Haul from apopofkawaii & handmade love♥

Hello :D
Its been a while since I actually blogged it feels like :P well I was really excited when I saw that Nic Nic opened a store called apopofkawaii.com and carried melliesh a cosmetic brand produced by Yui Kanno she is one of gyaru model who is featured in popteen alot :) Been looking for a place that sold her brand for decent price since all of other places seemed to charge so much more plus high shipping prices so was super excited and happy to see them in apopofkawaii♥

Shipping price are the best part of their service!

They did NOT over charge its the actual shipping price that you are paying for, so my shipping total was about $5 for all of this items from Japan to US but she was kind to upgrade my shipping from SAL to Airmail so that is why it was cheap & fast~ :D
Communication and the service with Nic Nic was great!

My order was shipped out within 4 days of order and the actual shipping time was about 5 days so that is really fast considering it was shipped from Japan ^__^

 Nic Nic have kindly offered same shipping upgrade offer to my readers:
 a free shipping upgrade code EKISHIPPING purchase from SAL shipping to Airmail! Please email them with the code after you have made a purchase :D

so here is what I bought!
I have been eyeing alot of stuff from Canmake but I didnt go crazy just bought items that I thought I really wanted to try out and I will review all of this items for you♥

left to right:

Canmake Gloss Holic Lip in 04

Canmake Lip Concealer in 01

Canmake Melty Nude Lips 03

Canmake Colorful Nails in 10 17  

with the nail polishes you can send a request Nic Nic with the shades you want if you dont see them in their listing :)


so here is Melliesh items I been wanting to try out~ :D

Melliesh Cheek Color in 05 Kogao Brown: "Contouring dark brown shade" 

been looking for nice contouring powder so I hope this is product will give me the finish I have been looking for! 



Melliesh Lipgloss 05 Honey Apricot

wanted more subtle pinky lip gloss so I hope this is what I been expecting to be they claim this lip gloss is 2 in 1 with lip concealer already in with the gloss so its supposed to be really opaque :)

Ok there are 2 of each glosses because one of each are going to be given away! Nic Nic was generous to add additional lip glosses that I bought to give to my readers♥ Thank you Hun! will have the giveaway for each glosses on my review post for this glosses so please stay tuned! ^0^



Candy Doll Lip Gloss Pink Macaroon

one of new lip glosses from Candy Doll~ the gloss it self is about double the size of the original candy doll lip gloss so it is a better buy for sure♥ 


Also just a peek at some of the item I have been working on♥
Vintage floral pouch with vintage lace and still working on kawaii charm to go with it :)


Kawaii stars earring and necklace that is a match to the bracelet~ swarovski wire wrapped with all made with 925 ^__^ will take better photos once Im done making them all cant really tell in this photos the colors are washed out lol I will be restocking the Kawaii star bracelet again so if you've missed it dont worry I will be updating the store as soon as I get all of my supplies in!

 Also Happy news!

Me and Zach found perfect place to move into!! been stressed about moving since couldnt find the place that we both were happy with so been looking for a prefect place for months so finally one of the thing thats been stressing me have lifted off my shoulder so I feel so much happier at the moment but still have so many big decisions I have to make for the future so still feels like Im in limbo =__=;;
another good news with this news is that our new place are pets friendly!! so Ninja will stay with us and I will still be his mommy :3 but still teaching him to be nicer to us since he still acts like stray kitty and are scared of everything.. I think his ears are abnormally larger than most kittens so his hearing is amazing and that makes him so much more jumpier to every single noses though :sigh: still super hyper, bites and scratches for real but when he is calm and comfortable he cuddles up to me and licks my hands and tried to lick my face so kawaii~ X3

Only had him for about 2 weeks now but I think he grew so much! I also think he looks like a bob cat with his big ears lol Still very much scared of being taken photos of so not many good photos of him yet

here he wanted to play around with my hands while I was filling out the leasing paper lol X3

 I thought how be poops look super hilarious so took a photos of him pooping~ XD He puts all his concentration on pooping as you can see he is trying hard to poop lol

well that is it for now,, Just been too busy to actually take time to blog so Im sorry about that :( Will get all of reviews out and to make things easier I have been trying to tape myself actually talking about the products that I am reviewing so you dont have to read through my blog reviews!! So hope that will turn out ok and not so many umm... umms... in between the talk lol  XP

well hope you are all doing well and staying happy!
Thanks for stopping by♥



  1. I LOVE the handmade items!!! They are SO CUTE!!!!! *___*

    Ninja is ADORABLE~ I'm so happy you found a place where you can keep him~
    And omigosh, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who finds pooping kittens hilarious!!! I did the exact same thing to my kitten when I first got her! I still laugh every time I find the picture!! XD

  2. I have that nudy lipstick and sometimes gets so drying X| but I guess I just need to moisturize my lips more. AND OMGGGG that shipping is the best! I have been eyeing some more canmake lipgloss! So tempting! You are such an enabler. heehee!! Btw, Ninja is just so cute! She looks like my pet cat Evie (RIP). Ahhh I miss having a cat. The husband doesn't want cats =(((

    I am so glad you found an apartment already! YAY!! :D Please take pics on how you gonna decorate your new place. I need ideas. heehe!! Thanks :3

