Dolly Wink nail polish swatches and Candy Doll swatches FOTD


Here is some swatches of Dolly Wink polishes and Candy Doll that I got from my hunnies Sandra & Rina~♥ :) I'm gonna get back into doing product review again but instead of just written reviews I will make vids so that you dont have to read long written reviews and also you can actually see the products in person! For today this is just the swatches for now :3

Tsubasa released her line of nail polishes so I was super excited when Sandra sent me some to play with! They are so kawaii but one thing I was shocked to see was that they are TINY! :sigh: one thing I dont understand with alot Japanese beauty products that are the portion of the products are small.... maybe I'm just used to american sizes but sometimes I think that you pay decent prices for Japanese products so I wish they would make them in larger portions... D: 
But when I saw Tsubasa's nail and how she used her polishes I kinda understood why they are small maybe you are supposed to use them as like nail art polishes?

 The collection are base coat, top coat, 10 colors and 4 glitter polishes
 you can see the size of the bottle here with Tsubasa holding the nail polish in 06 Candy pink

06. Candy pink           14. Pink glitter        13. Silver glitter

 pink glitter with iridescent sparkly glitter mix

 silver glitter with iridescent sparkly glitter mix

 candy pink the shade are more on the milky hot pink

swatch with 2 coats on, the consistency are really thick

nail shots with candy pink polish, with pink glitter on the tips topped with nail deco stickers and finished with coat of seche top coat. Nail polish looks lighter here due to the lighting ;p also great close up of the Ramune lip stick and the strawberry milk lip gloss on the lip!

I really adore their cream beige highlight powder since they are so silky and smooth so I really wanted to try their blush so thank you Rina for sending me this blush in the shade I was eyeing!! ;D

ok so you see this blush and think it looks crazy hot pink right? well I wondered the same thing but when I see Tsubasa's promo picks they looks like perfect dewy pink on her so I really wanted to see it for myself how they are in person,, well this blush will look and give off really pretty baby pink cheeks!♥

 goes on really smooth and nicely pigmented so you can built this blush to achieve your preferred baby pink cheeks~ you can go natural soft pink cheeks or vivid pink cheeks depending on how much you apply ^__^

So happy to finally get to try this lip stick thank you Rina! Well I love nudy pink lips so I really wanted to see how this lip stick looks in person, well since some of Candy Doll products differ from their stock photos and in real life I have to say I am very pleased with this lip stick! The shade are pretty right on as what you see in their stock photos! :D Also love the consistency sorta reminds me of YSL volupte rouges in 01 nude beige but this lippie are bit drier than ysl formula but goes on so smooth and very pigmented, I am really love this lip stick!

 Very pretty nudy pink shade

ohh fotd~ btw I am wearing

Skin79 oriental bb cream
NYX concealer jar in beige
Candy Doll cream beige highlighter 
Candy Doll blush in strawberry pink
Candy doll mineral powder

Kate Gradical eyeshadow palette in GD-1
Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner
princess cutie false lashes but I cut them up and modified them :3
dejavu lash knockout mascara
NYX automatic brow pencil in taupe
Candy brown contact lens

Candy doll lip stick in ramune pink
Candy doll lip gloss in strawberry milk

my third candy doll lip gloss and this one is the sheerest one out of them all but gives of hint of baby pink shade with very pretty fine iridescent sparkle in this gloss! Topping this lip gloss over the ramune pink lip stick looks so pretty like Tsubasa's smooth & juicy pinky nude lips hehe :)

well that is the swatches for now I am going to make a full review on the collections of the Candy Doll and the Dolly Wink series that I have in the next few vids to come♥ :)

well take care loves~



  1. I love the nail polishes! The consistancy is amazing and gives the nails an "expensive manicure look". :)

  2. Love the review!! The shades look amazing on you! Glad to know the ramune pink is true to it's packaging. Thanks so much for sharing <3

  3. You look absolutely stunning Eki! I've been such a bad friend lately it seems : / I haven't caught up with you in a while. I just want you to know I'm thinking about you. Visiting your blog really brightens my day : ) TY!

  4. Drool. I'm a sucker for anything candy pinkish, even though I've not been buying anything like that of late - clothing or makeupwise. o.O thanks for showing what they look like though - that Candy Doll cream blush is tempting. ^^

  5. cute nails! i really want to pick up some dollywink polishes now! ^_^ and gorgeous blush!

