Popteen Jun2 2010 issue *pic heavy*

Issue of Popteen June/2010 features alot of great tips :)
*click to enlarge*

Popteen asked 5000 girls to name their favorite false lashes and here are the top 50
I see alot of Daiso, D.U.P and Dolly wink as in favorites amongst alot of the girls :D 

here are the top 10
1. Dolly wink lash in #1
2. D.U.P in koakuma
3.Melliesh in Doll
4. Diamond lash in Dolly eye
5. Melliesh in Natural
6. Eyemazing in 003
7. D.U.P in Doll
8. Wing beat in S-1
9. Eyemazing in 001
10. D.U.P in shin cute

tips on how to apply soft pink cheeks for that sweet look
Kumicky's tip for soft and cute pinky cheek are to use base color on all over your cheek then use a highlighter powder on under the eye and on the apples on your cheek :)

pages on how to make your eyes bigger by using tapes and glues for more of a dolly eyes whether you have double lids or monolids GAL use eye products to achieve more dolly eyes to accentuate the false lashes


  1. im really in love with all these false lashes <3

  2. i loveeeee the 2nd pic :) and i think the how to make your eyes look bigger is interesting!! thanks :D

  3. I like the technique to apply blush, I'll try it tmr! Thanks so much for sharing Eki~

  4. Nana's eye make-up/lashes look amazing! x

  5. Oohh I always feel like I can never get that baby pink cute blush look on my cheeks >__<. I'm going to try this and follow exactly how it is to see if I can achieve that look =P. I think also having the right blush and highlighter is really important? Or its really in the technique? Hee x2, or both =P. Thank you for sharing =D

  6. I love the nail ideas. I think I'm going to use one for this upcoming memorial day weekend!

  7. omg everything is so cute ^^ thanks for the scans ^^

  8. Thank you for all your had work in sharing these scans with us!

    Ohh lookit all the different types of lashes! Purrdy!!

    Maybe I should try some eye glue! LOL! These hooded lids of mine are a pain in the ass! LOL! They make it look so easy to do in the scan! Haha knowing me though I'd prob glue it all funky!

  9. Wow thanks for all the scans Eki! The HK is so cuuuuute and omg so many tutorials, etc I wish I could read it all! Also love that last page of nautical inspired nails! I really hope I have some time to do cute nail art soon!!!

  10. thank youuu soo much for this post!!
    Very useful :)
    Now i know which lashes to get for the effect that i want! :D


  11. aw how adorable, thank you so much for the scan ^^. Love your blog as always.

    XOXO Charlotte


let me know what you think~ :3

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