sketch, face mask review, makeup school days photos *LOL*

Hello there~
Im trying to draw more often now so here is a sketch of the day! Im going to stop calling it doodle from now on since most of you told me this was not a doodles LOL :P

thank you So much for the encouragements on my art and talents~ X3 really makes me want to do more of what I used to love now because of the kind words from all of YOU ^0^

my must have art tools for my sketches are:
mechanical pencil .5mm
pentel .5mm HB lead
really good art eraser
sketch pad

now on to my mask review
the faceshop Vita C mask sheet
with skin tone brightening Raspberry & strawberry extracts
it says:
deep penetrating formula with vitamin C

Helps brighten dull skin tone and fights free radicals to retard aging

Patented Phytolex Nanoliposome effectively delivers beneficial ingredients deep into the skin and helps protect tired, rough skin from the environmental damages.

The initial feeling off this mask a tingling and cooling sensation felt ok with that, the mask is super HUGE it didnt fit my face too well also the liquid is really thick. After the mask my skin felt really soft it wasnt too sticky next day I woke up and it was still soft so I thought this product was great but that night after I washed I noticed that I got small tiny bumps all over my face, I dont know if its a allergic reaction to this product since its high in acid? :/

did anyone else experience negative effect from this product? but to make sure its this product that gave me reaction Im gonna wait few days and try this mask again.

but overall my face did feel nice right after the mask
I give this product 3 out of 5
smells like perfume I dont like that
gave me tiny bumps
mask is too BIG

2 new creations in my store :D
made with eki love

ok so I was going thru my old photos in iphoto library :D

here is alittle bit about me I have certification of makeup artisrty and lifetime membership graduated in 06 from Joe Blasco a makeup artisrty school located in two location one in Hollywood, CA and another in Orlando, FL they are a makeup artisrty school for mostly Film and movies so I learned alot about inside of Hollywood makeup artistry with special F/X and prosthetics.

It was very interesting school everyday you go the the school 9-5 and we were not allowed to wear any makeup to school since we train with a partner on our faces so it was tough at first since I never left the house without any makeup >_<

here is me and saida she was my partner in class, she is really really creative and artistic with background in theater. We goofed around alot with makeup it was great time :D

me as twoface done by saida
this process took about 5 hours to do with prosthetic mask and paint.

me with asian kung fu master hair work LOL X3
everybody was cracking up to this hehe

me with bald cap getting my face life casting so that I could get my face sculpture for the prosthetics.
pretty weird exprience couldnt really breathe and its heavy on your face, but really neat seeing your face on a sculpture.

My classmates with instructor not all picutred in the photo, all of my classmates were ladies so it was really nice to be around I had lots of Fun there.
If you would like to find out more about Joe Blasco visit their website here

Also great giveaway by the makeup snob

she is holding a great giveaway so go check her blog!
in the giveaway you can refer me to her site if you like :D

click here


  1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE x1918238123 your smile!! you are soooo pretty :) and i love the blonde highlights haha :) makes me wanna go get some done xD

    the kung fu hair is just too awesome LOL!!

    your artwork is amazinnggggg :) ne neee when are we gonna open up that art blog? are weee? :3

  2. woww!! this is really serious makeup!! I love the kungfu master~ hahah

  3. wow!! you're so incredibly talented, love it :D!!

  4. Hi Eki! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I am absolutely blown away by your artistic talent! You are amazing!! I know everyone is telling you this. Also, your makeup at the makeup artistry school is soo cool! It always blows my mind that makeup can do soo much!

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I ordered the panasonic eyelash curler because of your review. I can't wait till it gets here and I get to try it out!

    I love your blog!! xo

  5. Wow - those are some AMAZING pictures!

  6. wow!
    im pretty sure you are having fun in the class!

    i did not even recognize you on the kung fu master pic..

  7. Looks like tons of fun!

    Also, your pencil work is so clean! Please continue drawing and posting them when you like, I love looking at artwork as much as I do makeup, haha. ^^

  8. love all the costume makeup!!! the kung fu master is hilarious!

    i love the sketch too, you're very talented!!!

