Catena collagen vitamin c eye mask review, Love package

Hello hello :D

so remember I got an eye mask from sasa.com? well I got Catena crystal Collagen vitamin C eye mask! I have tired this item 2 nights in the row and I LOVE it :) I got this because I have really tired eyes from over using my eyes alot.... so I get really dark circle and puffiness.
It comes in the packets on a tray, the strips are jello like material really moist and feels really nice on the eyes! I left it on for like 20 min after the mask I can feel slight tightness, really hydrated and smooth. I didnt have any negative side effects the next day, I didnt really notice any brightening effect but it made under my eyes really smooth!

I would def stock up on this is you need relaxing eye strips to de-stress your eye from over use :)

I give it~
5 of 5!

sorry for the scary nude face photos XP
catena collagen eye mask2
catena collagen eye maskcatena eye mask 2catena eye maskeki catena eye mask

A swap with Erynn! I wanted her handmade charm of a monkey so we swapped for our handmade items♥ she wanted my Hime key fob so it worked out good XD

I tested out my white box set up with taking a photo of the monkey :D

the monkey is so KAWAII it is SO well made with such a cute details X3
she also sent me some yummy ume stuff! THANK you Erynn♥

erynn love

also I got some Love package from LuLu
she wanted to send me some Beauty story mask since it was all sold out when I shopped at sasa, so we swapped for some mask that I got too~ :3she is super sweetie she sent me some kawaii things along with teas!!
Thank you LuLu!
lulu love
New items in ekiLove

hello kitty pouchmy melody pouch


  1. Right that is IT eki!!! I want those eye masks...they look sooooo sooothing!!!

  2. wow that eye gelly mask looks so good, I can't wait to try the ones you gave me!!! :)

    the monkey is SUPER adorable!!! and it looks so good with the white box and your photography skills. I am glad you liked everything I got you :) Hope you like Beauty Story masks <3

  3. all goodies so kawaii !!heheheh
    never tried beauty diary mask before,im so behind !

  4. Those pics are not even scary. I don't think you could be Eki! But you got me hooked on those DHC eye masks you sent me before! :)

    What a great swap. Ooooo look at all that UME!! :) ANd the monkey is soo cute! The white box is working so well for the pics! :)

    And MORE goodies?! You deserve all the love EKi!! Eep the new pouches are so KAWAII!!

  5. Thanks for the review! What eye bags and circles, hun?!?

    You look beautiful even with a naked face...your skin is so beautiful!

  6. Oh thanks for your review about the Catena collagen eye mask! I got some of their masks free in their sheet mask box so I'm excited to try them now.

    Nice swap! All those sweets look delicious.

    Your new bags are so nice Eki! :)

  7. Yayy you got it :D I hope you like it hehe, lotsa ppl been asking for a monkey too! :3 The pics look great, and loving the new pouches!! ♥

  8. ooh cool love packages

    and super cute stuff ^^

  9. oohh mask heaven ! i love ur hair and fringe!!

  10. a white box is exactly what you need! it definitely shows the true quality of your items. btw you still look cute with a nude face.

  11. Eki-chan!! You are still very pretty without makeup on!! The eyemasks looks so nice! Yay for packages!

  12. ahhh! i want to try the eye mask now! been trying to find a good one.. woo hoo! gonna check out sasa.. hehe. thx girl for the review!

  13. yoou are wayyy to cute!
    i got these crystals eye masks too!
    havent tried them yet..since got some reassurance from you..am gonna rip them up soon! hehe

    eyes are the windows to our soul ~~

    what a fab swap!how come my swap with MUA gals not as colorful & vibrants as yours hehehee

    cute handmade stuff~~ goodluck with the sales!

  14. oooh, I think I will try those eye masks next time I order from sasa ^^ I get tired eyes too... =(
    That monkey is so kawaiiii!!
    That's an awesome idea, using white box for the monkey, it's so cute... =( I wonder where I can find it here...

  15. owh darling, how i miss u & ur blog of coz..

    I'm copping up with others now..long way to go..hehe

    n yes, im going to check out Sasa for the Catena crystal Collagen vitamin C eye mask. i need to get mine fixed soon!lines popping out lately..*sigh*

  16. Hey love! Just to let you know, your store website is asking for the password again, this time when I don't enter one... it won't open the page, it will say "unauthorized."

    I love your new designs! <3

  17. love the monkey!!!! so cute, especially it's tail! erynn is so good at that! hehe! :) great new ekilove products as well, keep doin' what you do eki :)

  18. the eye mask looks like jello! i just want to eat it, haha :)

  19. great review! i really want to try those eye masks now, i got the silk whitia collagen eye ones because they were bogo

    great swap with lulu, that's such a good idea to swap masks so you are able to try out all the different brands!

  20. ohh cute things u got!! :D I´m half japanese, living in the cold denmark.



  21. Hm. I so need those eye masks lol.

    And OMG the tiny monkey is seriously ADORABLE!! :D :D :D

  22. Even without makeup you look so pretty Babe!! ^__^

    And what nice packages you got~ The monkey charm is really cute, I might just have to order myself one. ;) hehe.

    && I saw the new pouches that you made & I just LOVE them so much!! :D I wish I could buy them all, but right now I'm in such a financial crunch >__< With the holidays coming up and spending money on train/bus rides home to visit Raymond doesn't allow me to go to crazy buying things. =/

  23. I gotta get that eye mask for my boyfriend :D His eyes are really bad! :(

  24. your new items are so cute, i love them^^ you're so creative :)

  25. very nice package!! :) love how the light box pic turned out!!

  26. Aww EKI I wanna try those eye masks too!! They look really soothing! And you look super pretty even without makeup <3 The swap is so cute!

  27. your new pouches are SO CUTE!! <3 hehe the mask looks like jelly. they sound refreshing. i haven't ordered from sasa before b/c i'm not sure what the shipping is like to canada but your hauls always tempt me to check it out! :)

  28. D:

    I shouldn't have stumbled onto this blog. I want to buy those eye masks now D: I haz no moniez D:

    You are GORGEOUS btw

  29. Oh those under eye masks look so nice and useful, I should try to find some~!

    Eee, that monkey strap is really cute~!

  30. blogger award for eki <3


  31. Ow,so that's how you are supposed to put your eye masks on XD XD I think I've putting it wrong all this time lolz u still look cute without makeup eki!! What scary??

  32. ohmgg that eye mask is so funny looking xDD it's so jelly!

  33. Ohhh I really want those eye masks! But it seems Sasa is out of the fine line ones, boooo! You don't look scary at all!

    That monkey is so cute! What a nice package! You must like those Beauty Story masks, another thing I'll have to try out hehe.

    And such cawaii new prints! The My Melody one is so pretty!!

  34. Eki, I'd rather look at your face than the faces of those models! You are MY GYARU GIRL!!

  35. Eki, I'd rather look at your face than the faces of those models! You are MY GYARU GIRL!!

  36. The size of man-made collagen is actually too big to penetrate your skin. In reality, the collagen molecules will sit on the top skin layer. Any "results" will usually be washed away, last a few minutes, or were caused by another ingredient in the mask. Hope I helped!

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