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Hi Hi♥

Thank you for all the support with ekiLove :D
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Here are some mag scan from popteen~ some kawaii fashion for the fall/winter
*click to enlarge*

Here is my homemade white box XD
searched google for how to make white box so we improvised alittle from what was suggested for material to make them :3
works well for what I need for now :D
eki whitebox

me wearing my Love Lock earrings I love how the clear AB crystal heart have different color dimension depending on the light :)eki lovelock

eki lovelock earring2
also new item in the ekiLove
my melody ekilove


  1. Thank you for the scans! Ooh your homemade whitebox is so cool~ I've gotta make my own...
    Your new earrings are really pretty btw, and love that my melody pouch! Cho kawaii! :D

  2. The white box is very nice! :D makes the pouch looks smaller. :P I love it! You are very creative and beautiful! :D

    The AB crystal looks like a shade of green :D

  3. super cute, eki! is liz lisa a very expensive brand in japan?

  4. me likey Yui-san very very much! i read popteen cuz of her! thanks for the scans~ need to go get my copy now~ :D

  5. this post is pure cuteness :D love your new creations, love your light box!! very professional looking xD hehee. and i love your new earrings too!

  6. Yayyy! Thankies for the mag scans :D I'm loving the outfits, might have to find something similar :D I'm inspired!!! xxx

  7. Oh eki, that light box looks way better than my hand made one... Mine was dumped in the trash cause it look so bad!! U look super pretty eki!

  8. Thanks for the scans Eki! So pretty~~

    Also, really loving your handmade earrings and I must commend you on your light-box! It looks very good =)

  9. nice white box ^^

    i love ur items too :3

  10. oh my goodness i loveeee the dress in the last scan!! I would love to use this in a new header for my blog if you don't mind ^ ^

  11. Hi Eki! thanks for the mag scans

    The earrings are so adorable, I love the design.

  12. Great job with the white box, the pictures look great! Your new HK items are so adorable, aaaaahh. Gorgeous as always (^-^)

  13. Hi eki! <3
    Thanks for sharing the mag scans :) so nice :)

    Your light box looks very nice :) I made a VERY VERY improvised one too haha :P (limited materials)
    what did you use for the frame? :)

    Very cute new creation! :) Melody is so cute :)

  14. Ooh, thank you for the scans and also for posting your lightbox setup! I am totally going to show SO and beg him to help me build something similarly. Your newest pictures look really really good! Love the FOTD too. :D

  15. Hi Eki~

    how do you get your magazine scans up? please dont tell me u tear up the magazine to get them up?? >_<~

    cheers~ stay pretty

  16. Hi dear! I found those ribbons from Target :) I only found it in the San Jose (when we went to eat Boiling Crab) target, but not the target near my home, so please let me know if you can find it near yours. If not, I'm driving back to that one so I can buy a whole bunch of them for you, because you'll know what to do with them much better than I will and you can make so much pretty things from them <3 I should have thought of that the first time I bought it, I am so scatter brained :-/

  17. yea the target near me doesn't have a lot either :( don't worry hun, I'll try to make a trip down there when I have time and see if I can still find you any!

  18. Hi Eki..i love your page.

    Please check out my BLOGSALE. Tons of cheap stuff.


  19. Hi hun, left you a direct message on twitter :p

  20. Thank you for all the scans! And the white box came out great!! And all the pics you've taken with them look amazing! :) And so do your love lock earrings!! :)

  21. I think I want to make a white box too! :D I need to make a purchase soon on your site.. but cash flow really sucks right now :(

  22. super thank you for all the magazines make up tutorial and etc, super helpful! im looking for this kind of site long time ago~ so happy that i found this site!!!!!!!!!!!! whaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!
    super LOVE your site!!!!!!!!!! keep it up!!!!!

    super THANK YOU!!!!!!!


let me know what you think~ :3

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