FOTD, Love package, & canmake maxi volume rouge


here is a FOTD I call this look lazy makeup aka natural makeup X3
why I call this lazy makeup look cause this looks will only take about 5-10 min to do :D
prime, foundation,conceal,highlight the face and around the eyes,blush,mascara,define brow & lip products~
I do lazy makeup if I had to wake up really early :3
product used for this look:

dhc Q10 cream foundation yellow ocher 02
Jill stuart mix blush in rose bloom
nyx concealer jar in beige
dior show mascara
ettusais shiny powder in white
dhc brow pencil in med brown
canmake maxi volume rouge 22 peach beige

sorry not too exciting makeup with matching lazy hair do hehe :P

eki natural look

In the mail I got a Love package from good friend and a super sweetheart Lotus♥♥
we have been trading love packages to each other and she always know what I want without me telling her!! X3 its always a happy surprise :D
last time she send me Matcha latte and I LOVED it so she sent me more for me to enjoy♥ its SOOO good! a must try! also I been wanting some canmake cosmetics and kamipita *hair holder* so to my surprise she sent me some~ Im telling you she has some kind of a mind reader power hehe XD

I know you are really busy and Im really thankful that you find some time & love for me!! ^0^

lotus love

matcha latte LOVE♥ just have to add hot water so easy and GOOD :D
Rilakkuma strawberry gummy!! so kawaii! & super kawaii earrings
lotus love 2

hair velcro on one side so you know when you are applying your makeup and your hair gets in the way, this will keep your hair out of your face while you are doing your makeup without messing up your hair do and doesnt leave any mark on your hair :) works really well
really kawaii~
eki kamipita

CANMAKE is very affordable & great quality cosmetic line from Japan

canmake maxi volume rouge in 22 peach beige~
really pretty nudeish pink color♥
it says its suppose to plump your lips with gentle treatment formula, ingredients include volume-enhancing complex, honey and grape seed oil.
sounds good to me! goes on very smooth and creamy I like it :D

canmake maxi volume rouge

canmake cheek gradation 01
very shimmery really pretty color

canmake metallic eyes eyeshadow in 11
pinkish gold shade looks really shimmery cant wait to try this :3

Vov Castledew over setting gloss in 11
orangish peach shade with gold shimmer, smells like candy
packaging is pretty, very similar to Jill Stuart's packaging

canmake castledew


  1. Pretty look, I like the natural =) And sooo much awesome stuff! I see penguins :D Going to check out your new stuff now hehe

  2. Gorgeous FOTD and wonderful love pack! And aaaahhh, I was just at Mitsuwa today and forgot to buy matcha green tea!! I was so excited about getting milk tea I totally forgot... T_T; Ah, next time I guess...

  3. very cute creations

    ur make up makes me excited when i go to make up stores :p

  4. There is nothing LAZY about this look! You look gorgeous!!

    And what great love!! The hair velcro bows are soo cute!! And mmm Green Tea packets!!! Oooh all the Canmake!! She spoiled you good! And you deserve it all EKi!!

  5. cute look, your kin look glowing!!
    i got the same bow velcro from my taiwan trip, i LOVE it, functional and cute ;))
    my Japanese friend gave me the matcha late, the maxim one, i think it's really great

  6. you still look soo pretty :)
    i cant live without eye linear lolz :P

  7. u still look very pretty without makeup :)
    love package :)
    canmake lipstick looks nice...
    castledew :) do u mind to review it?

  8. lazy make-up,huh?
    it made me smile when you used the word lazy to describe it

    you still look pretty with the lazy makeup!

    that hair velcro is so cute!
    its much more exciting than the usual hair velcro that's available

  9. I love your "lazy" look! <3
    You have natural beauty eki! <3
    love that lipstick color :)

  10. Yay for blogger love! Matcha latte is yummy!!!

  11. the purse u made is so cute!! i like pokka dots and ur love package is super fun!! matcha latte, castlew dew lip gloss and such cute hair velcros:) such fun stuff!

  12. Your natural look is very nice :) most of the time I go for natural look coz I alaways leave to do my face on the very last minute XD I love the canmake rouge, really want to try it! It's a nice color too :)

  13. cawaii *.*

    your blog and your makeup are both so sweet and pretty. love it!

  14. Woah I love this look! This is what I do most of the time, I can never wear eyeshadows, I fail at them 'cause I never have the right tools! You have such great skin Eki! >.< Wish mine could be like that <3 Woo and love your new creations, SO PRETTY! :D xxx

  15. You still look pretty with your natural look :D I'm starting to become lazy with school and I'm just starting to quit wearing makeup! lol :( what a waste of stuff!

  16. What a super nice love pack! That matcha latte looks unbelievably yummy. :D

    Love this natural look. P.S I bought the same foundation after reading your review. Hope it works for me too! :)

  17. Ur beautiful. U look mix with these brown contacts! wish i had flawless skin like that so i could do the lazy makeup too lol. I was wonderin if u could tell me what is ur best treatment for acne scars?

  18. Oh, I wish I looked that good with lazy makeup! LOL. The Canmake makeup looks really good too. And I like matcha tea too =)

  19. simply beautiful Eki~ ^^

    ahh I love the goodies!!! matcha and makeup is love! :DD

  20. you look really good even with natural makeup! oohh so many green tea stuff! I love green tea :) those bows are genius!! we need them here lol

  21. very natural look<3 gorgeoussss! your skin really shines xD in a good way. like. glowy. gorgeous. you know ;)

    love all of the stuff!! it looks greatttttt! <3 what a sweetie!

  22. Pretty natural makeup! and Eki dear, I love your lips. <3

  23. I like your new hair color! Every time I dye my hair, it turns this gross reddish color with such a bright red tone (I hate that!!) I want a deep chocolate (or just regular brown..) without any red tones but it's really hard to achieve. Your love pack is so cute!! I love the little bow velcro and the canmake makeup, your natural fotd is really pretty too~

  24. i heard about those hair bow velcros - they're so cute! i think i have that canmake blush - it is a really pretty one :)

  25. I love the new lay out!

    That hair thing is to die for-very kawaii Minnie Mouse!

    I have only seen pics of Japanese make up brands, but the packaging seems so much more beautiful than American drug store brands-it makes me sad lol

  26. oooo casteldew lipglosses are my fav!! and that canmake lippie is luscious!

  27. You look so cute in the natural look >w< Your new hair color looks so nice! I think I might try that color too...


let me know what you think~ :3

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