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Wow can you believe Blogger was down for that long yesterday?? :( Out of the 2+ years of blogging here that was the longest time the site was down for... I wonder what happened? Do you know why it was down for that long? D; Starting feel like I need to switch over to different host sine Ive been thinking about revamping this site again cause I feel like its too cramped,, want more clean site but still have all the links lol 

Ok here are some things I been needing to blog about~ 

yummy Cailler chocolate all the way from Switzerland from my dear friend Miyuki-chan~♥ I got this right after Easter but so behind in blogging that I finally got it on here to thank you!! Arigatou for always being super sweets to me Miyuki-chan~ Hope you are having amazing time in Okinawa~ ^__^ 

This Cailler Chocolates are amazing! Tastes so creamy and not overwhelmingly sweet just the right amount packed with creamy choco flavor my type of chocolates~ of course Zach the chocoholic went gaga over this *0* lol  

Cailler Mini egg assortiment box comes with 3 different chocolate eggs!

Cailler Femina HUGE chocolate egg! Come with assorted chocolates with HUGE chocolate egg with almond chunks~ :D~ you should of seen Zach's eye when he saw this chocolate egg!! lol *0*<-- exact facial expression~ Than you so much for this amazing chocolates as always sweetie :hugs:

Then I got my May 2011 Birchbox

I have to say altho it does comes with high end name brand beauty products I have not been impressed by their selection of samples so far,, I wanted some cosmetics to test out but I have been getting beauty to non-beauty products instead so far,, except for this tiny Jouer lip gloss that they call deluxe sample... and I dont think sample packets are considered deluxe samples... I donno if I want to continue being a subscriber at this moment but maybe I will give it another month to see if they improve in their selections.. because so far I have not gotten 4-5 deluxe samples as they claim to send :(

Ok on to my sponsored items that needs to be reviewed in coming up posts! 
disclaimer: I was sent this items for a review purpose and am not getting paid to review this items~♥ Just want to share what I think of them with you all :)

I am very pleased with their products and service so far!! Nicely packaged and the products are good quality, the communication with the store owner Rachel has been excellent as well! I got asked where did I get the shirt you are wearing in your giveaway video? its from this store♥

Will get my in depth review along with special Domo-Kun giveaway soon!! ^__^

Thank you Rachel and the staff at Soyfashion!

Beautifully super pigmented and vibrant eyeshadows created by Amy Doan owner of Sugarpill! I cannot wait to review her beautiful eyeshadows and create a kawaii cosplay look with it!! Will make a video tutorial for this look~ coming soon with the full review♥

Thank you Amy~ :)

ok lastly I was contacted by Shauna a marketing Manager of Sigma beauty to review their brush set along with holding a giveaway for my readers~♥ I was also told that I live about 10 mins away from their Sigma headquarters and so if I wanted to come see their headquarter! I cannot wait to see how it is since I had no idea they were Minnesota based company!

Will get the review and the giveaway this coming week!♥

Thank you Shauna and Sigma!

ok currently working on getting my Lovelyshoes.net video and review up so please stay tuned for that♥

Thanks again for stopping by~



  1.  can't wait for the reviews! and the domokun! soooo cute :D I think your blog is fine! love it,i too haven't seen blogger down for so long.

  2. Oh, I was so shocked about blogger went down. I thought it was just mine..

    nice beauty products to review!!(:

    Dreamy Princess

  3.  Oh, I was so shocked that blogger went down like that. I thought it was just mine..

    Nice products to be reviewed!!(:


    Dreamy Princess



  4. Looking forward to your reviews~

  5.  I'm soooo excited for your upcoming reviews! The chocolates... omggg, you're always tempting me, Eki!

  6.  wow can't wait to hear your review about sugarpill :D and those chocolates look soooooo yummy! <3

  7. Ooh I look forward to the Sugarpill review! She's so talented xD Also I enjoy your blog and your tutorials! I know how you feel about the blogspot server though :/ probably a maintainence or something? I think wordpress is good but blogspot is a little easier to navi. :P

  8.  この頃毎日ポストをやってますね!嬉しいです!もっと頑張って下さいね!楽しみにしてます!<3 

  9. Aww you received lots of packages! It must be fun opening them up and being surprised with so much goodies :)

  10.  haha big shopping time what :D

  11. Looking forward to youre reviews!! 

  12.  Hi ekiiii~!
    Great to saw your new post today...hehe...
    Great products you have there to review!Waiting for it~!
    I just hope the stuff are available here too..T_T

  13.  everything looks great! I love domo kekeke can't wait for you in depth reviews ^^

  14. eeep! omg, i love soyfashion.com now!
    I cannot wait to order things from there !
    Thank you so much for sharing their website <3

  15. i am a sucker for chocolate too. i love chocolate, regular, white, dark, you name it. can't wait for your reviews.  i wanted to subscribe to birchbox but i guess i won't do that anymore now since the products are not that good. thank you!

  16.  love your blog eki!!!!

  17.  *A* WOAH I wish we had chocolate eggs in my country and that size too!!! Also can't wait for your reviews on the brushes and teh eyshadow owo

  18. Lovely packages!! Those chocolates make me wanna drool!! Im going gaga over the photos now, haha!

    And I really loved your shirt in the last video!! I've always liked lace and I'm glad that they're 'in' right now. 

    That's super cool how you got invited to see their headquarters!!

  19.  will be waiting for your reviews eki dear! :) yay for chocolates! <3

  20. cant wait for your reviews on the products you received!!! those chocolate looks amazing!

  21. cant wait for your reviews on the products you received!!! those chocolate looks amazing!


let me know what you think~ :3

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