PopSister september 9/2011 issue with Top Ranked product list! *PIC Heavy*

PopSister September 2011 issue featuring Kana Nishino

she released her 3rd album Thank you, Love 6.22.11

here is Kana performing her latest single "esperanza" and "kimi tte"

Also wanted share TOP product Ranking for "Repeated purchases" Best items Rank! :)
A lot of my personal favorite are in this list!♥

Facial Cleanser
1. Biore marshmallow whip
2. Biore facial foam
3. Lush Kindness of Angel 天使の優しさ Japan limited**
Face toner/lotion
1. Rohto Hadalabo Japan Goku Jyun Hyaluronic emulsion and lotion
2. Sana Nameraka Soy Bean milk lotion and whitening milk moisture toner
3. Orbis Aqua face lotion and moisture
Facial mask
1. Pure smile essence mask
2. Missha pure source sheet mask
3. Skinfood black sugar mask
Body Cream
1. Body shop Pink grapefruit body butter
2. Nivea Happy time body milk
3. Johnson's body care creamy 
Shampoo & conditioner
1. LUX super rich shine shampoo and conditioner
2. Pantene extra damage care shampoo and conditioner
                                           3. Shiseido Tsubai shinning shampoo and conditioner

Best electric skincare device
1. Panasonic steamer NANO care EH-SA60
2. Panasonic hair drier NANO care EH-NA93
3. Estenad skincare 

Base foundation
1. RMK liquid fondation
2. KATE mineral liquid foundation
2. Coffret D'or silky fit powder

False Lashes
1. Dolly Wink in #1
2. Diamond lash in fairly
3. Daiso lashes

1. KATE Gradical eyes BR-1
2.Dolly Wink eyeshadow in no.1
3. Majolica Majorca BR355

1. Canmake cream cheek in no.08
2. Candy Doll cheek color in strawberry pink

1. Maybelline volume express magnum waterproof
2. Majolica Majorca lash expender frame plus
3. Dolly Wink volume mascara

1. Love.liner brown liquid eyeliner
2. Dolly wink liquid eyeliner
3. Maybelline Eye studio creamy gel liner

1. MAC lipstick in siss
2. Candy Doll lipstick in ramune pink
3. Maybelline water shiny milky RD606

1.  Candy Doll lipgloss in macaron pink
2. Majolica majorca honey plump gloss in NEO PK144
3. Melliesh lipgloss in 06 candy pink

 click below for more :D

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  1. Thanks for the translation <3

  2. Hi Eki, thanks for share again.

  3. thanks for sharing Eki!

    tHe DaiLy PosH

  4. thank you so much, i just love it when you upload popteen scanns! <3

  5. wow love this issue :D the top cosmetics etc and the boy wearing yukata is fine :"> suppah fine X"D kyaaaaaaaa!!! *nose bleed* lol

  6. This is awesome!! I love them hairstyle tutorials!! Thank you xx

  7. Thank you for taking the time to scan and share!

  8. I love Kana Nishino! :3 
    She's so nice!

  9. Eki, thank you so much for translating the top ranked products list~ so helpful for my future makeup/product purchases! ♥

  10. Thank you for the mag scans! I love popteen <3


  11. thank you for the english translation ekichan! :) will try to look for kate's foundation. :3

  12. i seriously love your for these mag scans! 
    if only if i had their hair to pull of those hairstyles!
    Krissy xoxo

  13. thank you sooo much! so sweet of you to take your time to put these up <3 :D

  14. Thanks so much! I always look forward to these scans! I love them! ^_^

  15. thank you so much for the scans! (: I was looking to buy popsister yesterday but I bought popteen instead! haha~ 

  16. Thank you so much! (:

  17. Dear Eki!! Thank you so much for listening to our suggestion(s) and translating for us!! THANKS SO MUCH MORE!!!

  18. I love Nishino Kana so much!><
    I listen to her every day at work, much to my coworkers dismayxD



  19. Nishino Kana! I'm a big fan of her.
    Thank you so much.

  20. plssss tell me this guy fan page on facebook or any drama his related to, i searched daiki yoshikawa but i didnt see him anywhere </3   =(

    i only blogged recently abt it but ive seen this post a long time ago ^___^ thanks eki

  21. Thanks 4 sharing.. Oh ya, when they wrote SANA Nameraka Whitening Milk Moisture Toner, its the whitening milk lotion (Blie/Purple) right? Not the normal moisturizing lotion (Yellow) ??

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