Recent hauls, Korres, sasa, circle lens and Love package from Jen

Hi :)

I haven't posted about my hauls lately so I figure its about time to post about them :P
I took advantage of Korresusa.com gift with purchase deal they had like a week ago when you buy $45 and get free blockbuster gift set worth $125 so it was amazing deal that I couldnt pass up X3 I figure this will be great christmas gift to give and you can't pass up free stuff and free shipping! so it came in yesterday super fast shipping with ups but one thing was missing in my 6pc set I bought so I called customer service and they were really friendly and immediately told me that they will replace the item! Great customer service also :D

korres blockbuster set

I am pretty happy with my purchase and the free gift set is amazing 5 full sized item and along with deluxe sized samples! All comes in a nice gift package so I dont have to wrap!! :D

korres gwp look

It came with full sized items in fig shower gel, fig body butter, thyme honey 24 hour moisturizing cream, pomegranate face wipes, shea butter lip balm.

Deluxe sample of Rose mask, shampoo and conditioner, evening primerose, sugar crystal cream

korres GWP


korres 2

Also from sasa.com that I have been waiting on patiently for almost a month is My beauty diary masks! They were on sale on sasa.com and I think they have the best price online for this masks :D but their deliverly time frame SLOW...... this was like my 6th package from them it usually take 20-28 days but they do have excellent packaging very nicely wrapped, always comes in undamaged.

as a way to say thank you from ekiLove

with any purchase over $15 you get either mixed berry or the Japanese cherry blossom for free! and spend over $40 and get premium White Truffle mask :3

ekiLove MBDM

Premium White truffle mask

All skin types especially dull-looking and yellowish skin

- Whitening effect, improve uneven skin tone & fade dark spots
- Improves skin texture
- Restores radiance & glow
- Regains skin's clarity

white truffle my beauty diary mask

mixed berry

Purpose: Brightening & Firming

Skin type: All skin types, especially uneven & rough skin tone

mixed berry my beauty diary mask

Japanese cherry blossom

Purpose: Brightening, Soothing and Regenerating

Skin type: All skin types, especially dull and tired skin

my beauty diary japanese cherry blossm

New circle lenses from Pinky paradise!
I was approched by them to do a review on some of the lens and all of my circle lenses from now on will be sponsored by them :)

They have super fast shipping with large selection of authentic lenses in stock and variety of lenses to choose from! For christmas promotion right now when you purchase a lens you will receive free lens case and a collagen crystal mask :)

I haven't worn them yet but when I do I will make another post with photos!

eki circle lens pinky paradise

I got 3 lenses to try out, Barbie big violet, Barbie King grey and EOS adult grey

eki circle lens

EOS adult grey

eos adult grey

Barbie King grey
looks like the Geo Angel in grey but the diameter of this lens is 14.5 so its bigger than the Angels which are 14.0

barbie king grey

Barbie big violet
again this one is 14.5 diameter so its pretty big

barbie big violet

I got a love package from beautiful sweet Jen!
I heart Jen so much we are so alike in everyway LOL X3
we have gotten really close, we chat all the time when we are online, feels like she is my long lost sister hehe and we live only 6 hours apart!! we are planning to meet up one of this days yay~ ^__^

Heard that she had DS case so I sent her one of my creation and
she was super sweet to send me a love package also!! I asked her about Konad nail stamping stuff since Ive never used them and so she said she had extra so she was so kind to send me one to try out along with sweet goodies!!

Thank you so much Babe you are the greatest and uber amazing!

love package from Jen

I played with it but I failed,, XP I need to practice LOL

love package jen

well thank you for stopping by! Hope everyone is not getting sick and take care♥

Happy Holidays everyone!



  1. amazing haul hun! i've been keeping an eye out for the my beauty diary sheet masks and i totally didn't know they were available on sasa! thanks for letting us know! :D

    i've been wanting to try out the king size barbie brown too, i can't wait to see photos of you wearing them! :)

  2. So much Korres stuff! I have been interested in their products, can't wait to read reviews ^^ Super cute lenses too, I really wanna see the EOS adult greys!

