belated 1400th follower Jill Stuart giveaway!

Hi hi~

here is my belated giveaway!
This is a little thank you gift to say thank you for following my blog and stopping by!
my blog has now reached 1400+ follower and I cant believe how much love I still get from all of you X3

This gift includes:

Jill Stuart LE Anniversary cosmetic pouch with matching mirror*book will not be included its too heavy to mail sorry*
your choice of one free pair earring from ekiLove
Limited edition Japanese kit kats :D
Matcha lattes
My HG face masks, My beauty diary mask in white pearl, catena crystal collagen eye mask, Japanese Hyaluronic acid mask
nailene french nail tip pen in black
Revlon fantasy lengths
crazy rumors organic perk lip balm in coffee bean

This giveaway is open to anyone in the world!

TO enter:

Have to be my follower and leave me a comment in this post let me know why you like Jill stuart and my blog! :)
that's it!

for extra entry:

you can enter another entry by posting a link about this giveaway and leave me a comment with the post link!

this giveaway ends on 12/16/09 midnight *central time*
winner will be chosen at random by a generator!

how was your thanksgiving?

mine was good! spent quality time with my family ate lots of amazing home cooking by my Bf family! X3 here are some photos I took at thanksgiving day very autumn feel, so pretty the decorations in the table! :D I avoid going shopping on black friday every year since it stresses me out so I never go but I saw lots of great deals online this year but most of the servers clashed on most site LOL
for the ones that was brave to go hunt for a deal I hope you got great deal and savings! :D



  1. Oooo Jill stuart <3
    I love everything in it. There is no (even a single shoe) thing wich I didn't want. I think it's unique. And simply: there is no word to discribe Jill stuart.

    .... And I like your blog because is colourful and tells something about urself. I also like colors, beauty and stuff. It's cool to be a reader.


  2. omg..! your giveaway looks awesomeee... i want in!

    i love jill stuart because..:
    1) the packaging is BEAUTIFUL. always so pink, and shiny, and girly in a classy way (so hime gyaru-ish!)! i love love love all the packaging, esp the perfume and palettes

    2) i loveee their eyeshadows! so shimmery and shiny *_*

    as to why i love your blog..:
    1) you make good tutorials! video or photo, always so detailed (with all the things you used and did) and just so simple to follow!

    2) lovee your style...makeup, hair, everything!

    3) you're really pretty :)

    4) you give good info/reviews on makeup products.. :)

    5) your blog is easy to navigate!

  3. The Jill Stuart products are always too pretty and alluring that makes it all the too tempting and is always a must buy. Also Jill Stuart, I find, is a brand that suits asian skin types and shades well.

    As for your blog, I love the layout, the awesome pics and the tips on the hippest products to purchase.

  4. Congrats on 1400+ followers!

    1. Jill Stuart products are amazing! I just received JS's Little Bouquet in the mail today and I LOVE it! I can't wait to try out more of the line :)

    2. Your blog is amazing! I LOVE listening to your music and I often find myself downloading your music.

    3. I like the simplicity of your blog. The colors are easy on the eyes and everything your blog is easy to navigate through and find info on products right away

    4. And of course, you're super kawaii and super talented!

    Congrats once again :)

  5. Eaaasy, both Jill Stuart and your blog helps boost my confidence :)
    For that, I love em both!

  6. What a great giveaway!

    I like the Jill Stuart packaging! It's so kawaii!! I really like your blog because your tutorials are really great! And plus you are a sweet girl who I am so happy to have gotten to know!!

  7. I want to join your giveaway!!!

    I love Jill Stuart because the concept of the makeup and packaging is so girly. Even when you don't actually apply the makeup, owning something Jill Stuart just makes you feel girly and beautiful.

    I love your blog because there are always cute things esp. Japanese mag scans, and your tutorials are so informative and helpful. Also, the music always makes it extra nice while reading ;)oh, and not to mention the fact that you're beautiful!!!! :)

  8. Yay giveaway~! <3

    I've been wanting to try out Jill Stuart makeup for a really long time now because the packaging is so pretty, haha, and because I've read lots of good things about it. But mostly because it's so pretty~~~ The holiday makeup collection? Ohhhmygosh, you have no idea how much I coveted that, haha. Pink and silver and crystal~~ SO CUTE~ <3 <3 <3

    I've been anonymously following your blog for a while because I really like your makeup tutorials -- they're really easy to follow and make me feel more confident about trying new things. :) I just bought some new eyeshadow, and I'm going to try out some of the looks you've done tutorials for. :3 So thanks!

    P.S. I love Park Bom too~! She's my favorite out of 2NE1~

  9. 1) Never do I get more compliments on anything than when its by Jill Stuart. This new makeup collection is so princess perfect. The kind of thing you buy to feel pretty just owning it! Let alone the quality is undoubtedly incredible.

    2) As for your blog Eki, I love it because you are such an accessible person who reaches out to your readers whenever you can. You are so beautiful and your makeup looks are so inspiring! Makeup never looks that good on me! But somehow you make me feel so much prettier with each tutorial. I love the kawaii element as well ;) That is a must.

  10. Hi Eki,

    Thanks for organizing this giveaway! Really hope i can win it =)

    I like Jill Stuart because of the pretty packaging. I have not tried any of the cosmetics yet so no comment on the products.

    As for your blog, i like it coz your photos are always so gorgeous and you are so pretty too!

    I shall blog about your giveaway and leave another comment.


  11. firstly, congrats eki on reaching your 1400th follower!

    i love jill stuart because it is so feminine and they always have the cutest collections & packaging.

    i love your blog because you always have great reviews on a variety of things from skincare products to yummy foods & snacks. i also love your flawless makeup and think you're gorgeous, inside & out. :) xOx

  12. WOW!

    Jill Stuart and You = AMAZING! LOL

    I adore Jill Stuart because he does eveything to perfection and it just can not get better than that.

    I adore you and your blog because it inspires me to be a beautiful inside and out. You inspire so many people by what you do best.

    Im not surprised you have so many followers . I could see that comming. LOL. ALL THE BEST EKI! <3

  13. Ah, I've never entered a giveaway before, so forgive me if I do something wrong.

    I love Jill Stuart because one, the packaging is obviously so much better than regular ol' CoverGirl or Wet 'n' Wild. I mean, I think their packaging is what stands out most about the brand. Secondly, their colors, although somewhat repetitive, are consistently super pretty, though not shades I would wear frequently, sadly (I'm not much of an eyeshadow person).

    Why do I like your blog? Hmm...for starters, you take gorgeous pictures :) It's superficial of me, but really, I love well-taken photos. I also love the fact that you do circle lens reviews. And those scans from magazines you post are super helpful and very cute!

    Plus, your tutorials are actually looks I would try out c: I love the fact that they're very wearable looks, not like those insane three-neon-color blends other beauty bloggers do.

