Palty hair dye in Natural Brown, Love from Rina + preview of giveaway!

Hello~ :D 

Hi Loves! Thank you so much for all the sweet comments in my last post T^T I appreciate all the encouraging words, it makes me even more positive and have a meaning to keep on blogging to know that you care! so thank you so much! slowly starting to feel like Im myself again♥ ::HUGS::

It been a while since my last review! I forgot how much effort it takes to do a review lol :P Ok I have been debating on whether if I wanted to stay with light hair or go dark for the winter like I always do since I hate always having to up keep with the new growth so I go lazy in the winter and go dark LOL so I decided to go with that route again. My dear friend Vilay went to Mitsuwa in chicago not too long ago and she picked up this dye there but she didnt use it so she gave them to me after I told her I was thinking in going dark since this dye is made for lightened hair going dark~ Thanks Hun!!!<3

Ok so this line Turn color from Palty is especially made for lightened hair and wanting to turn back to dark hair so it will only work on lightened hair.

what it claims:

Natural looking hair shades
dye smells fruity and floral
contains hair treatment properties in the dye 
leaves hair shiny and healthy looking

This hair dye comes with leave in Tsubaki hair treatment and the only difference with this dye is that you need to shampoo and condition your hair after the dye process and after your dry your hair you apply this treatment.

Ok my take on this item:

It did all what is claimed, smelled GREAT sweet and girly, made my hair feel silky, color turned out like the box color 

what I was afraid was that it wasnt going to color my new growth since this dye is made for lightened hair but I thought "hey girls usually dye back dark because they have new growth and dont want to go to the route of coloring light or bleaching their hair since its a hassle" so I figure it would dye not only the lightened hair but match my black new growth hair to the box color, so I read the full instruction but it didnt say anything about not coloring the dark hair or anything so I figure it would so to make the story short I was disappointed with the finish XP

my last dye's ash shade faded and it was more like light brown with about almost 2 inches if new growth

This dye colored my lightened hair just like the box color except my new growth!! :(
Love the hair color but my new growth are like HEY Im still here! lol :B

so the conclusion 

is that dont use this dye if you have black hair and have a new growth it will not dye it! this dye is better suited for someone that have naturally light hair it seems... I just dont understand why Palty couldnt make a dye that would color the new growth as well since it is after all an Japanese hair dye made for asian(black) hair!! :sigh: so that was my 2 cent... XP

with flash:
 with indoor lights:

LOVE package for my Love Rina~♥
I love you Hunnie~ gosh what can I say,, I found a amazing, caring, loving, genuine real friends through blogger and she is one of my Loves that became very close with and I cannot ask for a better friend for sure. Thank you Rina Love for making my days so much sweeter, always showing me so much support and love through out the year, your friendship is the kind of friendship that everyone hope to have in a friend filled with so much unconditional TRUE love♥

Thank you ::hugs&kisses::

If you have a chance check out her blog too~ :D
so she recently went to Sanrio event in LA so she sent me love from that event!! I so wanted to go too~ I have to go in the future for sure so watch out Rina!!

super Big and kawaii lucky HK bag filled with love!!
 hehe it says sanrio in japanese~

 special sanrio 50th annivers items!! all the 50 years of sanrio characters are on here~ XD

 the back side are even cute too~
 New mask for me to try!! Deary mask from Taiwan *Thx Rina for always sending me new mask to try<3
 DUP lashes looks super kawaii! so my type of falsie too with my type of shade of lippies! you know me so well X3
 I wanted to try this BB pact by skin79 how did you know!! thank you Hun♥

Ok on to my Count down to Christmas Thank you giveaway Preview!!
some of the item that will be given away for Xmas to show my appreciation to you♥

I will post the actual giveaway in the next few posts with details!

If you follow me on twitter you know what this is! I went to the outlet mall in MN friday for my christmas shopping and I came across this kawaii poppy wristlet at the Coach outlet :D

so I got one for my lucky reader!

This one is sponsored by Kusopop and MaiXHiro the toys are my friend Nakanari's creations! So he sent me some to giveaway to my readers~

Also Muk Luks was kind enough to sponsor a free pair of Muk Luks to my reader!

Finally belated giveaway of Melliesh lip gloss sponsored by apopofkawaii.com

ok that was is for this post!

OH some of the popular item such as this Vintage lace floral pouch are back in stock in ekiLove! :)

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  2. aww I'm sorry the dye didn't work out for you :( It is a pretty color though :)

  3. ooh good this haircolor looks perfect on you!! and i love your outfit <333

  4. You look gorgeous! I love the Hello Kitty bag ^_^

  5. aww no i love your new hair colourr! looks soo pretttttyyy! just shame about ya roots:( ah well! :) xxx

  6. I love your new hair colour and I think it fits you better than the old one, which looked lovely though.

  7. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa so many beautiful things !
    I wanna have them all. amazing !
    and I love hello kitty !!!!!!!!

    i am jelause, wanna have the things too :)

    xo lala


  8. eki..u r sooooo cute ;)

  9. I have been looking into this color was wondering about it~
    Wow I really thought it would cover the new growth as well. I guess using a lighter color wod've done the job?
    still the color looks really awesome :D Thank you for the review!!
    Take care <3

  10. Hi eki :) I was wondering, what camera that was that you use :)

  11. Thanks for the review on the Palty dye. I think that's the colour I'm going to get once I find a place to purchase it. Also, I love your dress, where did you get it from? Thanks!

  12. I absolutely love your necklace! Did you made it by yourself? =)

  13. can you teach how to do your make up? 

  14. i love your hair.@@ my hair is too short i wanna make it long 1st b4 i  color it. :3~

  15. i love your hair color.. i hope i could dye my hair too. i just have to wait the end of this sem :) mwa ! 

  16. wow Nice Hair color.. i would love to try it ...

  17. The new colour looks good on you. You are suppose to do the roots first and let it sit for 10-15mins then do the rest of your head. Anyways, your growth isn't that noticeable :)

  18. hi there :D I love your hairstyle. what's it called? so pretty XD


let me know what you think~ :3

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