Barbie King circle lens in Pink review + video

Barbie King Size in Pink

Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

Hello another pink circle lens review♥

As you might know I always try to test out a product for good few weeks to base an opinion so that they are more better quality review :) I have been wearing this lens for past 3 weeks of on and off with other lenses and I really adore them! I have reviewed this series of lens before in gray .

my take:

First ever time I put this lens in I was really shocked at how opaque and vibrant the color was so I took a double take like "wow" it was a good surprise for me but it can be alittle over powering for some that want more natural looking lens since this one really POPS in your eyes and really huge looking in the eyes just like all the Barbie series it might take a while to get used to looking at yourself due to it being so BIG in your eyes but to me this pink one seems more easy on the eyes than the grey for some reason, I feel like they dont look as alienish like the barbie gray ones maybe because I really adore pink colored lenses so Im being bias? :P This pink lens are more intense pinkish purple shade than the other pink lenses I have reviewed in the past so if you wanted really vibrant pink lens you might like this one the best :)


surprisingly very comfortable I almost forgot I had them in lol no weird blurry-ness sometimes I experience from 14.5mm lens so that is a plus~ if you are looking for natural lens this is NOT for you cause its really pronounced and the color are truly vibrant but if you are like me and likes dolly and ok with looking sorta fake/cosplay-ish look then this is for you! ♥

The color PINK is really unique and beautiful shade depending on the light source it can look anywhere from light brown-ish pink to purple-ish pink :D 


I love it! I always say this but great for cosplay lol and anyone that is gyaru or into gyaru style you should own one of this lens you will love them<3 :D

it is as is color as what you see~ unique, very opaque and vibrant!

I didnt experience any discomfort during my wear in 3 weeks<3

 Made a vid so that you can have a better view of them :P sorry,,, always a boring vid :( will make one with me talking next time with a actual tutorial lol oh and I didnt chop off my hair just did a hair tucked in bob :3 I always get the urge to chop off my hair so this is a good way to not to do that by doing a tucked in version! :D

with indoor lights:
 with flash:

what am I wearing?
skin79 oriental BB cream
Candy Doll mineral face powder
Candy Doll highlighter in cream beige
Jill stuart mix blush in 07
NYX concealer jar in beige

Dolly wink lashes in No.3
Dolly wink liquid eyeliner in black
visee glam nude palette in N-2
Paul & Joe eyeshadow daisy *highlights*
Fiberwig mascara
NYX automatic brow pencil in taupe

NYX round lip stick in strawberry milk
Canmake nudy glow lip gloss in strawberry milk

This lens was sponsored by Pinkyparadise.com as a review purpose ;3 my reviews are my 100% honest opinion as always :)

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  1. i think you would look sooooo cute with a bob! ^__^

  2. hi, you look really cute on video :)
    i really like your blog as it inspires me to put in more effort!
    although my eyes get so dry when i use lenses!


let me know what you think~ :3

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