  14. Congrats on your followers ^^
    About Jill Stuart I love their shoes and bags. And the package is just stunning!

    And your blog is so cute! I love all those pics ^^
    Thanks for the chance.

  15. Ooh great giveaway!
    I love Jill Struat plainly because it's makes such high quality cosmetics that truly work, the packaging is soo pretty etc.
    And I like your blog cause you make great make-up tutorials and you're so cute! :3

  16. I love Jill Stuart! Not only their make up but they're clothing line as well >_< The makeup are super high quality, good pigmentation and the packaging is just beautiful! I'm a sucker for packaging >_<;

    Your blog really keeps me interested, for instance the entry about Fiberwig and the electronic curler, the results seemed so surreal i had to go get them and try it myself. I've gotten SO many compliments on how long my lashes are since xD

    All thanks to you Eki!


    Reasons why i love JS:
    -It's so kitsch and hime, it's the perfect girly thing to own.
    -it's very rare in england, so it's like...gold dust which make it more special in my eyes.

    Reasons why i love your blog
    -Your FOTD's are so amazing, and your blog has some AMAZING personality, the way you present it/write it =)

    much love
    Yinnie x

  18. i'm already a follower!

    i love everything from Jill Stuart, the packaging, the blushes, the palettes! all of them! :D
    i love your blog of course because of you, you are really gorgeous and always do great makeup tutorial for us.

  19. Oh I love Jill stuart because of the good quality makeup in super pretty and creative packagings
    and I like your blog because you tute is very clear and step by step, also you take good pics, I like looking at the pics on your site. and also because you're very honest and open about yourself :)

  20. i personally think jill stuart has waaaay mad originality :)

    i like your blog cos its cute and you give heaps of good blogposts for us to read and admire !

    twittered it : http://twitter.com/teemeister/status/6139454226


  21. i love jill stuart because their packaging is very pretty, everything they came out with are all superb!

    i love your blog for your tutorials!!! all of them! and your reviews and your fotd eotd!!...

    thanks for having this giveaway!

  22. I like your blog because :)

    firstly, your layout looks amazing. Very cute and appeling to look at.

    second your reviews and pictures are always very helpful and clear.

    third, you are just gorgeous and I love your style.

    as for Jill stuart mmm...
    I don't own anything of Jill stuart so I am not able to say anything about it. :p
    But just looking at the packaging I can say it looks soooooo cute and amaaazing !!!

  23. Ohhh! Enter me, please!

    I love your blog because it's super kawaii, because of your really nice photos, great product reviews (hair dye + circle lenses)..
    And because it makes me want to buy stuff, hhahahah..!

    Plus of course the japanese scan magazines, that's perfect too!

    I actully never tried anything from Jill Stuart, but from the pictures I like the design.

  24. I also blogged about your giveaway, here:

  25. Wahh~ Thanks for having such a great giveaway! And congrats on getting well in excess of 1400 followers!

    The reason I love Jill Stuart is that the packaging is so pretty. I think any girl that owned it would feel like a *real* princess just looking at it!!

    The reason I love your blog, well, there are many reasons xD You blog about things that I find interesting and relevant (beauty wise and non-beauty wise), you seem like such a lovely *beautiful* perosn, and your creations are wonderful~~!!

  26. Yay give away! I think Jill Stuart has really nice packaging..very luxurious and fairytale-ish. The reason why I like your blog is that you have a pro layout and use products i'm interested in!

  27. Congratulations!
    Ok, I loooove Jil Stuart because everything is so girly and delicate and the color palette is georgeous!
    And I loooove your blog because it´s kinda always in a happy mood :D I like your entries, you handmades, your videos... it makes my day happy :)

    Greetings from Chile, South-amerika



  28. how hot is this! haha
    well actually Eki i havent tried jill stewart anything which i am hoping i can enter anyway, i love the packaging that i have seen on other ppls reviews so if i got a chance to try i would be soo happy! =D
    hope you are doing well eki =D

  29. I love JS for its dreamy textures and packaging!! Congrats on reaching 1400 followers!! I wonder when will be the day I reach 1000! It seems a long way off from 250.

  30. As someone who likes to design things, I like Jill Stuart's aesthetic and packaging a lot!
    I like your blog because it lets me earn about lots of makeup and products without spending a ton of money~

  31. Nice giveaway! Congrats for the many-many followers!

    Why I love JS? Because the style is lovely girly, and coz I don't own any (It's too expensive for my lil budget), so I can't say anything bad about it, right? Must be faultless! =]
    And you/your blog? Coz kind and pretty =D and do respond even tho you have billions of readers! Not many bloggers do that! You just leave comments and never get any reply. But you do get back to people and I appreciate it more than anything! ^_^;

    I'm a follower~

  32. I love you your blog cause you're so creative and beautiful! <3

    I love Jill Stuart because they have that great kawii style that I want to reach. :3

  33. Does following you via Google Reader count? :P

    I love Jill Stuart because I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and Jill Stuart's packaging is beyond GORGEOUS. :D Sweet and cute yet classy. Now only if I could afford them. ^^

    I love your blog simply because I love makeup, art and kawaii stuff too! xD
    I also adore your simple yet artistic blog design and posts. Simply gorgeous, just like you. ;D

  34. http://lupakitty.com/2009/11/ekimuras-1400th-giveaway/

    Here is a link to my post about Eki's giveaway. :D

  35. I want in
    i love jill stuart :$ i love pink and shiny shadow

  36. I really want to win this.
    Why I read your blog?
    1.your hella pretty :3
    2. you write about interesting things.
    3.You give good advice.
    4. you know about make up and your style is amazing.
    Why I want to win?
    I cant afford any of this stuff x3

  37. http://hawashelladope.blogspot.com/2009/11/little-bit-of-eki-giveaway.html


  38. Jill Stuart is simply girly, cute, intricate with the details and elegant.

    Your blog is just amazing! I love your pictures, the magazine you post, the look you do! It's just very interesting to read.

  39. Hey! I'm a big follower of your blog =). I like Jill Stuart a lot because the design of the packaging of the products is soooo kawaii! It's definitely fit for a modern hime! It's very intricate, girly, and pretty. In addition the colors of the jellies, eye palettes, and blushes are sooo pretty! In addition Japanese brands usually have very high quality, so thus Jill Stuart products are pretty AND good quality!
    I love your blog because it is very helpful. You review and write about products I might want to try, and you go through the trouble of posting pictures to help us see how everything works! I also love your taste in makeup and just reading your everyday thoughts.

  40. JS knows how to create makeup for the girls who know how to look cute in pink and i love packaging and excited to try the japanese kit kats

    your blog is totally amazing in words i cant describe your blog shows me tutorials i thought i cant do but you make things so easy! THANKS EKI!!

    Hugs & Kisses,

  41. OMG enter me please. I love Jill Stuart and your blog, they are both kawaii. Thank you for having a giveaway, that is very generous.

