Princess mimi in Apple Green Review


Here is Princess mimi in Apple Green lens review!

If you read the few post back were I had issue with my Princess mimi lens, out of the 4 series I had issue with 3 of them and so this Apple Green lens were the only one that I did NOT have any issue with so happy to finally get to review them.

This lens was sponsored by Pinkyparadise.com as a review purpose :)

Princess Mimi Apple Green 15mm (Tsubasa Bambi series)

Item details
Weight: 0 kg, 100 grams
Stock: Stock available
Brand : Geo Medical
Diameter : 15mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

Ok so here is my second Princess mimi lens review, as with my first pair of mimi sesame grey I had issue with a lens ripping so I was super disappointed since I was loving how that lens looked and the colors are so pretty with this series. I also had issue with the almond brown and chocolate brown with one of the pair just did not feel right in my eyes like they are scratching my eyes so I knew immediately that they were defective. With this pair of Apple green lens I knew right after putting both pair in my eye that they are not defective and felt like how a contact should feel in the eyes, comfortable without any discomfort :)

OK on to the actual review and what I think of NON DEFECTIVE pair of Princess mimi lens!

On comfort:
I have to say they are super comfortable for being 15.0mm! My eye feel completely natural with them in, doesnt dry out my eyes like other 15.0mm lens so that is pleasant surprise that I am happy with. But I have to say my eye seem to get red with them in after few hours but with Rohto Lycee eye drops that redness goes away, my eyes feel refreshed and can go on wearing the lens for another few more hours without discomfort. :)

The Sesame grey are definitely more noticeable and more vibrant then this Apple green lens, the color looks more like olive green in normal lights but with direct to bright light source they do indeed look apple green against my brown eyes. What make this Bambi/mimi series desirable is it pattern on the lens, comes with very defined outer ring then its vibrant semi opaque color with tri color effect inner lighter shade ring which in all creates very pretty effect!

It is 15.0mm so it will enlarge your eyes quite a bit and will give you dolly effect, what made me surprised it that this apple green lens looks natural for it being 15.0mm and doesnt give you weird alien-ish looking eyes that looks creepy,, lol which with the sesame grey one I kinda felt like they were cute bit much dolly/alien -ish looking but for some reason this color looks subtle and more natural looking! :D

I am very happy with them so far! I just hope that GEO corrects the issue with the defects cause they are truly beautiful and unique lens! I dont really have a negative thing to say about em just that if you do encounter discomfort of any sort while one of the pair feel normal and the other just doesnt feel right you should not wear them and contact the store where you got your lens from and let them know that you got a defective lens and should get a replacement lens cause your eye are too precious and should not wear defective lens it can cause serious harm to your eye.

I love them!
comfort: 10/10
color/vibrancy: 9/10
enlargements: 10/10

ok I made a video as well to show you what they will look like in person! :) 
Shot this same time as the giveaway video and also took another video after this talking about lovelyshoe.net wanted to get some of the videoing done over the weekend in one day lol so I look mad tired,, didnt sleep well plus my sinus are giving me issues I think its allergy... I am sorry about that and I didnt really take my time applying my makeup that morning :failed: D; next time I will put more effort in making a video~ I promise X3

with lights

in natural lights

I also got my replacement Princess mimi lens in Almond brown from eyecandylens.com so I cant wait to review this one as well!

Also wanted to share what I heard from eyecandylens regarding to the GEO defective lens after I reported the issues with them since I got my Almond brown and the sesame grey from them.

"Honestly, I think that GEO is messing up because they are overloaded with orders of the Bambi/Princess Mimi models.  They have to produce these lenses in a specific diameter and quality configuration for the Japanese market, another one which has a slightly different design for the Chinese market and then the Princess Mimi model that's distributed to countries other than Japan and China.  
Yes, we have received defective reports of the Mimi lenses from other customers, but there are defective reports of other GEO lenses as well."

So they are in the process of resending me the sesame grey lens as well so I cant wait to start wearing that one again! I truly hope that all the circle lens shops that encounter defective lens claims from their customers will all contact GEO and report this issue because my mimi lenses came from 2 reputable authentic circle lens dealers, from both stores I got a defective mimi lens so the problem lies within the manufacturing from GEO itself. 

what to look for in case if you run into a defective lens:

Defect amongst contact lens are rare but it does happen with any mass produced products, so here are some things to look for. After taking them out of vials and soaking them for good 4 hours + so that your lens are refreshed and ready for wear, make sure that your lens are facing the right side up where the rim of the lens are not facing outward and once you insert them in the eyes then you immediately feel a sensation like there is something on the lens like a dust, if it feel like the lens is scratching your eye or you can actually feel the rims of the lens in your eye thats when you know that there is a manufacture defects with that lens! You should not feel anything in your eye from brand new contact lens but only comfort and should feel natural in your eyes. 

