Cali trip part 2~ Sightseeing *pic heavy*


Here is my part 2 of cali trip! Heaven for Japanese products for sure~ :D I wish I took more photos of the outdoor stuff but stupid me didnt carry my camera everywhere... D;

but here are some of the things I managed to snap pics of♥

Mags I saw from Mitsuwa Sanseido and Kinokuniya book store 

Newest issue of Popsister with Tsu-chan Milky bunny~ :3

 JJ with 3D issue with 3D glasses featuring Hinano lol :D

hello kitty emooks

 newest issue of popteen

This store sells all Japanese beauty products along with other kawaii items from Japan :) Felt like I was in heaven lol the prices were pretty low compared to other places that sells Japanese products!

random stuff I saw at marukai! Essential Hair make treatment and Dolly Wink limited edition lash set with case~

Now over at Puente Hills Mall at Round 1
Sandra and Rina always go here to play the Japanese claw aka UFO catcher machine so I was super happy to go here cause I LOVE UFO catchers!! lol Round 1 is Japanese arcade and sports amusement center, opened its first USA chain store right here in this mall ^__^

ahhh claw machine heaven with all Rilakkuma and Hello kitty dolls lol :D 

Rina the Claw machine professional working her magic!! XD

She got 2 Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma for me and Sandra!! wow @__@ they are really hard to get too!!

thank you Rina!!♥

then I ran into one of my reader and fellow blogger Rurouninugirl♥ she was super tall, kawaii and sweet~ was pleasure meeting you hun!! I stole your picture hehe :D

 I also met up with Rachel of Soyfashion.com :) It was really nice seeing you in person and chatting with you hun!! Hope you come down to MN~ will show you around hun!

Also as I mentioned in the last post that I met Kelly and Tiffany of Himestyle at Mitsuwa where she works so we exchanged numbers and met up after she got off work and had some Guppy's and after took some purikura at Cue Studio I had really nice time chatting and hanging out with you and Tiffany♥  :D

the heat made me super tired so I was taking a nap and Sandra snap this pic of her kitty Lightning sleeping with me he so sweet~ ;3

Lightning and Tiger

Lastly me and Rina met up with Adriyah and Angelique for some lunch went to imperial beauty supplies for some discounted nail polishes and topped of our date at a Vietnamese cafe aka "boobie cafe" which I was really amused and weirdly awkwarded out by lol

Iyah and Angelique was super fun and hilarious to hangout with~ Thank you for the great time and thank you Iyah for the nail polishes babe~♥  gosh Im so short lol

the group shots with the ladies at the boobie cafe drinking me some yummy avocado shake~ :D
I stole your image Iyah hehehe X3

lastly on my last day finishing off by visiting Long Beach Shoreline Marina, it was such a beautiful day~ 

then Rina and her man Bryan took me to Hilltop park in Long beach during the sunset it was beautiful but really chilly lol

 My suitcase was super full and only could fit Korilakkuma in my case so I had to carry on Rilakkuma on my way home lol people were looking at me weird carrying this huge bear with haha XD

Ahh bye bye LA and OC you were good to me~ 
but wow I cant get over how much smog there are over there D; 

THANK YOU RINA & SANDRA for taking a good care of me!! I had so much fun and much needed girl time with you both♥ hope we get to hangout again soon!! LOVE LOVE YOU BOTH!! 


  1. califonia sure looks like asia. those cats are so kawaii. fun post!

  2. Your trip looked amazing! I especially love the food photos from the previous post. Such a fat kid at heart. haha
    I agree with the smog I couldn't believe that 4 out of 5 days LA skies were not blue but white!

  3. wow! i love it! its so cute and the scenery is so pretty!
    Krissy xoxowww.swallowmyfashion.blogspot.com

  4. It looks like you had a ton of fun on your trip!
    Makes me wanna vaca in Cali :)
    She must be really good at those claw machines! Those bears are sooo cuuute!!!

  5. Rillakuma Heaven! *nosebleed while fainting*

  6. I absolutely love the picture of you napping with Lightning. I'm also so happy you got meet other fellow bloggers. I love Iyah! 

    I'm also a little envious of your Rillakuma prize!

  7. I live in Long Beach. Alhambra is where I shop for Japanese products. they do have tons of Japanese products, Torrance too! :)

  8. Looks like you had a great time!
    Wow, so many Dolly Wink products:D I want~

  9. I have to go to that store in San Gabriel!!! I REALLY want the limited edition Dolly Wink lashes so badly!! ;A; 

    Part of my Tsubasa obsession probably was because I read your reviews on her products...! I also don't mind that you used my picture! It was really nice meeting you! I feel so lucky. >//w//<

  10. Craazy D: I can't find the newest popteen anywhere! D:

  11. Wow, looks like so much fun!

  12. wow the californians are sooo lucky to have a store full of japanese cosmetics and products!! looks like you had a great time!! so many cute rilakkumas in the claw machines >.<

  13. wow I want product of
    dolly wink^^

  14. wow I want product of
    dolly wink

  15. woaah.. so many lovely products in the japanese stores! *v*

  16. Wow, so many gorgeous photos! ♥ I would have come back home broke for sure though, lol~

  17. Oww... nice trip!
    Your doll so cute, and I love to see Long Beach Shoreline Marina! Your camera has good quality picture.

  18. Ohhh gosh Eki, if I knew you were coming down to Long Beach I would loved to take you around and even take you to Sephora lol I would loved to meet you! Whenever you come back to California, please let me know because I would to meet you in person!!!  Newpot beach is also nice and they have an outdoor mall with koi fish ponds there too and even INGLOT!

  19. looks like you had loads of fun eki chan! thanks for sharing pictures of your trip.
    you look so gorgeous in the pictures! :3

  20. Waaaaaaw ! You're so lucky :D
    I dream to can go in a shop like this !
    And Rilakkuma doll are so cute, in France, there are only ugly doll --"

  21. It sounds like you and your friends had an amazing time ^_^ Thank you for the nice pictures, oh and Rilakkuma  dolls are so incredibly cuuuteeee! <3

  22. WOW those big Rilakkuma are great!
    I loved this post, now I wnt to go shopping :O

  23. hahaha I love that shot of the Rilakkuma in the plane seat! 

  24. So much cute stuff :) I went to Cali once but only to Little Saigon area :( There wasn't any store that sell such cute products.

  25. Wah I love your LA travel series, you saw so many cool things and meet up with lots of people.  Plus you ate tons of good food.  You're an awesome photographer.  I always visit your blog but I usually lurk lol, still a big fan.  :)

  26. oh wow, i live in california but i have never seen anything like that. the store with all the japanese products. ahhhhh i am missing out.

  27. I wanna visit California now !!!

  28. Definately very pic heavy but inspiring and makes me want to see Japan even more now.

    A guide of great London Sightseeing experiences


let me know what you think~ :3

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