  42. Wow Eki! Congratulations on 1400+ followers! You deserve it :)
    I love Jill Stuart because of their packaging, cute colors, and the scent of the cosmetics. When I went to Japan I was in love with the JS store... So cute, frilly, and princessy!
    And what I love about your blog is that you are so creative! Your hair and makeup tutorials are so cute. I love you and your bf's photography, keep up the great work!! Your business with ekilove is also growing so rapidly and that's amazing~ Gokurou-sama deshita! Omedetou :)

  43. congrats on the 1400 woohoo!!!

    I love JS mainly for the packaging ( I can't resist the princess-like designs) hehe but their products are good quality as well.

    I love your blog because you always have the cuteness EOTD, FOTD, and kawaii products!

  44. Ohh!! Nice giveaways!!
    The reason I like Jill Stuart is the packaging is too irresistible!! So nice and perfect for girls!!

    Second, the reason I like your blog is..everything in your blog attracts me!! Your tutorial is great!! Your photography is so nice which I really admire and lastly your webpage is so wonderful!!

  45. Well I've never bought any Jill Stuart but from what I've seen (on your blog and others), the packaging is really nice and glamorous! Also its reviews as a product (on ABS, etc.) make it seem like an awesome product that isn't widely available in the states...

    And I love your blog because it's really nice to look at and you always have a variety of topics in your posts (lens, makeup, magazine scans, jewelry, life, etc.). Plus, since you have a music sidebar, I'm always finding new songs to love!

  46. Here's the entry posted in my blog:


    I love jill stuart! why?

    1. I"ve always wanted to try!
    2. Its so girly and beautiful!

    thanks for the give away!

  47. Jill Stuart is awesome because of her fashion forward designs. I especially love her shoes!

    I love your blog because you update often and have interesting blog posts. Your makeup tutorials are always very helpful and I love seeing the Japanese magazine scans! Thanks again for having an awesome blog :)

  48. Amazing Giveaway :D!!

    I mainly love Jill Stuart because of the *gorgeous* packaging and design they always have. It's always so much more refreshing than the typical all black MAC cosmetics~
    Jill Stuart also always has this super sweet girly style that I love :)

    And I absolutely love you're blog because one, you're so soo pretty, and two, you are so creative! I love your makeup and ekilove products!
    Your photography is also amazing :)

  49. I'm love JS princess packaging! I don't think I could feel any more pampered than owning something from their line. I'm still lemming for their blush.

    I love your makeup tutorials!

  50. i love jill stuart because ..
    - the packaging is so simple yet elegant
    - she has such a wide variety of products

    why i love your blog ..
    - so much fun to read your blogs after a long tiring day, it makes me feel better instantly
    - i love your choice in music!
    - you're gorgeous :)

    Here's my post:

    pick meeee~ ♥

  51. I love Jill Stuart because all of her stuff is girly, feminine, and pink. Your blog has the same kind of feel. I love the products you make too!

  52. Eki, I posted both of your giveaways on my sidebar links :)

  53. here's a second entry


  54. heard about you and blog from Jamilla really. you have such a cute style that we can't really find anywhere.

    JS is a girl's dream, packagin and good quality makeup items that no one and resist.

    thanks so much for your giveaway

  55. Wowee~ Jill Stuart in a giva-away! I love JS's use of colour, very girlish in a classy ladylike way :D Love to use JS, products of very good quality. And my oily, but hyper-sensitive skin tolerates JS, which is rare.

    Lately, I am very interested in make-up tuts, reviews, etc. You got me hooked on your blog with all the beautiful pictures (of you and products) and the mag scans, and and, your tuts! Seriously, your ramblings :P relieve me from my daily dose of stress. Keep it up!

    Love & xx

  56. hello lovely :)

    i love how you have the most beautiful makeup tutorials! Also the scans from magazines, inspire me to try new styles i havent thought off!

    here is your contest reblogged:


  57. well, first i love the quality of Jill Stuart products. second, the package is something that i can fall in love with.

    I enjoys reading ur blog, all the tutorial is simple, beautiful and easy to follow so keep up the good work


  58. you're such a sweetie for having a give away =)

  59. I'm a follower. :)
    I like Jill Stuart because the packaging is so pretty. For your blog: I like the makeup tutorials and mag scans. :)

  60. Aw, that's a great giveaway.
    I love the packaging of Jill Stuart products and the quality of their products. The cosmetic pouch is sooo cute. Oh and LE Kit Kat bars - yum!
    I love a lot of things about your blog: you're so pretty and I love how you do your makeup. I also like your scanned magazine images for fashion inspiration too! And you have good reviews as well.

  61. Hi Eki!

    tbh I've never heard of Jill Stuart until I found your blog. And if there is one thing I absolutely love about JS products is the ADORABLE KAWAII PACKAGING <3 I have never seen makeup so pretty before! Makes one feel oh so pampered when using them!

    As for your and blog, I love it because its upbeat and the tutorials useful when it comes to creating those bright eye looks I see in Japanese mags. Which leads me to my other point, THANKS FOR UPLOADING ALL THE MAG PICCIES ALL THESE WHILE! Those are quite expensive in my area so really thanks!

    I'll be sure to blog about this giveaway later ^.^v

  62. i love jill stuart because theyre so cute(: and i love your blogs because your just SO AMAZING. ur beautiful and i put alot trust when i read your blogs and watch your makeup tutrials.:) thanks so much, and even if i dont win i wanna say THANK YOU for updating ur blog for us<3

    from the bottom of my heart,

  63. 2nd entry(: posted link on my twitter<333


    love yah eki! keep up the awesome work beautiful!

  64. Awesome giveaway Eki! :)

    I'm already a follower! I like Jill Stuart because their items alway seem so fresh, and the scent is amazing on their floral products. I love your blog, because you always have awesome magazine scans of japanese magazines!

  65. Of course Im a follower. I love Jill Stuart because all of the packagings are just soooo cute. And I love your blog because everything is also so cute.

  66. Hi
    I like Jill Stuart stuff because its just soo princess-y and cute looking, plus the colours for the blush is soo pretty.

    I like your blog because it has a lot of stuff relating to asian products and that is what i am mostly interested in.

    Thanks ~~

  67. i also blogged here


  68. Hi, congrats on 1400+ subscribers!
    I've heard a lot of Jill Stuart products, but I've never had the chance to buy some. I would really love to try!=)
    What I like about your blog is that you blog about a lot of Asian beauty products(which I LOVE), Japanese magazines, and lots of super cute stuff!


  69. Hi Eki~~

    I like Jill Stuart because the packaging is SO princessy and pretty.

    I love your blog because you offer so many good tips on makeup and skincare. Also because you're so kawaii!!

    Thanks for holding this contest~

  70. Jill Stuart has really cool shoes. As for your blog, it's cute and I love the photos that you post with your looks. Well done!