  6. i have the candy doll blush too and i super love it! :3

  7. very pretty eki! the blush looks good i want to try that too but i just splurged on more dolly wink lashes T-T
    can't wait for your reviews ^^ hope all is well❤

  8. Very cute pictures :)

    but damn that blush packaging is so small! Wouldn't thought that haha

  9. The blush, the lipstick and nail polishes look so pretty!!! :)



  10. I love the lipstick, it looks gorgeous! And the nailpolishes bottle are so cute.
    Your pictures are amazing!!!

  11. I love cream blush and that colour looks amazing (esp. on you!)

  12. Super cute! I want that lipstick and lip gloss. Looks really pretty.

    Want the nail polish too, but I already have billions of bottles of nail polish, and if the bottles are tiny, then it may not be worth it...but they're so pretttty... T_T Oh well.

  13. Oh nice shots. I like the lipstick. The lipgloss seems to be a little bit too sheer... In this picture it looks as if it is nearly transparent or is it exactly your tone?

  14. waaa more candy doll!! i'm lemming for them so much! the dolly wink polish's so pretty, i wish their bottles were larger.

  15. Your lips are so prettyyyyyy *_*

  16. I love the make up and you are SO SO gorgeous......sickeningly so! Im jealous :)

  17. Such pretty nail polishes!


  18. These swatches look amazing! your nails are so pretty. and love the blush, I want XD

  19. I love the simple but cute packaging! ^^

  20. I love how all the swatches look! I like smaller polishes so they don't dry up or get forgotten :P The silver glitter looks a lot like the size and type that I bought from Shiseido, and it really does last a while! I use it for glitter French manicure like you did :D

  21. Thank Hun!<3 aww but those lashes are pretty too but this blushes are well worth getting too :D will try to work on the review vid this week! Thanks for the well wishes Sweetie<3

  22. yes, it really is! it's also in strawberry pink. i was hoping to get more candy doll products because the quality is amazing. :)

  23. Thank you sweetie I do love the nail polish the finish are so pretty :D I am a very lucky gal to have you and Rina in my life as my amazing friends! No headache today! Yay! Loving the ring light just very very bright when you are in front of it so half of the pics were me with my eye half closed! lol I am lucky to have a wonderful bf too<3 love ya hunnie!

  24. Thank you! Yeah it does make a huge difference no shadowing and very vibrant! I think you will love candy Doll they are very good quality products with great selection of kawaii pinky shades<3 I would highly recommend their lipstick and blushes!

  25. Thank you sweetie! I cut my cuticles and it makes a huge differences and you can paint the polishes more easily and the polish stays on longer if you get rid of the cuticles<3 I love dolly wink liquid eyeliner! Highly recommend<3 ^__^

  26. Aww thank you sweetie! I try my best to show the products<3 thanks for stopping by!<3 ^__^

  27. Hi hunnie thank you! Well Zach and I own our own film production business so we have a studio setup with huge muslin backdrop, he just got me the ring light from b&H, he is also getting 3 soft boxes and just bought new camera for video as well so gonna put more effort in my blog since I never use this equipments on myself but I figure I should use them :D

    Ohh if you do get YSL volupte lippie you will love them but I am very impressed with this candy doll lippie amazing quality like the YSL lippie :D

    Was waiting on the new camera for the vids not quite here yet since this camera was just released in US so still waiting for them to ship out from panasonic warehouse X3 trying to start the new year with a new and improved blog, just have to update my layout and the old banner now D;

  28. so beautiful eki <3 <3 <3 i love visiting your blog - it always makes me smile =^_^=

  29. great blog you have here! you loo like a doll! newbie blogger here! it'll be so sweet of you if you follow me there too!


  30. pls do a nail tutorial in youtube =)

  31. all of the products on wish list T.T

  32. you look GORGEOUS. i absolutely love the idea of an opaque nail polish with glitter tips~ how pretty! i wish i didn't have work tomorrow so i could paint my nails right now, but i'll just have to remember... hahaha :)

  33. I have just tried Dolly wink nail colour in Lemon Yellow. It's surprisingly excellent! It's comparable any salon quality brands I've tried : O

  34. i love the nude lipstick you're wearing!! :D


let me know what you think~ :3

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