kawaii gyaru look~

kawaii gyaru look 

testing out flickr images so I can get larger images on my blog :P Im using the new blogger editor and jump break is NOT working....
I really want to use jump break with this layout but it wont let me... X3 read all the help site and nothing seems to work,, you all know I like to post ALOT of photos on my blog but I hate crowding my blog with bunch images at the same time.. =_=;

well here is a look I really adore from popteen model she is so kawaii I really love her look!! so I tried to mimic her but I failed she is just too kawaii! maybe I'll try to wear falsies just like her but that's just way too much work~ X3
sorry the photo quality is really poor I was on the go so I took this photo with my iphone :P

eki mag look2

eki mag look


  1. I so love this look, u look so gorgeous^^
    Love ur new layout, it's super Kawaii~

  2. great job on the look! There is a beta blog option that lets you do jump cuts. It's an actual button you can choose when you are posting. Have you tried that?

  3. i think you still made this look work! <3
    i think the pictures came out pretty good too :) the iphone's not bad at taking pics i see! :P

  4. Super pretty :D Ugh I am so sorry about the jump break thing! I'll try to figure it out >_<

  5. i think you are soooooooo gorgeous eki! :D seriously<3 you copied the look AWESOMELY.

  6. ooh! nice one! ^-^

    and nice header n layout ^3^

  7. I really like this look on you anyway! You are so gorgeous!

  8. Low photo quality?! Damn I need to get me an iPhone then! LOL! THese are great pics!! And you are sooo way more KAWAII then the model!! I'd pick Eki EVERY time! :)

  9. This is very very very very close to the model in MAG. CAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!. ^__^

    you should made video makeup tutorial becoz you r very good at this.

  10. you do such a great job with the make up! looks even better than the model in the magazine lol!

  11. You did a wonderful job! What are you talkin about?! I think you pull it off really well.

    Have you done any posts without wearing contacts? I want to see more of a "natural" beauty :) - cause you're so gorgeous!

  12. I think you look BETTER than her!

    P.S Love the new layout =)

  13. I love this look a lot. You are always so beautiful and kawaii:]

    I'm addicted to sheet masks..haha

  14. you're so pretty! :)
    and you did such a good job!!
    can you read japanese? i luv flipping thru jap mags but sad that i cannot read them :(

  15. I love your gyaru looks!
    I attempted the liner part yesterday...not as good as you yet lol.
    Is there any way for you to translate that scan? I want to try it!

  16. Oh love the look! The blue contacts also make your eyes really pop!

  17. super cute :D I want to go to japan and buy all the false lashes I can get my hands on :) haha!

  18. Stephanie AnderssonNovember 2, 2010 at 1:55 AM

    hii ^^ do u have any videos at youtube to look at to get that kawaii look?? :3 =^_^=


let me know what you think~ :3

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