New items in ekiLove :)

Finally have the items up for sale :)

Here is a little look at what in the store♥
also I am finally wearing EOS adult grey that Pinkyparadise have sponsored.

will make a post about this lens next time :3

I never model the creation I make so and you never get the idea of how big they are so I figure this is the best way to show you in person X3
Also I am making ekiLove customer/fan photo gallery so if you have a photo that you wanna share of you with ekiLove, please email me! ^__^
*need some models* ♥

Oh and I use Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner in this photos~!! I ♥ IT!! it draws so smoothly and VERY precise and stays on all day X3
have to make a post about it too~

In the first picture * sorry I look sleepy* XP
I am wearing Royal Love necklace
chains come in 16 or 18" I am wearing 16"

ekilove royal necklace

in this photo I am wearing Hime Bracelet in pink Rosaline swarovski pearls

eki wearing ekiLove

ekilove hime bracelet pink

Here I am wearing Spring Love necklace featuring 30mm VM flower crystal
they are stunning~

eki wearing spring love necklace

spring love necklace 2

here I am wearing Elegant Hime earring, I try to picture really princess like style♥
the bow post is solid 925 its so kawaii~

eki wearing elegant hime

ekiLove hime earring2


  1. waaahhhh!
    so cute!

    i just bought the earrings!
    that's sooooooooooo lovely!

    you finally made an erring without the ear hooks. I don't like using ear hooks because im afraid that it doesn't fit my ears because my pierce is higher than its supposed to be.

    i can't wait for it!

  2. you are gorgeous, very gorgeous. and i love those necklace and bracelet you made! :)

  3. Everything is absolutely beautiful!!! You look so cute and pretty with your pieces hun! Those lens look amazing! I been looking into grey lens hehe. Thanks for all your hard work. <3 u!!!

  4. The new jewelleries are beautiful! Really elegant too...!!

  5. Eki I love the Spring Love Necklace! I actually love them all =). They're gorgeous! And you're beautiful in all your pictures!!

  6. omg i love your new stuff ^_^! so reasonably priced too~ btw, in the future are you selling the simple, larger pencil pouch? Kind of like the yellow one here (http://ekimura.blogspot.com/2009/10/ekilovecom-is-now-open-for-business.html)? It's just that as much I love your hime style pencil pouches, it's too pretty to stuff leaky pens and just smush around in my bag :\ i would always be worried about messing up the lace ^^;;

  7. Those are some gorgeous looking jewelries :) You're so talented Eki ^_^ Keep it up

  8. gorgeous photos! i love the earrings best :)

  9. Aww you're so gorgeous Eki! I love all your new creations, the earrings are so princess-like!

  10. The new items all look absolutely stunning! I grabbed myself one of the Royal Love necklaces. It just looks too good to pass up :) Keep up the great work!

  11. i LOVE these grey contacts on you! probably my favorite of all your contacts. super cute and gorgeous :)

    that necklace is sooo pretty, even though i usually don't wear jewelry, i want this necklace :)

  12. great work with the new opening to the site eki! :D I love all the new work you have done, especially those butterfly bow earrings. They look so elegant! I will definitely be buying this time around. ^_^

  13. Hey eki! My friend showed me this blog and there's a girl that kinda looks like you on here: http://fychinesenetidols.tumblr.com/

  14. That key necklace is so pretty... I love it! I also wanted to tell you that your makeup looks so good in your pictures! I love the eyeliner!

  15. Gorgeous! Everything is so pretty and sparkly, I love it (: Ohh and the intro page to the store is spectacular! Love those lenses too ^^

  16. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I hope my large text message I sent made it to ur phone! hahaha! I love everything!!!! I'm so excited for your jewelry line. I'm sure it'll be a big hit. <3 Rina

  17. boo.. =( Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to buy the Hime earrings and necklace since it told me it was sold out during check out =(.. Hee x2, I was checking all day yesterday too~! =P. Hopefully, you'll be making more? I really hope!

  18. Oooh very nice! =D
    My favorite are the "princessy" earrings =]

  19. omg eki! they look gorgeous!!
    especially the hime earrings and bracelet!
    oh right, Hai ^^ I'm rin, I've been a follower for a while but have been too shy to comment. ><
    *runs off to ekilove* weee~~

  20. Aww... I keep looking at the Hime earrings and Royal necklace <3! It's just SO SO cute!! Aww...I'm so sad I couldn't get them =( Just like the one anchor earrings with the blue star when they first came out >_< hee x2, I really really hope you bring them back (sorry for being so redundant)~~~

    *~btw, it was really amazing being able to chat with you the other day!~* ;)

  21. I lvoe the Royal necklace with the sapphire and key! Your jewelry is sooooo cute!!! >_<

  22. I hope things get in stock soon. There are a lot of earings that I want but are sold out. Thanks

  23. waahhh!!!!

    Those lenses look really sexy on you. ;)

    I love love love the bow stud on those earrings! SO CUTE I am dying!

  24. Such cute items! <3
    Love how the pendants are so huge! <3

  25. the earrings look gorgeous on you.
    really pretty :)

  26. Your jewelry look stunning & beautiful!I love them all<3
    Excellent work^^

  27. Your make-up is flawless! I learn a lot from your blogs.I really enjoy your style~ I love your contacts,they look great on you.I am wondering on which pair of circle lens to get myself.

  28. Thanks for follow my blog!!! I'm happy!! ^^
    You have a really cute things!!! I love all!!!! >w<
    And you are really, really beautiful!!! LOL!!! I adore your eyes!!! ♥

  29. Everything (including you) is sooo pretty! :D

  30. =( Still sad that I couldn't get those two pieces. But will you be making more of those?? Hee x2~ Hopefully!! =) Bybye for now sweet Eki~ <3

  31. omg if you cut your hair to your shoulders like some of those pics look like you would look SOOO cute


  32. Everything is so gorgeous!! ANd on you it looks even better!!

    Eki doing self modeling will only help your sales! ;) Fab pieces on a fab woman!


let me know what you think~ :3

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