    Aww and what a nice package from Jen! She is so sweet! You both are <3 I have to practice konad stamping too, I am not very good at it ><

  3. I really like those contact lenses! Can't wait to see what they look like :] Loads of nice stuff too!

  4. everything looks great!

    that's such a great deal from korres
    it's nice that they have a good CS too because it will really keep the customers coming back. I sure wish i can avail some of the products that you can avail there

    the lenses look awesome
    im sure you'll look smashing on it!
    will be waiting for your pics

    hope you are having a great day,hun.
    christmas is around the corner, are you done preparing?
    i'm almost done!
    just almost....with all the wrapping & cards..but then it's kids stuff compare to shopping

  5. Wow, that gift pack for 45$ purchase looks like it was a great deal~!

    I guess the mixed berry mask is the one for me. I've gotten such rough skin in this past year. I guess that's aging! DX

    I can't wait to see photos with the new circle lenses. I just love purple ones^^

    Oh and that love pack is so sweet >3<

  6. i'm new to the konad stamping art too, hope you can do a tutorial when you get the hang of it.

    great deal from korres! i'm not big on their makeup (breakouts) but i should maybe try their skincare

  7. i like ur lenses esp the barbie big violet! Super pretty and girly & wat a cute love package :)

  8. Love your haul Eki! And thank you for commenting back on my blog! Really appreciate it :)


  9. Hi Eki!

    Wow such great hauls. All the Korres stuff looks amazing and what a good deal on the deluxe samples!

    I'm still waiting for my sasa order I hope it comes before xmas :) Mixed Berry Mask is my favorite so far of all the MBD masks.

    Nice stuff from Jen, you guys are both sweet hearts and hope you get to meet eachother one day!

  10. i love your haul and i always love your blogs. ill be sure to check out pinky paradise. thanks for sharing! <3 leslie

  11. So much hauls!!! I looove masks! I still remember the ones u sent me! hahah.

    I'm so happy that you have sooo much alike with Jen! Love ur guys blog!

  12. ooooh, you got the del sol nail polish! those are really cool, they change color when you're outdoor/indoor :)

    great haul!!

  13. So many niiice goodies! That Korres deal is uh-mazing. XD How sweet of Jen to send you that love pack! I hope to try the Konad someday.

  14. Ahhh, Eki so glad you got all my stuff okay. ^^

    I just noticed, I think your violet big lens is the "big" version of the G&G BT02 lens. I tried regular sized BT02 in brown before, it had a nice pattern and good color. ^^

    <3 you so much!!

  15. i had the konad thing but i also failed. i am not as patient and have since given up. lol

    hope you succeed!

    ps: i just discovered your blog but i am liking it! going to add you onto my blog. not sure why i didn't see your blog before.

    pps: put on those contact lens for us to see!

  16. Wow that's such a good Korres deal. I wish I made an order. I never thought about passing them along for gifts.

    Yay for more beauty diary masks. I never knew SASA sold them for cheaper. I usually get them at a store near my house but they go for 15 dollars each.

  17. KORRES is love! That is a great GWP! ANd MBD!! :) Eki you're too generous to us! ;)

    And can't wait to see you with those sexy lenes on! Are those animal things lens cases?! If so CUTE!!

    How sweet of her to send some great love!

  18. great haul! can't wait to see the circle lens on you!!

  19. What a fabulous Haul Eki, the Korres body butters are amazing. :)

  20. Hey Eki! Wow, what great hauls! Now I'm a little regretful I didn't make a Korres haul myself hahaha, but I decided to go with Lush instead since I knew I'd be coming up to the Bay Area.

    And wow! So many MBD masks! I really want to stock up but they never have everything I want in stock! I guess I just have to keep watching my email alerts. LOL!

  21. omg I wanna see the circle lenses on u ^^

    \and greta haulage the packaging is so cute

  22. Jesus Christ! Just how much stuff you got from Korres?!?!? That's a lot! And all are great! I'd be a bitch and keep them all for myself HAHA

  23. I should've ordered from korres! OH well.. But the sasa stuff looks great, but seriously?!?! 22-28days? :O that's so long.. lol! and those lenses look really pretty, model them for us and then I will see if I want any :D

  24. i love your hauls<3! so amazing :)


let me know what you think~ :3

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