  71. i love your blog because:
    1. amazing tutorials
    2. great reviews
    3. love seeing the new things you make

    i like jill stuart because the packaging is just so beautiful and girly. i never tried the make up before but i would love to get my hands on one to try. just need to find where it is sold.

  72. I loooove Jill Stuart's packaging, makes me feel like such a princess when I use anything from Jill Stuart. Especially the perfumes.
    I love that your blog is super cute but still organized, its not just an explosion of things. The design and colors are so nice (:

  73. Eki,

    I really enjoy your blog for all of its thoughtfulness and creativeness! I really enjoy your tutorials! And the Japanese mag scans that you do for us! <33 you're amazing!

    I was curious about Jill Stuart since I saw their jelly eye products and you seemed to really like the brand and they have so many kawaii things and packaging! One day I'll get their blush palette too! :D

  74. Congrats on having so many followers! I had a very nice Thanksgiving myself.

    I like Jill Stuart's clothing because the labels has some very, very pretty dresses, which I have a weakness for. I like how the packaging for her makeup is very sweet and princess-y but still adult.

    I like your blog because I like seeing what you post about different beauty products, like deals and reviews and overviews, and I also think the magazine scans are very neat.

    I made a post about this giveaway here:

  75. It's really good quality makeup and the bonus is the packaging! TO DIE FOR!! ^-^

    I love your blog because i like the pictures and all the cutesy stuff & your personality is great!

  76. Hi Eki,
    loved your blog long time so thought I would give this a pop =)

    I love Jill Stuart because of its pretty packaging, Its unique and sets itself apart from other brands. Its also incredibly girly yet stylish and chic! Unfortunately I can't get any since Im in the UK =(
    Second of all I love your blog because you do awesome tutorials, always simple easy to follow yet impeccable application, flawless and professional. I love your style too! and most of all I love your music choice! I listen to it every single morning when Im getting ready for uni or work, its bookmarked =)

    Have a nice weekend eki, congrats on the followers! =)

    Suzi x

  77. I love Jill Stuart b/c the collections (from the handbags, to the shoes, fashion & beauty) are ALL always elegant, simple and never over done! Super chic & feminine! :) LOVE LOVE!

  78. i like jill stuart because the products are majorly adorable, and the packaging is super nice.

    and i like your blog because your photos and creations are absolutely amazing, and creative. i love seeing the new items you post and how cute everything is : ) also your music playlist is great too <3

  79. Congrats and thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    i love jill stuart because I'm a big sucker for packaging and jill stuart stuff always looks super feminine and cute! Their products are really nice too. I love their eye jellies! The only thing that sucks is that it's not more readily available in the U.S.... haha

    I love your blog because I like learning about new beauty products. I love the music on your blog as well! Thanks again!

  80. Hey Thanks for this great giveaway (。◕‿‿◕。)

    I looove your blog because it's packed full with beautiful high quality pictures of cute things and you :D.
    I'm really addicted to beauty stuff and your blog keeps me up to date especially with cute trends from asia :D although I can't buy those things most of the time because they`re not available here where I live or I simply can`t afford them it still makes me happy to look at them on your blog ^.^
    I also admire your personality since you're not only beautiful from the outside but still seem very sweet, genuine and down to earth.
    I feel like I could identify with you because I'm also a kind of a nerd and I love drawing :D

    well... and about Jill Stuart...
    I actually haven`t heard of that brand before I read about it on your blog but when I saw the cute designs it was love *_*
    I don`t own anything from her yet :( and I`m on a low budget so I guess I just can drool over her holiday sweetness collection >:

    my email: kii@gmx.net

  81. I love your blog~ Your giveaway is so generous! I like Jill Stuart because it allows me to feel like a princess with it's gorgeous packaging. :)

    Best wishes!

  82. Hi Eki,

    I like Jill Stuart mostly for their cute packaging and I like your blog because I love how you do your hair and makeup and so I find your tutorials really interesting^^

    I've posted your giveaway announcement here w/picture:

    Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway :D

  83. oops....gomen, I forgot to include the link to your giveaway in my blog



  84. Omedetou Eki!

    I haven't tried Jill Stuart, but by looking at your blogs (which I love btw) the packaging is so pretty!!! The eyeshadow colours are really pretty as well.

    Why I love your blog? What's not to love? lol Your blog is very informative, you also have great mag uploads and of course love the jpop lol I'm always looking forward to your new postings ^^

    Thank you for all your hard work you put into it!

  85. hi thanks for the awesome givaway!!!

    Jill Stuart has the cutest and girlest packaging!

    You have such a great blog with really informative reviews and makeup tutorials!

  86. wow !
    hmm here's my answer !!

    i enjoy viewing your blog because I can learn so much 'behind-the-scenes' style information about makeup which I am actually quite a newbie at. Everytime I read your blog it refreshes my mind because you give me confidence to try on makeup(and actually successful at it!) after watching your tutorials. I also love your blog because it's so easy on the eyes and user friendly, not to mention that it's pink!!!! ^^

    i love jill stuart beacuse it is feminine and makes me feel cute and sweet just looking at the girly products, makes me wanna just put on the most flowery dress ever and get out there and prance around in all girlyness~~

  87. I actually didn't know of the brand Jill Stuart until recently. But from what I have seen so far, I really like the color they offer because they seem so soft and and it's great for a natural look.

    I also just recently became your follower. I wanted to make sure I get your blog updates because I love the little reviews you do. For example..I recently was interested in buying the My Beauty Diary Masks..and after reading your raves about them..I will buy them to try for sure!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  88. This is gonna sound weird but I like how aesthetically pleasing your blog and entries are. Hmm, Jill Stuart cosmetics allows every girl to own something luxurious, be it a lipstick or blusher without breaking the bank.

  89. i like Jill Stuart because everything is really girly, and I like your blog because a really admire you and want to be good at makeup and sewing things like you are~ ^^

  90. I love Jill Stuart for their gorgeous packaging and their product is pretty good quality too=) Whenever I know somebody going back to Asia, I always make them bring me something back from JS!

    Your blog is simple and sweet. I love how you have easy to follow tutorials and they're what I'm looking for since my newfound obsession with Japanese beauty. Your dedication to ekilove is also an inspiration, I wish I were as creative><

    Thanks for having this awesome giveaway!

  91. i love jill stuart cuz it they have such pretty packaging!
    and i love ur blog cuz i love the products u use, and ur blog is soo pretty! =)

  92. I like your blog because you talk about japanese related items and your makeup looks are so natural and fresh. I really like Jill Stuart because of the cute packaging!

    Good Luck everybody!

  93. I like your blog because you always have wonderful imagery and your posts are always interesting, you give great detail. And I always love seeing new things that you make for your shop. I like Jill Stuart because of the pretty packaging/containers. I am a sucker for cute/pretty looking cosmetics.

