Dolly Wink Nail collection debuts in Japan!

I just went to Dolly Wink official site and saw this!! Dolly Wink nail collection are now available~♥ :D

Love the feel of the whole brand its so kawaii and truly Dolly Wink have made its name for kawaii+Dolly for sure! I took a screen cap of the line up and tried to use google translate but didnt fully translate well since some of the JP fonts are embedded with the images XP

Dolly wink smooth cover base coat and Dolly wink Glossy top coat both ¥546 about $6.25 usd

   Dolly wink nail color same price as the base and top coat
Dolly Wink Glitter nail color ¥588 about $6.70usd

They posted some nail tutorial in 2 theme~ Pastel Dolly or Vivid Dolly♥ 
I used google translate and screen captured it for all of you to see ^__^ Really kawaii and simple to do!

I cant wait to get my hand on some of the pastel colors and the glitter polishes look really pretty too♥

oh and I took some photos with BF's iPhone 4 and I am really loving the quality so far~ the focus feature are great and the Video are pretty impressive too♥

some images I took while grocery shopping lol cant wait for my white iPhone to be released! :P

 well that is it for now when I find more time to blog I will make a post about my skin regiment since that is most request post to do♥

oh and currently working on new items for ekilove should have previews posted soon~ :D
well take care Loves~

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  1. Gosh... such lovely colors!!! ^__^

  2. wow

    i really love these colors of her nail polish collection

  3. How exciting! I want every color! :D I wonder if Tsubasa will release more cosmetics in the future. Lipsticks next please! :P

  4. the iphone 4 camera is so much better than i thought!
    thanks for the nail tutorial captures! i'm going to try 01 and 02 one of these days, hopefully it works out ><

  5. Oooh such an informative post =). Thank you for updating us about the nail polishes and your upcoming previews for EkiLove ^__^! The quality of the photos taken with your bf's iPhone 4 is really good! I'm impressed at how much they've improved on it! Then again, I'm sure its also because you know how to make it work properly to take good pictures =P. Thank you Eki! Hope to see your creations soon ^_^

  6. oh and thank you so much for translating!! this american born chinese gal does not remember how to read Japanese, kanji OR hiragana. it's been years since I learned. thank you so so much!

  7. OoOoO they really are kawaii!!!! I hope hope hope hope some of the beauty stores in Japantown in San Francisco will sell it. I want some :(

  8. dollywink is so irresistable! :) aww the mani's they had were so cute too. pretty grocery shopping photos too

  9. I love this blog! keep it up!! xxx

  10. Loved the little nail art tutorials, haha! ❤ Vivid Dolly is my favourite~
    & wow, those photos do look amazing from the new iphone!

  11. i like how the pictures show you what color to use and how to do the nail design

  12. So gorgeous! I love the pop candy nail! [:


  13. ooh i love the nail polishes!!!!! so many pretty colors... I have yet to try dolly wink cosmetics.... The nails are the cutest!!!!

  14. the nails are so pretty! :D
    awesome colors! woot!
    and how ironic that i was eating an orange and saw oranges. bwuahwahhah. <3

  15. oooo these look sooo cute!! love love!


  16. Ahh! I love the pastel dot nail tutorial! Thank you for the translations, Eki!

    Which colors are your favs? And where are you going to find these? Seems like they'll be difficult to get.

  17. Very cute! And the packaging is too kawaii too! :) Likin the diamond shape.

    Nice they give instructions to the nail art! THanks for always sharing these things with us Eki!!

    Dang that's amazing quality for a phone cam!

  18. eki, thank you so much for sharing these with us! : ) I'm going to share these with my readers as well! I think everyone needs to know about her nail collection! I love Dolly Wink! : )

  19. Looks so cute!! =) I love the tutorials, very handy! Thank you for sharing Eki! The quality of those photos are amazing! And they are very beautiful photos too! =)

  20. i want them all ;__________;

  21. i love these nail designs! they look like something *i* could do, hahahaa. maybe i will this wk if i feel motivated enough. thanks for sharing as always :D


let me know what you think~ :3

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