Thank you! Love packs *pic heavy*

Just Thank you post to my hunnies for sending me such amazing love packs :cries: I seriously dont deserve all this love from all of you and so many items for just for moi,,, that I dont know how Im gonna get by using all of this items~ I feel bad... X3 
Thank you for sending me new items to review I will do my best to get them all reviewed in due time♥

Thank you for always thinking of me a putting a smile on my face my dear friends :hugs: 

This post has super heavy images so please click below for more~ :)

Love From Amy~

I LOVE your handmade bday card babe!! thank you!! :HUGS: haha I LOVE Naruto especially Kakashi so Amy sent me Kakashi items lol XD

Thank you!!

Love from Miya~

My ekiLove sweetie was so sweet to send me Sana Hadanomy Collagen mask for me to try since I recently started using their Hadanomy lotion which I am in love with *will review that lotion* :D

Thank you sweetie!! 

Love from Lisa~

Ahhh another Jill Stuart from you T__T Thank you so much you are too kind to me dear. Thank you for your Love and friendship babe♥

Beautiful JS blossom blush in 03 Lady Amaryllis and Neutrogena asian Fine Fairness series mask :D

Love from Vicky

Another ekiLove sweetie and fellow blogger♥ Thank you Hun for letting me try out new My Beauty Diary Hello Kitty Limited Edition mask!! ah so kawaii!

Love from my Love Sandra~

My hunnie Sandra recently came back from visiting her family in Hong Kong and came back with all this goodies just for me :faints: X3 Ahh I dont know what to say you gift me way to much babe as always and makes me feel terrible about it cause I dont deserve all this love from you hun T__T You are really too generous to me babe,,,, I love you and please remember all I need is your LOVE!! :HUGS: No more spending on me ok babe! >:3 

I cant believe you hauled all this item all the way from HK babe 0__0
THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I love love you♥

ahh Liz Lisa :faints:

New My Beauty Diary series~ 
Peach Soda makeup remover, Aloe amino acid and strawberry yogurt amino acid cleaners, Chocolate truffle and Earl grey tea & macaron mask *will review this items*

ahh Dolly wink volume mascara and Cosmagic sweet deco blush XD *will review this items*

More new fiberwig mascaras to try and to review~!! ^__^

Skin shop acai berry mask and daily mask sheet! so interesting! *will review*

Cute bear Microeste mitten to clean cut pores interesting~ :D

Perfect lip wrapping lip care gloss, cute and again interesting, it says it give you duck lips lol~


ahh :jaw dropps:  more Jill Stuart!! Thank you babe for this generous gifts :cries: T__T

Fruit lip balm, Night Jewel perfume, petite jelly lip gloss trio, Mix blush in 13 strawberry milk and foundation sample 

ahh such a pretty shades♥

Rosette Hello Kitty collagen wash~ so kawaii!!

Love from Sabrina

Another ekiLove sweetheart and fellow Liz Lisa & Apple loving gal♥ sent me her favorite BB cream and Angelcolor makeup base!! Thank you so much babe!!♥ *will review this items*

Love from Kay~

Kay is my amazing reader and a uber sweetheart~ she told me she wanted to send me a Bday gift and l usually feel bad for anyone sending me a gift because I feel like I dont deserve them cause I havent done anything special to earn them but we struck a conversation and found out she is really good at speaking Japanese!! I didnt expect you to gift me so much amazing products sweetie *0* omg thank you so much hun I really dont deserve all of this you are too generous and sweet to me Kay-chan

My favorite eye drop maker Rohto also makes skin care products~ Hadalabo Gokujyun Whitening lotion and toner with refill pack and mask. Thank you dear I was interested in this series!!

Jill stuart skincare products!! Thank you so much!! X3

Kay's favorite MOR lip balms and Jurlique lip balm :D

R&R eyeshadow, Body shop grapefruit body butter and Biore nose pore pack

Love from my dear Rina~

AHHH UME HEAVEN!! Thank you babe Hunnie for sending me my favorite Ume snacks!! :D~~

my all time favorite UME CHIPS!!! XD~~

Ume Ume candies n gums lol XD~

OMG all so good instant Nitton Royal milk Black tea in 1/2 cal!! this tea is too good and it doesnt even taste like 1/2 cal at all XD highly recommend if you love Milk tea!