  94. i absolutely LOVE your blog. i check your blog everyday for new updates. i think your mask reviews are by far the best ever! i love the contacts you buy and the recommendations give you out to everyone. i like jill stuart because their colors are more soft and i like the jellyness of their eyeshadow palettes :)

    enter me!
    i also posted about your giveaway on my blog;
    check it out! :D
    thank you so much for this opportunity<3

  95. i absolutely LOVE your blog. i check your blog everyday for new updates. i think your mask reviews are by far the best ever! i love the contacts you buy and the recommendations give you out to everyone. i like jill stuart because their colors are more soft and i like the jellyness of their eyeshadow palettes :)

    enter me!
    i also posted about your giveaway on my blog;
    check it out! :D
    thank you so much for this opportunity<3

  96. Thanks for the giveaway! && Congrats on 1400+ followers! :}

    I like Jill Stuart because of the gorgeous packaging. It looks so elegant!

    I like your blog because you have a little bit of everything and I love your pictures. They look so magazine worthy :P

    and I posted your giveaway on my sidebar & followed your twitter :)


  97. I love Jill Stuart cos their packaging is both girly and classy at the same time.

    I love your blog especially because of the beautiful layout. I can see the amount of effort you put into your blog with the header and design changing all so often, and all the pictures being edited before you post them up.

    Stay kawaii eki!

  98. Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway! I <3 your blog because I love reading all your helpful review posts, learning from your FOTDS, and seeing your gorgeous face :D Hehe. Plus you always are so sweet & down to earth! I have not tried any JS products before :( But I really like the packaging! So luxurious! ♥

  99. I love Jill Stuart because packaging is soo pretty pretty! And I love your blog because it's also pretty with gorgeous photos :)

    Thanks :)

  100. i llove your blog because you feature very asian-friendly looks. It certainly inspires me to be more adventurous with m makeup. I love Jill Stuart because im such a sucker for pretty princess-y packaging!

    thanks for the giveaway!

  101. I like Jill Stuart because it looks so simple, not those complicated brands, its also very attractive with the packaging and how they present each of their products. oh, and i loooove how it's PINK!

    I like your blog because its really informative from your perspective, you have interesting post on products and makeup looks! oh, and your blog is also pink! lol

    PINK everywhere!!! yayyy lol


  102. I like jill stuart because their designs are so cute and classy. i love your blog because its so kawaii and informative! :)

  103. I like jill stuart because of the elegance of its products :) and I love this blog because of the great reviews and picture <3

  104. Hi eki! I first started to like Jill Stuart and ur blog around the same time. I had just discovered this beauty blogging world and everyone had pictures of gorgeous JS pdts on their blog..u could say I am a sucker for lovely packaging too.. as for ur blog,I love the makeup tutorials the most. I get inspired to try a look that u posted :)thks eki and congrats on the followers :)

  105. I love your makeup tutorial, everything about your blog just make me come often. :) Jill Stuart I heard so much but never try before. :) the pretty packing and colour really attract me :)

    blogged http://mountofcontest.blogspot.com/2009/11/jill-stuart-giveaway-by-eki.html

    Enter me please. :)

    sherrygo at hotmail dot com

  106. I love how you post pictures with almost every beauty post to show us exactly what the products look like. I also like that you don't forget that this is a PERSONAL blog && add little reminders or how you are doing and what you have been up to! Also, the layout of your blog is so simple and easy to follow :)

    I love Jill Stuart products because the packaging is über refreshing and clean looking. I say refreshing in the sense that the style is not something commonly seen over here in New York. The packaging is not too formal which makes her products more easily used on a daily basis :)

  107. I love your blog because it has a great mix of stuff - your tutorials are great, your shop stuff is so cute, and you just seem like a sweet person!

    I've been intrigued by JS ever since I first saw a beauty blogger use the jelly eye color. The packaging is just gorgeous for all JS products!


  108. I love jill stuart because of her cute packaging. I love your blog because I enjoying reading your blogs about japanese make up.

    I posted your giveaway here:


  109. I love reading your blog! your blog always so pretty and informative and of course i love your pretty pictures! I never tried any Jill Stuart products but the packaging is very pretty!!

  110. HELLO EKI~!

    Congrats to having 1400+ followers! ^-^ And thank you for being generous and giving us, your followers, a chance to win this giveaway.

    There are many reasons why I love Jill Stuart but I'll cut it short.
    1) The packaging is AWESOME!
    2) AWESOME cos it is so PRINCESSY~!
    3) PRINCESSY that I am addicted to getting her products.
    4) One item that I'm very addicted to and can't live without is the blusher. I love it so so so much and I have it in shade 01: Baby Blush.
    5) AWESOME blusher! Like a real Princess!
    6) I have been raving about Jill Stuart to my friends and they agree about it's PRINCESSY packaging.
    7) To sum it up, Jill Stuart has the best packaging I've ever seen and owned by far. (Too bad my country, Singapore, doesn't have Jill Stuart. Have been buying them online through sprees. X3 Hope they will import it soon. Will definitely support Jill Stuart!!)

    Now it's time for your blog:
    I have been reading your blog for some time now because I love the photos you've taken and also the drawings you've done. You give very good FOTDs and a picture says a thousand words. I love watching your tutorial cos I can get to hear and see you in person (Sometimes photos are too 2D to understand the make-up process). Your products that you've made in EkiLove is gorgeous. So kawaii! I'm always looking forward to your next post. Like to when how are you and what you are doing.

    Nonetheless, keep up the good work and Ganbatte~!

  111. wish me luck ^___^


  112. love Jill stuart because it's Jill stuart. hehehehe , nahh because
    - it has the most gorgeous packaging ever
    - high quality
    - make me feel good when I look, touch, play with it

    love your blog because:
    - you r so pretty
    - you r very creative
    - love your EOTD, FOTD and review.

  113. Congrats & thanks for the generous giveaway!!

    Love Jill Stuart for its classy princessy packaging, reminds me of Hime Gyaru style! Love how sparkling and shimmery the colors are. :D

    Love Ekimura's blog for your sharp quality photos. Very good photography skills! Being a lover for Japanese stuff, I just have to read your blog for updates on kawaii items! ++ your taste for music, been listening to them daily! n__n♥

  114. Yay, another great giveaway!
    Especially when it's jill stuart!
    So why I love Jill Stuart? Because it lets me live out my princess fantasy! :P
    And I love your blog because you're a genius!!! I learn so much about makeup from you! More tutorials please :D

    Posted about this on my blog sidebar also: http://iwannaworkforjuddapatow.blogspot.com/
    Thanks Eki!

  115. i love jill stuart because of the packaging. it's so pretty!

    i love your blog because your tutorials are so helpful. your magazine scans inspire me to try some of the looks out. :]

  116. love JS because good quality and cute things
    and love your blog because it is awesome, you are cool and cute!

  117. I love Jill Stuart cosmetics because they are such eyecandy! Sooo pretty :)

    I love pretty much the same thing about your blog- wonderful visual insipiration!

