weekend escape to Como Zoo :D


I am sorry for the lack of posts again!! D;
We found out that our house rental landlord decided to put this house up for sale,, :sigh: with that news we have been busy trying to find a new place to live and etc... :headache:

So I really need to get away to a relaxing place today since we had to be out of our house for a open house viewing that they had at our place... :sigh:

It was my first time there since Ive moved here so it was really exciting to just relax and view some beautiful scenery~ They have a zoo and a plant conservatory all in one with beautiful Japanese Garden as well!  I didnt take all of the attractions photos cause it got way too hot for me and I completely forgot too take photos :failed:

 beautiful green house

 inside the green house with tropical HUGE fishes

 outside with some flamingos
 inside a primate housing with several different monkey
 sorry for the blurry photos this tiny guy was super fast~ I call him mustache monkey.. so cute lol I forgot to look at what type of monkey he is... XP 

 side a flower conservatory~ very colorful and beautiful place! Felt very happy there but super humid & HOT!! 

OOTD: Abercrombie denim dress, minnetonka fringe boots
standing weird..lol not used to taking ootd photos yet.. 

Had a wonderful relaxing day today,, now I am ready for the busy stressful week,,, lol

Hope you all had a wonderful day also~


p.s Doing the skin79 bb cream comparison review+giveaway next~♥

thank you for all the suggestion sweets~ :)


  1. wahhhhh so prettyyyyy and u look soooo kawaii and pretty lol

  2. wAooo,  !
            i LOVE those monkeys / the mustaches! that is such a pretty place. plus i reallylike your hair color ^^

  3. Wow, you just made the zoo look 10x better than it normally do. Not saying that the Como Zoo is horrible or anything but your pictures made it looked amazing! Also, I'm pretty new to your blog so it was kind of a shock to me to read "COMO ZOO" on my Google Reader. I would have never thought that I would meet (well, not literally but you get what I'm trying to say, right?) another blogger from Minnesota! Because honestly, no one lives here. =(

  4. The close-ups of the flower conservatory are so good !! so pretty~

  5. great photos!! Love your OOTD, very springlike ^_^

    good luck with the house hunting!!

  6. I like taking my nephew there in the summers!
    I agree, the garden is def. very pretty!
    Very nice photos of everything.
    Love your dress!
    Good luck with everything, and hope you find a good home.

  7. Wow Eki! Serious? What a cruel landlord.. you can't just throw people out of the house?
    Geez.. anyway all I can say is good luck with finding a new place!
    The zoo pictures are lovely btw!



  8. i hope you have a nice week eki! :)

    the pictures look so wonderful! the place looks so serene. :) 
    i also love your outfit! you are ever so pretty! :3

  9. awww i'm sorry about the landlord! ): I hope you guys can find a great house soon!! Your day at the garden looked fun though~ <3

  10. you look super CUTE!! :)

  11. You look very pretty!
    and the zoo looks great!! I havent been to one for a long time :O

  12. Oh you look gorgeous as usual Eki :). I'm so sorry to hear about your stressful situation with your landlord and I hope it works out ASAP. It's a shame you don't like your hair colour because I think it's gorgeous! So rare to see blonde Asian hair that isn't orange haha XD.

  13. Yay Como Zoo! I've been going there since forever so it's been really fun to see how things have expanded and grown. Especially in some part of the conservatory, the plants have grown so much! I was thinking of going back before I head off to Japan, I hope I have time!

  14. You look so pretty in those pictures! :)

    Looks like you had a great day at the zoo~~ I am glad you could relax on that day.
    Hopefully you'll find a new place to live soon... what kind of landlord does that to his renters :(

    The moustache monkey made me laugh so much btw - so cute XD

  15. not trying to be mean or anything. But I think dark brown hair does suit your face and skincolor better.
    And it looks more natural..