Thank you so much my dear friends, you make my life so much sweeter♥ I truly cherish our friendship, thank you :hugs:

To all of you readers,
 please take a good care of your friends and cherish your friendship with the ones that truly care about you~ surround yourself with people that truly love and care for you!♥



  1. kyaa..so make me jealouuuuuuusss.....!! (>w<)

  2. yay!!! eki-chan got so many awesome stuff again. :3 hope you can review some of it!

  3. awwww such great packages :D

  4. *drools* lol eki that's a lot of love girl ~ *-*

  5. Awww...this is soo cool Eki. You have wonderful friends that loves you!

  6. wow that is a lot stuff! Can I have your friends? lol

  7. Wouu Eki-chan so many things! You have friends that loves you! You are a nice person!

  8. Your friends are so sweet :) I'm going to go hunt for that milk tea now--I didn't know it could even come in a little pack like that. I've been resorting to Chai tea instead because I can never find any lol.

  9. love the entries you made all the days! <3

    In Palace ♥

  10. Lucky! You have lovely friends =)

  11. ur so lucky! love them all!!

  12. Love all the gifts! :)
    So lucky girl; your friends are uber sweet!
    Can't wait for all the reviews ^_^

  13. all the gift are so nice.
    you so pretty!

  14. Aww, so many wonderful things! You are a lucky girl!

    Come and check out ,my first giveaway!

  15. so many kawaii things so much love hahaha ^___^ they are so lovely so i can't wait till you review them >u<

  16. so many perfect gifts! u lucky girl! *~~*

  17. OMG so many cute and pretty things now i want to be in your place haha

  18. aww so many new items... must save money for HK trip for summer

    Eki, please update us after you review them and tell us which items are worth getting and which ones aren't!!! <3

  19. oh goodness~ those are so much goodies!!! it's almost overwhelming keke Hello Kitty face wash is too cute babe!!!

  20. waaaw great birthday present ekki! :D
    please do review of skinfood daily mask and these My Beauty Diary Mask >.<
    looks very interesting..

  21. Oh my gosh!! So many great things! * o * I'm in love! haha~!

  22. You have lots of lovely friends! The items you received are very nice too!

  23. you have a really cute blog~!!^^

  24. Such many cute things^^ You really have great friends :)

  25. aaaahhh so many cute items, soooo green with envy right now. Man I hope in a couple of blog post later you got to do reviews for some of those items like the mask especially.

  26. Wow.. Those are some super nice people. And most of all I loved looking at everyone's handwriting. They have some amazing hand writings :) ... You're super lucky to have received so many gifts. :) ... Nice blog Eki.. keep up the good blog ^^

  27. Omg, so many cute stuff o.o
    I can't wait for reviews of it! ^-^

  28. Your are sooooo lucky! I want to try some japanese product me too :(
    I'm so jealouse!!!
    I can't wait to see review of this product!

  29. you are blessed with so many good friends =)
    Love your blog <3

  30. whoa, i'm so jealous!! so many products that i wanted to try xD

  31. Waaa urayamashiiyo!!! Watashi mo Kakashi ga DAAAISUKI nano <3
    Eki~chan te ippai ii tomodachi motterundane :)

  32. Awhhh, so much sweetness here! ❤ I love that cute little bear pore cleansing sponge, haha!
    & I've been meaning to tell you... I am a closet Naruto fan as well XD My favourite character is Itachi, though I do like Kakashi too!

  33. hahaha, Kakashi is my favorite character as well :X

  34. You re lucky :)
    love you too

  35. You know Eki, I think alot of us feel like we are sharing the gifts with you just because we can "oooooohhh" and "ahhhhh" at all the cute stuff XD
    I think you'll really love the Shiroyjun Whitening series by Hadalabo, I've used it before and it was awesome.

  36. Aww, you are very much loved ^^

    I'm jealous that you got your hands on the new MBD skincare line! I think their theme is super cute and so is the packaging =D

    The Japanese writing on the notes are so pretty! I wish I can write that neatly.!

  37. they are all such nice things. you are so lucky to have friends that care about you so much.

  38.  WOW. i don't even know what to comment on! i hope you had a wonderful birthday :D :D 


let me know what you think~ :3

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