda same look as the one I did long ago~

here is the item used for this look,
except I used fiberwig mascara and panasonic lash curler that's not pictured :D
loreal felt tip liquid liner
fiberwig mascara
bottom lash line majolica majorca pk 740 *brown on the bottom right*
highlight Bourjois eyeshadow trio les bruns cuivres *the lightest shade on left*
MUFE aqua eyes 8L on botton inner lash line

the key points for this look
is the way you draw the eyeliner~
draw thicker from the inner corner to the middle of your eye and wing out following the bottom lash line.

next use dark shadow on the botton lash from the middle of your eye till it meets the winged end of the liner.

highlight the outter corner of the eye till the middle of your eye where it meets the shadow,
line the inner lash line with a waterproof liner in hightlighting color,
mascara top and bottom lashes
then curl the lashes.

finish~! :3
this is more the natural Doll eye but you can wear shadow on your top lids and create more drastic look :D

hope you like the tutorial~
when I have more time I will make hair tutorial I PROMISE~!! *sorry*

here is the look I had today,
the makeup style is the same as the doll eye but I extended the wing more
I cut my bangs shorter yesterday X3
not used to it yet,, stupid hair grows super fast...so gotta dye my hair too my roots are like 1-2 inches now >_<
will post the results with the new hair dye I got after I dye my hair just gotta stop being lazy.. :P

here are new creations Ive been working on~!! Hime pokadot cosmetic pouches~!
Im pretty proud of these pouches it took me long time to make them~ XP
kawaii?? please check then out at my store


Free matching bow with purchase~ <3thanks for stopping by~ ^__^


  1. You look tanner Eki! :) I love your bangs so muchh! :) And I totally love the doll look, too bad I am not as cute of a doll like you! haha

  2. LOOOOOVE the look <3

    the straight across bangs on you is super cute too :D

    OOOOO cosmetic pouchesssss.. i've been wanting oneeee, no joke. do you have other-than-pink fabric? :3

  3. great tutorial! I really love the pink bow make up bag, so cute. Please let me know when it is available for sale!

  4. wow your doll eyes tutorial is great! makes a huge difference and I love the lashes :)

  5. You look adorable Eki! & i love the pouches *.*

  6. wow, the eyes really do play a major part in looking like a doll. I like this tutorial. Thank you.

    and those are the cutest cosmetic pouches I've ever seen.

  7. great tutorial eki! :) I'm going to try this out! hehe, and wow cosmetic pouches look SOO COMPLICATED! I applaud you for actually completing it and making it look AMAZING! :D

  8. <3 it..i wish....i had eyelids. LOL.

  9. Thankyou for the tutorial!!! The doll eye look is so pretty!!! Love ur new cosmetic pouch creations and especially the matching bow, so kawaii!!!!

  10. you look so cute eki!
    i love how my favourite mflo song is playing becuase of your blog.
    you rock baha!

  11. This is a very pretty tutorial..U look so gorgeous in ur pictures..The pink bags are so pretty..u r soooooo Kawaii~

  12. wow!
    you look so cute!

    the liner really does work wonders in opening up the eyes!

    you look so much like a doll...

    plus with your new pink creations

  13. ur so pretty eki!! i'm gonna try this now!

  14. You look like a living doll!! Your face is just really pretty with or without the makeup.

    I have a question? What does it mean when people say "its so kawaii?". It might sounds dumb but im clue less lol.

  15. I don't have enough lashes to do this look! :P You are very pretty!!! :D

  16. it's amazing the transformations eyeliner can do! i love this look!!

  17. you look so cute with bangs! :D i loveee having doll eyes :) thanks for the tutorial! you look gorgeous! :)

  18. i lovee the way you do your liner!

  19. Eki,

    You ARE the perfect Japanese Doll!

    You need to be on the cover of Biteki of VoCE, I swear!

  20. wow you eye looks almost like it's twice it's size. amazing!

  21. I like the way you draw the eyeliner.it's perfect!! :D I gotta try that!
    And can't wait for the hair tute!! :D

  22. Love this look. So easy and simple even a lazy bum like me can do it. ^^

    The pouches are so cute!! Polka dots AND bows!

    ♥ Milk

  23. Ooo very cute :D I love your new creations! I always miss getting the one I want tho xD

  24. Your hair looks gorgeous with the bangs! Your make-up looks pretty too.

  25. your tutorial rocks eki.. the transformation is very evident.. i will try this soon.. :D

  26. Such a simple look but it makes such a big difference! I'm definitely trying this out tomorrow ♥

  27. thaanks for the tutorial :D it's really pretty <3

  28. nice doll look. i love it... eki, u are cute!

