Popsister October 2010 issue featuring Candy Doll lip gloss *pic heavy*

Newest issue of Popsister 10/10

Highlight of this issue hehe :3
swatches of new Candy Doll Lip gloss and lip stick!! 

Looks really pretty and the NUDES and milky tones are really in at the moment in Japan♥

The new Candy Doll lip gloss shades went on sale 7/20 in Japan~

top shade: Gelato Glitter

bottom shade: macaron pink

top shade: Peach orange

bottom shade: milky orange

 top shade: strawberry milk

bottom shade: milk tea beige

*click to enlarge*

 Click below to see more :)


  1. Waaaaahhhhh! The lipglosses are so pretty!!!

    I love how Japanese girls dress. It's edgy, sexy, and cute all the same time.

  2. These mag scans are really great and helpful especially that we don't have access to those kind of magazines. Thanks eki for taking your time to post this :)

  3. How do you get these issues in advance? Just curious. :)

  4. thank you for the scans eki! i like the peach orange gloss :P

  5. Thank you for the scans & the closer look at the Candy Doll glosses! ♥
    I really like the Strawberry Milk + Milk Tea Beige combination~

  6. Waa~! I'd love to try some Candy Doll products...

    Thanks for the scans


  7. these lipglosses are really starting to remind me of the canmake lipglosses x]
    neither less- very excited for these, im gonna get my hands on them asap :]

  8. the glossies looks so preetty. the model with red eyeshadow looked kinda weird :?. thanks for the scans eki!


  9. Thanks for all the scans as usual Eki! Take care of yourself now! :)

    Love them star tights the one girl on the street was wearing! :) And the Candy Doll glosses are super girly & pretty shades!

  10. You are WELCOME! <3 thanks for stopping by :D

  11. I download them from online magazine sites :D

  12. peach orange gloss are pretty and perfect pink undertone shade for sure<3

  13. me too I cant decide which one I like the most since they are all similar and pretty hehe :D

  14. thanks for stopping by<3

  15. yeah true, but the nudes and pastel lip gloss are popular at the moment in Jpn :D and all the dolly look are completed with a baby shade lips~ hehe Im very excited about owning some of the shade too since the candy doll lip gloss I have now gives off nice finish<3

  16. yeah that girl with the red eyeshadow kinda freaked me out looks creepy LOL glad someone catched that too XD your welcome<3

  17. Thanks Wuzzy~<3 yeah I love looking at street shots to see actual styles :D Candy Doll are super girly for sure haha XD

  18. Thank you for sharing these scans! The girl with the red eye shadow looks kinda creepy...
    I'm excited about the new Candy Doll glosses, the peach orange looks really nice.

  19. yeah she is super creepy LOL @__@ Im excited about the lip gloss too!!

  20. i love the grunge/punk look of the first few images :D while still being cute of course! peach orange looks so cute <3

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let me know what you think~ :3

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