  118. Wow. 1400+ that´s a big quantity of followers there. :)

    About why I like Jill Stuart I think that a big part of my love have been "generated" by all the japanese magazines that I follow. They always make such good reviews of the quality and also of the rich dessigns of their products that I think that it´s completely normal finishing in love with the brand.

    I found your blog just some months ago and I really have to say you that you are for me a "beauty-inspiration". Besides, I really appreciate your efforts with the tutorials and the good advices with the purchase of beauty products. For all that work, really, thank you very much!

    Take care!

  119. i love jill stuart because first i love the cute packaging ...so cute, and girly, second great product in terms of quality.

    same a js , your blog so cute...i enjoy reading your blog,and your photos...your so pretty :)

  120. I like Jill Stuart's designs because they are very cute and for the girly - girl or any girl in fact . It is a brand that has been around for a long time and I hope it will stay that way .
    I love your blog because I enjoy looking at your photos you post and your hauls . I just find it fun to look at and read at the same time ! :)) Thank you !

  121. Hi! I'm a new follower. I do not know Jill Stuart brandt really because it is not so easy to ind in Italy. Your blog is so inspiring for me.
    Have a nice sunday!

  122. I posted about your giveaway here - http://va-internationalgiveawaysblog.blogspot.com/2009/11/eki-love-giveaway.html

  123. Hi Eki! I discovered your blog a few days ago and I immediatly loved it. In fact I think you have a pure flawless face (I'm a bit jealous you know! hihi) and your photos are always perfects.
    I'd like to find the same colored contact lens (because I already have corrective contacts) but I'm french so it's a bit difficult. ^^'

    I do love Jill Stuart brand and I think we don't have to guess why: they have lovely product with the prettiest packagings. I believe that I'm in a princess story with Jill Stuart!

    Thank you a lot for this giveaway, I love Japan and I would be so happy to discover all your gifts. ^^

    PS: I have a beauty blog with french beauty product reviews (www.sapphirecosmetoaddict.com) If you are interested, hihi.

    See you soon!

  124. Oh! And I put the Giveaway picture and link on my blog (on the right)! =)

  125. hmm to be honest, i've never tried any jill stuart product as it's not available in my country! :(
    but i love the packaging so much!
    i love anything with a kawaii packaging :P

    as for your blog, i love it coz..
    -the pictures are great!
    -you're a makeup goddess! love your makeup, and tutorials!

  126. I like Jill Stuart because of the packging, it is so lovely & feel like myself like princess, bling bling & pinky!

    And your blog, Oh my god! I like it so much especially the tips & tutorials,no need to spend money to take course but learn make up here!

    Another things i like your blog is the photo, you are just simply snap the photo, it is more to professional shooting. Well done and keep it on!

  127. i love jill stuart because of the great packaging and the colours! love your blog because its so informative and inspires me to try on different looks! :)

  128. hie eki =)

    Jill stuart brand is kinda new to me and I just got to know about it few months ago.. When I get to know bout Jill Stuart, I feel in love with it.. it's just so lovely, especially the packaging.. makes every girl feels like a princess i think! ^^

    oh and ya, I love following ur blog coz u do amazing makeup tutorials and u give recommendations of great cosmetics. I'm currently loving Japanese cosmetics n skincare =)

  129. I like Jill Stuart's boots and bags :) They're edgy but wereable :) And I like your blog because it's so bright and cheerful and you post such sweet posts!

    I have blogged about your giveaway:

  130. I posted a blog about your giveaway:

  131. I love Jill Stuart because it's so soft and girly!!! The makeup quality is AMAZING!!!

    I love your blog because of your magazine scans from Japan... Your tutorials are very helpful and your blog is just so CUTE!!!

  132. Hi, new follower here.

    I like Jill Stuart because of the cute packaging and quality product.

    I love your blog because it is so cute and sweet just like you!

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  133. Love Jill Stuart because:
    -quality product
    -cute, cute, cute packaging
    -nice colours

    Love your blog because:
    -you're so pretty
    -great tutorials
    -simple writing
    -fun blog!!

    Thank you for the giveaway. Gifts look awesome!

  134. Hi!
    I really love reading your blog because:
    *the layout is really nice and easy to navigate but still really pretty!
    *your posts are just so much fun to read and are not boring at all. You have great opinions and personality.
    *a lot of your posts talk about more Asian related products which I find endlessly interesting (:
    *your pictures are so high-quality and pretty!
    The Jill Stuart collection is so pretty and the packaging looks really cute. I'd really like to try some of the products one day!

    Here is a link to my blog post on your giveaway:

  135. you are amazing that is why you are so popular. your blog inspire me to try new things. Jill stuard is awesome their stuff makes me wanna max out my card =X..see ya

  136. Whoo! Contest!! Jill Stuart is sooo pretty!! I can't wait to see who wins!

  137. I love Jill Stuart b/c the packaging and colors (pink, pink, pink!) make me giggle like a schoolgirl. :)

    I love your blog b/c you are easy on the eyes (hey, I'm being honest :), you make cute stuff, and your tutorials are super helpful!

  138. hi eki! i've been a follower of your blog for a while and enjoy coming back to read your posts. i really like your tutorials and your thoughtful posts. you're a very sweet and creative person (as seen with your eki products!!) <3

    i always hear everyone including yourself raving about Jill Stuart products and have always wanted to try them out but don't get to b/c they're not available where i live :( so i'm super excited about your giveaway!! i made a post about your giveaway on my blog: http://swtexcape.blogspot.com/2009/11/this-season-to-be-jolly.html. thank you so much for your generous giveaway!! xo

  139. i love your blog because you always post many different thing(jill stuart, asian magazines, etc). & i LOVE Jill Stuart because the packaging is so unique and beautiful.

  140. I've looked everywhere for the matcha lattes mentioned in your blog! I'd really like to try it out!

  141. I love Jill Stuart mainly because of the packaging! It's always so amazing and attractive!

    As for your blog, you've introduced me to so many different kinds of products. Your photos are beautiful and your tutorials are a wonderful help!

    Thanks for being so generous!

  142. Hi there! Enter me XD I love Jill Stuart because they have the cutest packaging and great products. I love your blog because you have amazing makeupp looks as well as great posts about other stuff like music vids and mag scans. Also I love the music on the side, I always end up downloading one XD

  143. i love your blog 'cause i love seeing pics of you and hearing what you've been up to <3 and i love JS because.. their blushes are soooo pretty! and their jelly eye things too! ^__^

  144. I love your blog because it introduces me to products I would never hear about otherwise and just makes me happy to be a girl. It's not only full of great info, but visually stunning.

    I was introduced to Jill Stuart by you and I just love the overall girliness of the packaging. I've never tried any products, but they all look drool worthy.

    Congrats sweets!!


  145. Jill Stuart is different in her way of expressing cosmetics, in that cosmetics/makeup is more than just plain dull packaging, they are an art of its own!! I can just stare at Jill Stuart products... and I'm so sad there's none here in Australia.