  29. oh my god...
    you are so beautiful :3
    I love your hairstyle, cute bangs
    and nice bow!
    and make-up... like manga! a w e s o m e

  30. Eki is a living doll!

    I'm loving your makeup pouches, very cute! You're so skilled mi amore!

  31. kawaii!!

    I lvoe the hime polka dot bags aswell :)

    love this tutorial!

  32. niiiiceee very nice! love this very beautiful!

  33. What a beautiful look. Thanks for the tute!

    I'm totally lusting after that Hime polkadot makeup bag A, it's sooo cute!

    (did I mention I have a bag fetish?)

    Your hair looks wonderful in the pics too :D


  34. you are always beautiful eki! can/t stop looking at you! :) i love the look!

  35. ooh, loving the bangs! so cute and the doll look - nice! i'm def going to try this one day hehe =D

  36. I just tried this look
    thank you as always hunn <3
    you really do look like a
    living doll haha

  37. I love this doll eye look, I can't wait to try it! You make it look so easy, thanks!

  38. You look great!!

    The bow sent me into a frenzy, too cute!

    I'm definitely gonna try the look, I wonder how it'll turn out seeing that my eyes are so small to begin with *sigh*

  39. Hey hun, how is your BB Cream? I'm in search of a good one worth trying. Thanks!

  40. girlllll, you rock those bangs! :) and i wish i had steady enough hands to get my eyeliner like that each time! haha! well, practice makes perfect i suppose :)

  41. Eki, I love this simple and pretty tut!

  42. Very beautiful look! I like your lenses too. You do look a bit more tan. You have a really nice glow to your skin!

  43. i love your tutorial! <333


  44. i love this :) your eyes are gorgeous

  45. wah Eki...so prettiful eyes , and i love the pink makeup bags and bows so cute >_<

    oh yah and i was wondering if u can tell me where to buy the nyx lipgloss and that lioele bb cream online? tell me when u have time thanks ^_^

  46. Thanks for this tutorial eki!!!love it....

    love ur new creations too...

  47. Great step by step, your eyes look gorgeous!

  48. Great look and cute creations~!

  49. i always love your eye makeup. And your new creations are sooo KAWAII!!

  50. Everything is SO CUTE! XOXO

  51. This is an awesome tutorial! I am totally going to try this soon. =)

  52. the dolls eyes is amazing! U got big gorgeous eyes!!! Loving the straight bangs babee U look anime..sooo cute!!

  53. Cho- kawaii! Very natural but pretty too! :)

  54. Wow..that really make different to the eyes..larger and much more outstanding.

    and u did the bag, handmade? that's amazing talent you have. ;)

  55. wow love it ! your gorgeous (:
    I want to try this look noww

  56. Soo KAWAII Eki!! You look like a lovely doll even without the MU!! :) The winging is soo sweet!! I suck at winging so I don't know if I could pull this ultra cute look off!

    And great new creations!! You're just flourishing with talent Eki!!

    Stressed?! I hope everything is okay!! *HUGS*

  57. Oh wow, I didn't realize how simply it was to do this doll look! I'm definitely trying it out today, and thanks for the tutorial!! I absolutely love everything you make it's just too cute for words, keep up the good work!!

  58. thanks so much for the tip on how thick to line it at where :)
    i'm always looking for ways to make my eyes look bigger :P haha!

    the bags are so cute eki! <3 you're so talented! where did you learn how to do all this from?

  59. So pretty how you line your eyes, I love it!^^

    And it's so sweet that you use the MM compact so much that you got for me, it makes my heart melt everytime, :3

    <3 your cute new crafts!

  60. Hi!

    I've been following your blog for a long time now but I just did it on google follow today. Thank you for this really lovely eye tutorial, you look beautiful before and after. You're so pretty! ^^ I'm happy you're making cosmetic bags now but I never get to reserve one in time lol, one day! I really really love how you style your hair, so long and luscious.

    Please visit my blog if you have time:
    Thank you!

  61. thks for the tip on lining the eyes..Its something to note when i'm doing my eyes.U look veri pretty :))

  62. awesome tutorial! Helpful pix! I love your cosmetic bags. I'm so happy to own one! <3

  63. luvd all ur posts.. betr if u do somethn 2 the font style to increase readability..


let me know what you think~ :3

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