  9. wow...monster vs eki... cool! u are so great and so well in makeup!

  10. Eki-chan, I love your artwork!
    You as Two-Face was pretty scary!!! Cute Eki-chan on one side and a scary face on the other!!!

  11. amazng but somewhat scares me out hehe

  12. oh gosh i dunno about a name o__O hahaha. something really obvious like photosketch? D:

    i bet you'd be better at naming one xD

  13. wAo!
    thats some cool make-up! :3
    and nice drawing ^-^

  14. You are super talented. Amazing work & you're still gorgeous even with a bloody 2 face :)

  15. WOW! If I were a guy, you would totally be my dream girl!:]

    So talented and lovely<3

  16. your drawings are beautiful, i wish i could draw like that!!

  17. woww! i love the make up..its like ART! hehehe..so talented.keep it up! :) xxx

  18. eki, you are so multi-talented! make-up, art, photography.. nice drawing! thank you for sharing your hobbies :)

  19. wow your partner is so talented! and I'm sure you looked fine leaving the house bare face. I think you have pretty good skin! :) and yes those sketches are definitely not doodles :D

  20. Eki, I love you in all your incarnations!!

    The Kung Fu Master....lolz!

  21. your kung fu makeup is hilarious - but wooooooow to all the other special effects makeup!

    I love strawberries and strawberry-scented everything, but I wasn't too impressed by that Face Shop mask either..have you tried their pearl mask?

  22. Another great piece of ART!! No def not a DOODLE!! LOL! And whoa Eki!!! You still look gorgeous even as a zombie! LOL! Seriously though those are great special effect makeups!! Whoa.. soo weird getting plastered huh?! LOL!

    I used that same sheet mask last nite!! So far no bumps for me. I hope you don't have an allergic reaction to it. THe best thing for me is that one smells sooo good!! But I notice that EVERY sheet mask I use is GIGANTIC! LOL!

  23. Ohh it's so great you are starting to sketch again! If I was inspired I would lol xD maybe I'll do a few later hehe. You should start an artwork blog~

    And thank you so much for sharing your experiences!! Amazing work :D Love your hair like that too hehe looks great :3

    Oh, btw I was wondering if you still wanted to work together on a layout? I kind of forgot about that >_<

  24. love the drawing, its amazing
    i almost always get illergic to face mask so i always make my own, its cheaper and you can control what goes in it

  25. Lol I love your Kung Fu Master photo! All the rest are simply amazing! And your drawing is so pretty!

  26. I'll be truthful and say that if I could draw like you, I'll be drawing every single day! Forget birthday, christmas and whatever cards cause you can draw your own.. They are VERY good!

    LOL, had a good laugh at your asian kung fu master look! But i love you in the purple wig! Beautiful!

  27. lol!! those pictures were very funny to look at. Wish I did something more exciting during school days...

  28. that's really cool those photos xDD
    i've also referred you in that contest. goodluck! =D

  29. I'm so glad you've started posting again, I missed not having a new post from you in my reader every day or so!

    I love that you are posting your art. I used to draw so much when I was younger, but that kinda stopped once I started working full time.

    You're very talented and you should definitely keep up the sketching, I like to see them along with the rest of your posts.

    You're inspiring me to start drawing again (or maybe it's just that I have so much study to do and I am procrastinating!)

    The special effects makeup looks great, and so do your every day looks.

    Thanks for sharing your passion, please don't stop :)


  30. Wow Eki! xD I should call you super Eki now! You talanted in both art, makeup and everything!
    I love your sketches! Thinking of getting a DA account? ^^

    HAha ;_; Good art erasers is hard to find... I am still searching haha XD

  31. wow...the makeup is so COOL!

  32. KUNG FU MASTER HAIR PUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA, I was laughing OUT LOUD for at least 10 minutes, lol. You do make one cute Asian Kung Fu Master though, I cannot lie.

    What a great post! You & your classmates are so very talented! You must miss school, I would!