    And your blog, well, there are so many interesting things!! And new things I never knew before!! Very informative and I just love finding something new everytime I read your blog.


  146. Congrats on the followers!!

    I love Jill Stuart as they have the best colors and the cutest packaging that I have ever seen :-)

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  147. Hi Eki,

    I've never actually tried Jill Stuart! It all looks so pretty! I enjoy your blog because your posts are always informative and entertaining. Your makeup is always flawless and I love photography, I think your pictures are amazing! Hope you are having a great day.

  148. Hi Eki! Thanks for hosting this great giveaway! I'd love to enter =)

    First, I like Jill Stuart because I first heard FuzKittie talk about their jelly eye shadows and they looked so amazing! I've been wanting to try them but they are too pricey for me.

    I love your blog because you were one of the first makeup blogs that I actually read on a daily basis WAAAAY back before I started blogging. I loved all your pretty looks and your photography is so inspiring and refreshing.

    Thanks again Eki!
    <3 Stacy

  149. Love your Blog. The design looks so clean and cute. The Jill Stuart Make up case looks so cute. ^^ The pictures look so nice.

  150. I love your blog! I can tell you put a lot of effort into it because it comes off to a reader/art student like me as a very sleek and professional wit the great amount of clean white space <3! I really do appreciate all the tips and your photography. You're gorgeous!

    I've never tried Jill Stewart's products before, but if it was within my budget, I would totally buy it for the packaging design. Her products is like a mixture of floral/natural + vintage + glam + and everything nice lol. and I love pink, heheh!
    Thank you for giving us a chance to win! I really want to try the Matcha lattes.... mmmm lol

  151. Excited about this!

    Blog Post here:

    I love Jill Stuart mainly because of the packaging, everything is so elegant and beautiful.

    And although I am a newer subscriber, I love seeing all of the Japanese products you post about.

    Thanks! xoxo

  152. Wow, you reached 1400 followers, congratulations! Your blog is so nice^^ and you always have the best giveaways!

    I would like to enter^^

    I love your blog because of the clean design, I love the light colors and cute fonts you use. The content itself is always so useful, from your makeup tutorials to the magazine scans, I learn such useful tips from your entries. I also love reading the entries about your daily life.

    I honestly don't own anything from Liz Lisa, I always stare lovingly at it from afar when I am in Japan, since my wallet is often quite thin haha. But I love their designs because it's very girly and sweet, but still classy and mature. It's girly but not childish.

    Thanks again for doing this giveaway, it's very lovely and sweet of you^^

  153. fantastic giveaway, congrats on reaching 1400 followers!

    I enjoy your blog because of the reviews you do on asian products, which not many bloggers do.

    I like Jill Stuart mainly for the packaging, but their products are worth the price too! Have the blush in Lovely Tulip and love it.

  154. Wow Eki! 1400+ followers?! See how much everyone loves you?! ANd 149 comments on this post already! LOL! I don't stand a chance on this giveaway!!

    Never tried JS but the packaging you guys show us is always cute! ANd the kitty bag is adorable! LOL! You know me the crazy cat lady! LOL!


    i have followed u 4 a long time now but i never had a blog so decided t create one just to follow you ^^

    What i love about your blog is that there are a lot of tutorials, helpfull ideas in terms of applying make up such as scans you showed how to apply falsies (you translated it too)

    You put a lot of effort into it, and you are pretty!!! What really like s that you share your beauty secrets, tips, and because your are open minded ^^

    Love ya!

  156. I'm a subscriber!
    I like your blog because you introduce me to new products, like Jill Stuart.
    I like how Jill Stuart is girly.

    Your blog has very good information and photos. I miss the non-product phots like you posted in this post. Non-beauty photos are fun to look at too. Also, lately your product photos seem "blown out" by white. Some of the detail is lost. Maybe it's my eyes...

    you can find my email at my blog

  157. hi eki, i dont actually own any jill stuart items but they definitely are eye candy so i really like their packaging... its very "hime." the same also goes for your blog.. i like ur blog because it has a "hime" style to it.. but most importantly, all ur posts are interesting to me because we're both asian with the same skin type and with very similar tastes. i also enjoy all the pictures u take because they're so professional looking ;)

    i avoid black friday as well... i cant deal with all the people and craziness!

    thanks for the giveaway <3

  158. Hi Eki :3

    I love your blog because I think you're gorgeous and you do makeup sooo well~ I'm so jealous ;x I enjoy reading about all the different products you use and I enjoy learning from your tutorials. I'm actually considering an electronic eyelash curler because of you :D

    I personally don't own anything from Jill Stuart, but the cosemtic pouch is very classy and elegant. It's very cute!

    I hope you keep sharing your life with your readers/subscribers! <3

  159. I love your blog because of all the effort you put in, your pretty photography and fotds and japanese magazine scans. Your blog is informative too with the info about makeup and stuff.

    I like Jill Stuart because of its color range with the blushes and pretty packaging. I wish it was closer to me at home.

  160. Jill Stuart is everything girly, just like you blog, very impormative, kawaii & i just love it...as simple as that

  161. Congratulations on 1400+ followers! :)
    I love Jill Stuart because of their princess like packaging and cute colors.
    I LOVE your blog and i check your blog everyday for new updates. I love the contacts you share with us and I also got some. Contiune with the good work, will continue to support you!

  162. thanks for the giveaway!!
    i'm not surprised at the amount of followers you have because ur blog is great!! i love checking out ur blog when u update it. ur tutorials are really good. ur so pretty too. i wish i had ur complexion! so jealous

    i like jill stuart mainly coz of the packaging. the only thing i have at the moment is the nail polish (dream star). i hope to expand my collection though!

    thanks again =) congrats to the person who wins ur great giveaway ^O^

  163. Congrats!

    their packaging makes me feel so pamper! love your blog, mainly due to your lovely tutorial...

  164. OOh!! give away!! :D

    jill stuart is girly and fun -- just by looking at the cute & sweet packaging already makes me feel pretty :]

    love your blog and u're super talented!

  165. Wow 1400+ is amazing! congrats!

    Jill Stuart has an amazingly cute, girly, elegant, princessy and floral as well as KAWAII packaging and colours for its range! Just something to die for :D I would like her to design my house! keke

    Your blog is similar to what I think of Jill Stuart things. And you are really pretty and cute. I like you're style and taste in japanese gyaru looks too. So captivating yet subtle at the same time. Keep blogging!! Coz we all wanting to read ur posts all the time!

    this is my post on ur giveaway

    Thanks for making the giveaway! x

  166. I love Jill Stuart because of its pretty packaging, it makes me feel like a princess while using their items :) haha~

  167. I love jill stuat because of the paackaging. Its so elegant and cute.

    I like your blog because of all the beautiful artworks you post up. I enjoying looking at your magazine scans and also the information you give out about skincare products you use or is trying.

