popteen march 2010 issue *pic heavy*

Lots of cute looks on this issue of Popteen 03/10 :3

the cover seems to be always feature Kumikki nowdays on their mag,, I think they should start changing it up alittle since there are other gyaru models in popteen that are equally pretty as her,,, :/

*click to enlarge*

Kumikki does step by step tutorial of how she does her makeup

some nice springy looks :D
Im so ready for spring to come X3

some red lip looks,, I personally look weird with red lips hehe :P
but some girls can pull it off really well~

some lower false lashes looks,

girls are so pretty I love their looks :)


  1. oooo red lips!! thanks for the scans x3

  2. Thanks for the scans, eki!! :] They're sooo cute! <3

  3. Super super cute! I really like the curly hair tutorials and would like to try these looks out some day.

    Thanks for the share, eki! <3 & all the make up tutorials and etc, oh, you're so sweet to take the time to scan! You're awesome~

  4. I saw the water marks on the scans and know you probably didn't scan them (?), but regardless, still much much thanks for sharing it with us!! :D

  5. ahhh i love it! I need to start ordering popteen considering i already have Ageha! thank for the amazing scans

  6. thanks for the scans! the girls are all so cute and i love the geo lenses section :D

  7. Thanks for the scans hun!! Love everything. All the models are always so kawaii!! Can't wait for spring <33

  8. Thanks for uploading!! The scans are so cutee :DD

    Your right they should put different models on the front of Popteen not just Kumiki ^^;

  9. :) Thanks again for sharing the scans.

    I agree, Popteen should change things up a bit. O: I'd love to see the other models on the cover.

  10. Thanks for the scans, Eki! Btw, I'm catching up on reading and just read about your drama with that seller. So sorry to hear this. =( Hope it resolves soon!!

  11. I know you probably hear it a gazillion times but THANK YOU for these scans! It must take you forever to upload -- plus Japanese magazines are so expensive and hard to find in the first place!

    *Appreciative hug!*

    I think you could easily rock the cover of this magazine too!!! :)

  12. Thanks for the scans Eki! I love Jap mags, the girls are just so gorgeous and they have so many makeup tuts(even though I can't read Jap i just guess =p)

    Love your blog!

  13. wow the nails, im going to have to search ebay for copies of magazines like this!

    lots of love,

  14. I love the Leapord Jacket with ears and tail! I've always wanted to make something like that! Thanks for posting the scans.

  15. EKI! You're amazing for posting these up! This is the closest I get to a Japanese magazine since I live in a small town! :) Love you for it! Thanks once again!

  16. Eki, thank you for the scans. Love them!
    Also great new items. xx

  17. yayyy more mag scans! Thank you eki <3

    Btw I just ordered a necklace from your shop ^_^ can't wait till it arrives! Do you e-mail us when you ship them out?


  18. These are my favourite kind of posts by you!! Thanks so much.

    Love the bright lips looks, I really need to bust out my red lips more. Also, that wavy hair is so fabulous - do know of any good tutorials on how to get your hair like that?

  19. Wow! Thanks again for sharing the scans...love the lashes on the girls.

  20. thank you for the scans! saved me some money from buying the actual thingg! : )

  21. love the blog. very inspirational and fun. we've used a couple things from your blog on ours- with credit of course! ; )


  22. Incredible content in this blogger and might I add- a very gorgeous person too!

    Love. Love. Love.

    Miss. P


let me know what you think~ :3

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