    The place looks beautifull btw :) those flowers! <3

  16. It's been a while since I went to the Zoo but the heat is horrible. You look really pretty :)

  17. lovely place =) steki <3 otskushi?..hehe sorry for not so good jap language

  18. that looks like heaven! It looks like a crystal palace <3 btw, that hair colour suits you really well~

  19. You are as stunning as your photos! Thanks for sharing!

  20. You're so beautiful :)
    I love the photos you took :D

  21. the place looks beautiful. i love the yellow flowers. and you are beautiful as always.

  22. Beautiful photos!  I wish I could have a garden that lush!

  23. The photos are so stunning but you Eki look so gorgeous and I really like that hair color on you :) Reminds me of Ayumi Hamasaki.  Thank you for sharing!

  24. you're a great photographer. nice outdoor pictures. hope you find a new place soon. it can be a pain to move, but it's exciting at the same time. 

  25. i <3 Como Zoo!!!! I grew up in Minnesota, some of my best childhood memories were there =) Glad that you had a good time there. Love the photos you took =) Makes me miss home in Minnesota a lot ;) hahaha

  26. what a fun and relaxing weekend! you look amazing in that dress, sweetie! i can't imagine it's already that warm in Minnesota when it's still chilly in california lol

  27. Eden-Avalon Celeste-DeamoneJune 6, 2011 at 4:34 PM

    Love love love love love! Everything about this post is gorgeous. I'm sorry about the headache with the landlord but like I said via tweet, i'm glad you've gotten a chance to go somewhere so beautiful and relaxing. Your OOTD is adorable too!

  28. That's really awful your landlord just decides this so suddenly... the same thing happened to my grandparents years ago since the landlords wanted to sell the land to build giant apartments. Lots of elderly people lived there, so I can only imagine it was hard for them to find new homes in such short time!! Luckily my mom found nice apartments, and my friend's mom moved in too so they had nice neighbors too. ^^ I really hope you and Zach can find a nice place soon and just relax!!! I hate hearing you being stressed all the time, Eki... please take time to care for yourself and not worry so much about life. I wish I can run up and give you a big hug, please feel better soon!!! <3

    The zoo looks absolutely stunning. You look too beautiful to stress so much too! You're really amazing to feel like this but still pull together a beautiful face and outfit. I wish I had that same enthusiasm hehe!! I hope you found peace and comfort in such a beautiful environment :D And omg.... the monkey....... Colonel Mustache Monkey OMG so kawaii!! >w<

    I can't WAIT for your next post!! I'm currently using the Hot Pink bb cream and love it... but I'm super curious about other bb creams as well!! :)

    Stay beautiful and happy Eki!! <3

  29. I didn't know you live in MN!!! :D

  30. your new hair colour looks really nice :D.

    lol, at moustache monkey. he's awesome xD.

  31. oh...you're so beautiful! and the pictures are so HQ~! wonderful post :D

  32. you look so cute! i'm glad you got to have some relaxing time and ugh about the housing situation :( sucks! i hope you find a new great place soon <3

  33. Aww sorry to hear about your moving, but I'm sure everything will turn out okay :) Beautiful photos btw! Enjoy your photography every time! :)

  34. I hope you find a lovely new place! =) Your photography is so gorgeous! I would love to hear some tips from you for a beginner sometime! =D

  35. So many gorgeous photos! ♥ It does look like you had a lovely & relaxing time~

  36. Did you dye your hair again? I love the colour. How'd you get it to be that colour?

  37. Wow I really like your pictures especially the flamingo birds ,the orange's color sooo pretty! Also love that flower picture, your camera is really great in capture color :)

  38. I really love it that u put outfit pictures now too :)!

  39. Eki~ you look absolutely stunning! I love your hair colour!
    I wish I could go to the Zoo to do some photography of animals, but its darn hard isn't it?
    love, yotface

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  41.  Your photos are always so beautiful Eki-san! And the new hair colour looks lovely on you~!!!


let me know what you think~ :3

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