  3. Ninja is so cute! And I love the handmade items. Looks so pretty. =)

  4. awawawaw Ninja is sooooo cute! *___* Dunno if his ears are really that big or his head will grow to match it (my dog's were this large too, but by time the difference disappeared). Anyway, he's gonna be a badass lil ninjacat~ ^_^

  5. Awe, congrats on finding a new apartment & getting to keep Ninja! ♥ He's SO CUTE *squishes* lol~
    Your new haul is so lovely! I've been lusting after those Melliesh glosses for a while & have heard good things about them so really looking forward to your review on those :D

  6. Lovely haul! Everything is so cute and pretty :)
    OMG, the floral pouch is too kawaii!!!

  7. Wow that's awesome! I'll definitely check out popkawaii!

    Can't wait for the star bracelet re-stock!! n____n <3

    Ninja's so cute! I'm glad you have one less stressful thing on your shoulders :3

  8. oh wow!!! Love your haul!!! oh and the star earrings are really cute!!

    Ninja has grown so much!!!!! and YAY for a new place to live in! I'm so happy that you've found a place and the burden/stress has been lifted off your shoulders. ^_^ *Hugs*

  9. lovely haul!!!! would love to try out Melliesh Cheek Color in 05 Kogao Brown. :)
    your canmake haul is lovely!!! makes me wanna go beauty shopping now hahaha.
    the floral pouch is lovely!!!

    congrats to getting a new apt that is pets friendly too!!!
    Ninja is just sooo cute !!! with that big eyes...
    hahaha.... the last pic of him concentrating on pooping is soooo adorable awww~~~~

  10. I`m so glad your items arrived so quickly and safely to you! Cant wait for your review on those items! I hope you don`t me adding this post to our FB page?? Thank you!!

    You are so talented in handcraft! do you do brush rolls??

    your lil kitty is super cute!

  11. AHAHAHA that last pic of Ninja...made my day.
    congratulations on finding a new pet-friendly home!
    i'm excited to see your reviews and enter the giveaway ( :

  12. Awesome haul! I want to try those glosses out now :)

    And the star earrings look so pretty! I can't wait until they are up for sale.

  13. the lip glosses! ahh i cant wait for your reviews! they all look fantastic! and ninja is so adorable. haha putting so much effort in pooping X3 the eki love items look fab, cant wait to see the rest of it

  14. tks for sharing the website :) the earrings are SO cute. and congrats on moving into a new place :)

  15. hhehehe kitty looks so cute!!! the pooping picture is so funny...oooh and I love the star earrings that you posted, love the danglies hanging down from it!

  16. Hi Eki!! Thank you for sharing the melliesh, candy doll, and canmake products that you recently purchased ^__^. I'm excited to see your future reviews on them to see how they look on you and maybe I will also look into purchasing them =). Yay for pouch made with the floral print ^__^ I have a hair band and bow clip in that design already =P hee x2, but I'm really glad you're making the pouch with that floral print ^__^. Ninja is super cute!!ANd yea, when they poop, its really cute xD! lol!I'm so glad Zach and you found a new place to live~ It's definitely a plus that its pet friendly AND in an awesome and beautiful location =]. I hope to be able to purchase the star bracelet this time before it sells out =P hee x2, thank you for posting and take care =D

  17. lovely haul!!! the star earrings are so cute.

  18. yay for apopofkawaii! eki, the new ekilove accessories are looking great! do you accept pre-orders? hahaha! *afraid of missing out* :P

    I'm glad you and Zach found a nice, pet friendly place to move into. You'll be a great mum to ninja for sure! I just know ninja will have lots of fabulous photos taken by mommy eki! ;)

  19. your haul look awesome! I wanna order some too! and the floral pouch is really pretty! :)

  20. great haul!! there's so many things i want to buy from her store, and now that i know shipping is reasonable, that makes it more likely to shop there. yay! please let us know how you like the melliesh products!

  21. Cute haul & congratulations to the new place :) also love your new creations!!! :)

  22. lol he will grow into his ears :) our cat tobey was like that too when he was a lil guy. =^_^=
    and I loveee those star earrings! So kawaii & creative!

  23. Love the purse, and the lipglosses! I totally need to buy a new lipgloss soon.. XD. AND GEEH I WANTED TO DIE WHEN I SAW THE KITTEYYY, so cute!!

  24. OMG the earrings and necklace are so cute~~

  25. wow!
    Ninja had really grown for just a couple of days. I remember our kitty

    We only had her for 2 weeks but i swear that she has grown from a helpless kitty to a teenage cat

    LOL at Ninja pooping

  26. your cate looks so loveley *_____________*

  27. LMAOOO i love the pooping pictures. how funnnyyyy xD ahaha.

    love your new items! :) can't wait to see full reviews, if you're going to that is <3

  28. Great items!! I really want to try out Canmake and Candydoll one day!!

    haha, love your pooping cat! I thik my mom said I looked like that too when I had to poop as a kid XD


  29. Ooh I was just thinking about buying some Mellish! Now I will :)

    Also I love your kitty. I remember when mine used the litter tray for the first time, she was so small she couldn't get into the box!

  30. how adorable is your new kitty! the picture is funny!

  31.  Your cat is so cute when he's "concentrating" xD


let me know what you think~ :3

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