  33. You are beyond talented in makeup and sketching! wow! All of the pictures are amazing!!

    also thanks so much for spreading the word on the contest, I appreciate it:)

    Sara www.themakeupsnob.com

  34. your such a talented artist! awesome blog! hope you like mine too!

  35. you're so adorable and really sweet. what lenses are you wearing? those purple ones look awesome! i really don't like the purple ones i got from colorvue cause you can't really see them.

    but man i'd love to go to school for what you're doing. that's sooo awesome!

  36. Oh wow~! I feel like we're getting to know you a little better here in blogger world. It's great knowing the other stuff that us wonderful ladies on here do besides JUST beauty-related.

  37. yes, your artwork is definitely not DOODLING!! you silly girl! hehehe! and wow, that 2 face look is amazing! i admire your talent! cute new creations, gonna check out your store now! :)

  38. wow those make up is soo creative! I love your 2 face one!! your sketch is also amazing, gosh you're so talented!

    hehe i agree with you that black hair seems heavy... I can't wait until mine fades to a lighter black cuz right now I'm feeling like the little dead girl from "The Ring" LOL!!

  39. Wow that's very interesting make up experience :) thanks for sharing

  40. your drawings are such an inspiration :) I used to draw all the time (not as amazing as you though, not even close lol) but I haveb't for years. You make me wanna pick up a pencil again :)
    Wish we got sheet masks here, why cant the western world pick up the trend lol
    wow I love those crazy face f/x stuff! I would love to leanr :)

  41. Your artwork is amazing! And omg your makeup pictures are priceless :)

  42. I really love ur sketches..so beautiful^^

    The school u went looks so much fun ,how I wish I could go to such schools ^^;

  43. Crazy makeup, but sooo cool! Ha ha. Your sketch looks great, good job! :) Also...thanks for the review!

  44. Woah, what awesome pictures!! It's amazing what can be done with creativity & makeup!! Omg, I can't believe some of the pictures. That two face picture I think is my favorite because it's just such a great job!

  45. hey i remember this makeup school when i was doing research on great makeup schools. i belive they have their own cosmetics line too.

    the photos are sooo cool.

  46. OMG girl u are freaking amazing! love everything as always! can't wait to see more of ur sketches! =D

  47. Oh Eki dear, you’re one super talented girl! There’s nothing you can’t do. Really love your art, cute creations, and your makeup skills! The Kung Fu Master picture is so funny!

    I hope your wisdom tooth extraction will be an easy one! Let’s pray for each other. ;) <3

  48. OMG! You're soooo creative and talented lady! And the best make-up artist i've ever seen! seriously! i love ur reviews!;) I just bought fiberwig and heater lash curler because i read ur review! ;D

  49. My doodles consist of squiggly lines and hearts-your art is definitely more than doodles!

    Your make up school pics are so amazing! It looks like you had so much fun. I'm jealous!

  50. omg i cant believe u used to be that blonde..wow its so neat to see ur old photos!! The pic with the purple wig is sooo cute. And the 2 face is awesome!!! U cracked me up with the kung fu one hahaha

    and yeaa dont forget us when ur famous! im already a big fan!! =]

  51. the one with the gore and muscle half-face is so awesome it's freaky! you are really talented !!

  52. Your pictures are great! Thats some amazing makeup skills there!! Your so lucky girl to learn so much about insider makeup, I wish I could learn, but this is why I love your blog, cuz you tell us the secrets you've learned and make it 5000 times more kawaii! :)

  53. lol @ kung fu master hair!!! makeup school looks so much fun!

  54. this is pretty awesome stuff!
    the two-face one is pretty cool :P the other side doesn't look like u at all!!! :P

    haha.. i love the kungfu one!!! :P hot stuff :P

  55. wow! how did you end up in joe blasco? those were some awesome makeup artistry! that twoface looks so creepy but awesome makeup!!

    and that's really beautiful drawing ^^ i like to draw too...


  56. Nice drawings and blog. Keep up the good work.

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