2 year blog anniversary giveaway winner!


After going through all 872 qualified entries for this giveaway I wanted to share the winner and the out come to everyones suggestions to what you all wanted to see the most of, I truly appreciate everyones suggestions as it helps me to move to a direction that I can feel that I could improve on and also do more post that you all can enjoy even more♥

so with that said I made a spread sheet of all the qualified entries and randomly selected the winner!


alyssai@comcast.net!! :D

I will email you with some info's so I can get your gift to you!!♥

Im sorry to all that didnt win,, I wish I could give more but dont worry I already have another giveaway after this post! ^__^

Top wanted list from all of you:

1. VIDEO's 
*will put more time and effort in filming and editing I PROMISE*

2. Tutorials 
*this goes hand in hand with the videos so it tell me that more videos are wanted!* ^^::

3. Fashion 
* I never thought you girls were interested in how I dress~ lol X3 will try to take more outfits!*

4. About eki 
*gosh this one was a surprise!! I am so honored that you all want to get to know me even more.. :tears: will do more random everyday events things I really didnt know you like those things,, XD*

5. Art and photography 
* again so honored that you all like my drawings and photos :cries: :__; thank you so much makes me motivated to be more creative and share with you all~ I am planning to do a interesting contest soon that involves me drawing haha :D*

so that was the most requested out of everyone!! 

and the runner ups were
food topics
gyaru japanese topics 

I have a better directions for my blog now! THANK YOU EVERYONE!! :hugs:

More of what you like to see to come!♥



  1. Congrats to the winner and I'll looking forward to your future posts and vids! :)

  2. congrats! :D

  3. awww congrats to the winner! like the fashion one.

  4. I want more eye make tutorials eki!! I demand them!!
    hhehehes, I'm only kidding. But I love the way you do your eye make up.
    Also, more hair tutorials, please? yes? pretty please? hehes

  5. congrats :)

  6. congratulation for the winner :3  lucky girl ^^

  7. Awh, I'm sure no matter what you decide to write about, your blog will continue to be as lovely as you are ♥ Excited for the future & congrats again on 2 years blogging~!

  8. Hello! I am a long time reader but not so much commenter of your blog :) I'm so excited for the upcoming posts! I adore your blog! You seem so sweet. I love your magazine scan posts! I wish I had somewhere to purchase them near my home *siigh* Also I'd love more posts on gyaru topics.  Congrats on your 2 year blog aniversary, I hope there are many more years to come for this totally fab blog! <3

  9. Oh my gosh, I love your blog! It's so charming!  I was hoping we could follow and friend each other! Thanks!
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let me know what you think~ :3

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