Another way to know for sure that is it defective are:

1.Out of the 2 lens in a pair only one side feels uncomfortable/hurts and the other one feels completely comfortable.
2.Take it out, clean it with solution and try it on again if you feel the same sensation again that mean its definitely defective then contact your lens provider and explain that you have a defective lens.

 Take a good care of your eyes dolls!

Thank you for stopping by!♥



  1. WOW that last photo of you is freaking STUNNING!


  2. your camera is amazing!
    what model is your camera? all your photos are perfect :)

  3. Very cute lenses!

    You look like a Japanese movie star at the last picture. ;)

  4. I ordered this lenses the past week ^^ because I loved all the colors of pricess mimi series :D always buy brown lenses and this time I wanted to change ^w^.

    OMGG they look amazingly perfect in your eyes >__<!!!

  5. These are SO beautiful on you ♥ I'm glad you were able to get a new pair!

  6. this princess mimi line seems really tempting

    i wanna get the brown/ grey version! (haha, im not brave enough to wear bright colors >_<)

  7. love the last picture! i will be definitely ordering these lenses too! <3 thank you for the tips on defective lenses ekichan. :3

  8. YAY I was waiting for this review! I have this same pair, and love them. I think on me they look SUPER vibrant, probably because my natural eye color is green and brown... actually my boyfriend tells me they have yellow too, so I guess they're similar to the lens too LOL

    I've actually been experiencing a lot of discomfort with my EOS Max Pure Browns lately. I bought Visine eyedrops for use with contacts, and it actually makes it worse! I think I'm going to give it one last shot with Rohto Lycee drops if I can find them, otherwise I might just have to stop wearing those lenses. :(

  9. I've got to say, I really like how super dark your hair looks in these pictures :) You're gorgeous either way though!

  10. They look beautiful on you! I'm glad these weren't defective!


  11. those lenses look lovely on you, eki! i am asian as well, but can never manage to look natural in colored lenses which aren't brown. and even in brown ones, i think i look sort of scary. i am impressed by how natural all colors seem to look on your eyes.

  12. Not to upset you, because you're beautiful but they look a little unreal and creepy. I think it's the reflection in the eyes. About a year ago I saw on Yahoo that there are these type of contacts can damage your eyes if they're larger. What I m taking about is if the lens covers the pupil. Would you happen to know anything about that? Or a website with more info. Thanks!!

  13. I love the colour! They are so striking! =)

  14. These are so pretty on you and your makeup still looks perfect! Sadly for me I think my green ones are defective =[

  15. Last pic of you is really pretty. I love how those lenses look--they blend out from brown so nicely!

  16. the lenses are beautiful on you! and I am really thankful for this post because...well, I bought my very first pair of circle lenses last summer and I've been wearing them and after reading this post, i understand why my left eye is always uncomfortable. I've washed it many times (I wore them recently) but they still hurt. So now I know that the left one is defective which really sucks cuz GEO lenses are really pricey here and I don't want to waste it -_-" but I know i should take good care of my eyes also. *sigh* thanks Eki!

  17. you look gorgeous in green lenses, eki! thanks for the info too .. i had a defective pair once and i didn't know that so i thought the lenses themselves had problems with comfort. now i know!

    p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica}
    <3 pandaphilia

  18. Thanks for the review! They look great on you!

    And glad that you got a replacement pair! Hopefully these are better!

  19. As always you look stunning! I really like the way they look on you and your hair and makeup compliment the lenses as well!

  20. aaahhhhh eki, you are so pretty. i am so jealous. i love how your skin looks so smooth and flawless. i wish i can wear contact lens, not because i need it just becuz i just want too but i hate touching my eyes. it feels weird.

  21. the more i look at these lenses, the more i want them ><
    you look so darn pretty with them! it looks great with your dark hair too, your eyes definitely stand out~
    you look like such a doll in the last pic!
    can't wait to see your mimi almond review ^^ i'm glad you were able to get replacements!

  22. They look gorgeous and stunning on you . Not all Asians can pull off that color, you wear them so well.

    Nelah @ 52NewDays


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