  168. I am a follower! I have never owned any Jill Stuart so I have no idea if I like it or not (I'm sure I would though). As for your blog I like your tutorials and the blog is so pretty :)

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  169. I'm already a follower and I love JS b/c of it's cute packaging and eyeshadow palettes. I love your blog b/c i love that you share the cuteness japan has and the great japanese products. But most importantly I love your blog b/c you're such a sweet and talented person. Definitely worth keeping up with and getting to know.

    I also posted about your giveaway here: http://misscaliayang.blogspot.com/2009/11/ekis-giveaway-and-fotd.html

  170. hi eki, i'd like to enter your giveaway! i like jill stuart for its romantic / girly packaging; i like your blog because of your cute style and pics, and i really appreciate your tutorials / reviews!

  171. ^_^! What a cute giveaway!
    I lve Jill Stuart everything is so gorgeous, femine and using it makes anyone feel like a princess <3
    And as for your blog I love the whole thing, the tutorials,photos and reviews are all so useful - it's lovely to know there are girls out there with such good taste :3! xxxxx

  172. i actually don't hear much about jill stuart here in cali, but i would love to try it!

  173. Congratulations on all the followers! :D
    I'm a sucker for pretty packaging, which is one of the reasons I love Jill Stuart. The packing is all pink and girly! It makes me feel like a princess. :3
    I love your blog because you translate some magazine scans - I hope I can see more in the future ( there were some really good tips! ).

    Blogged about your giveaway here! :D


  174. thanks for the giveaway eki!!

    I love Jill Stuart products because her packaging is always so feminine but elegant! I'm such a sucker for shimmers and she releases a lot of stuff that is sparkly..... ^___^

    I've reposted your giveaway here:


  175. wow for a great giveaway! ^^
    I love Jill Stuart cause they're so cutee.. and the colors are really pretty!
    Love your blog, too.. and congratz for so many followers you have! ^^

  176. Thank you for the giveaway,
    I accidentally commented on the geo-lenses give away instead, so I'm typing this again.

    I love Jill Stuart products because the colors are so nice and the packaging is exceptionally beautiful and elegant.
    I also enjoy reading your blog because youre reviews are helpful ,and the layout of your blog is so cute.

  177. I love Jill Stuart because it's always so girly girl and classic. Love how the style reminds me of hime gyrau which is so cute and adorable.

    why do I love or like your blog? When I'm on your blog, I feel like I'm home. A place where it feels so calm and relax. I feel that I learn so much just from reading. I love your tricks, style and tutorial. They're always so helpful and fun. But most of all, I love how you put your personality into your blog. I dig it alot and I just love it!

  178. Hi Eki,

    Here's my post about your giveaway:

    Thanks for following my blog! =)

  179. I posted your giveaway here:


  180. I've read tons of posts about Jill Stuart and I really love her makeup line. The packaging is fantastic and the makeup itself is equally beautiful.
    I like your blog because everything about it is so kawaii! You're an amazing artist and I love your drawings and makeup looks.

    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

  181. Posted about the giveaway at the end of this post: http://hana-hime.blogspot.com/2009/12/ekilove-earrings-and-giveaway.html

    Yeah this is the extra entry *returns to wishing hard*

  182. I love Jill Stuart because the packaging is very elegant and just breath taking. The colours are very girlish and perfect to create that hime gyaru look.

    I love your blog because I recently started getting into the hime gyaru look, and didn't know how to create the perfect hime/baby doll look. After following one of your tutorials, i found myself learning which colours will create the babydoll look i'm going for. I also LOVE when you post up jap magazines!!!! I live in canada, and its really hard to find those magazines here. The magazines also have tutorials which i follow to create more japanese style make up looks!!! Thanks again ekii! xoxo <3

    - Lenna.

  183. I just discovered your blog, of course I now follow it (even without the give away, but goodies from you are always nice XD) Can't wait to order again from ekilove ^^

    What I like, and I'd like to see is about hime gyaru, fashion, makeup and accessories ^^

  184. love your blog <3 and the giveaway is awesome as always

  185. Please sign me up,

    I am a knew follower,

    I love your blog


  186. Ohhh, I'll join!!!! Love!!!!
    I'm a follower~ xD Congratulations on the follow-number!!!! ^^

    chuu-no-kupipuu@hotmail dot com

  187. I'm a loyal follower....

    I don't have a single jill stuart but I always wanted to own one....I think the color looks so pretty & the packaging are simply beautiful...the products are just my style so princess-like...


  188. oooppss....& I forgot...I posted about your giveaway on my blogs sidebar:


    Thanks eki!!!!


  189. I love your blog because I love reading and seeing all your reviews. Plus I love Ayu and you seem to like her too. Also your giveaways are awesome. I really want to try the Jill line. Looks so pretty.

  190. Hi eki! I love your blog! I have never tried Jill Stuart because it's hard to get them here in the States, but I've heard so many good reviews on it and the packaging is sooooo cute! I would love to try some of Jill Stuart's makeup! <3

  191. I am a follower, Google reader.
    I like the pictures on your blog, very clear. As for the giveaway, i simply like bag =)

  192. Hello Eki~

    Your blog is flippin' awesome~ >:] haha i'm an addict when it comes to checking on your site for updates, which you always have! My little sister and I always try to replicate your kawaii makeup (and fail miserably lol). Thanks for all the effort you put into your blog and thank you for this giveaway. :) Congratulations on 1400+ followers Eki!

    Oh yeah, haha (almost forgot to write this part :x), I've never seen anything Jill Stuart in real life and that bag is just so girly and adorable looking! All the items that are inside the bag look so pretty and yummy too!


  193. ^^ Oh here's the link to my blog pimping out your giveaways haha.


  194. I'm a follower!

    I like Jill Stuart because their packaging is just absolutely gorgeous and Kawaii!! Their products also work well! ^.^

  195. I blogged about this here:


    Follow me too?

    Also, I forgot to say, I love your blog because everything is just so cute! & you're beautiful! I also love the quality of your photos and I enjoy seeing your lovely creations!!

  196. thanks for holding this wonderful giveaway!! it makes me very happy to hear that you have so many followers since I really appreciate the effort you put into updating for all of us readers. I love a lot of different aspects of your blog, but my favorite is that your personality really shines through and there's definitely a sincerity and genuineness that makes your blog wonderful to read. The beautiful pictures help too!

  197. Hi Eki, I blogged about it here:


  198. i'm am a recent follower of ur blog and i love ur FOTD and ur hauls

    i blogged about it here

    i love Jill Stuart because her stuff is cute and funk at the same time

  199. Hi eki!

    I like ur blog cos u make nice and easy to follow tutorials that place alot of emphasis on the eyes... i love the whole gyaru look alot! i also like all ur information about masks and products.

    I LOVE jill stuart cos the packaging is just too pretty! i have one of their brilliance eye and mix blush compact and i just cant bear to use it cos its so pretty and princess-like!


let me know what you think~ :3

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