Random post~ Hello Kitty, Liz Lisa, Ayu Lens

Just a random post about what I have been interested in :D

First I went Hello Kitty crazy shopping at Imomoko.com and bought the following items cause I couldnt resist Cute Hello Kitty packaging also offering free shipping over $50~ 

I cant wait to get it and review them ^__^

First One of my favorite Sheet mask brand Sexy Look has new Hello kitty line out so I decided to get their Hello Kitty mask~ 

Also I ended up re stocking on one of my favorite hair product but in Hello Kitty packaging lol 

what is it?
Yangiya Hello Kitty Tsubaki Hair Moisturizing Essence is in limited edition which is specially designed for damaged and dry hair. It contains Camellia Seed Oil, Camellia Oil and natural Apple Extract for moisturizing dry hair and natural fruity scent. It gives your hair a beautiful and healthy sheen to improve the problem of frizzy and damaged hair.

How to Use:
Apply to dry or semi-dry hair after shampooing. No need to rinse off.

Water, cetyl octanoate, glyceryl stearate (SE), sorbitan stearate, Cetyl alcohol, Phenyl trimethicone, camellia oil, camellia seed oil Deng, apple extract, stearic acid, Mechirugurusesu-10, stearic acid, PEG-45, PEG-stearate 23, -40 Solbes Tetoraorein acid, carbomer, tocopherol acetate, BG, AMP, arginine, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, propylparaben, fragrance
Made in Japan

Couldnt resist this cute Hello Kitty gradient nail polish set! XD The polishes comes in different colors!

some other interesting news,

Ayumi Hamasaki and Sweet Days color contact lens have collaborated in making Ayu's own lens collection debuting 8/31/11. comes in either 14.0mm or 14.5mm the series looks like something from Geo which makes me wonder if they are manufactured by Geo?

Lastly I was sorta excited to see one of my favorite brand  Liz lisa had this on their site! On 9/1 they are opening official online shop but not exactly sure if they are going to ship out internationally,,, D; I just wish Japanese online shops would start shipping internationally cause most major store should and there are so many Liz Lisa fans worldwide and it would help their business so MUCH if they did and the fans can avoid end up buying imitation Liz Lisa items from other places!!

some of their 2011 spring/summer collection~ so CUTE!


  1. love reading ur blog. :DD
    really happy to hear that Ayumi Hamasaki (my no.1 fav j-pop artist) is having her own contact lens line :) 
    also ! really excited and hoping that LIZ LISA will ship internationally! love their clothes!!! ^^b 

  2. Wow a new line of contacts! I am so happy that they won't be the huge sized lens too, not too many people can rock those after all =.='' And the liz lisa collection is so cute!


  3. Liz Lisa  collection looks amazing!!! i hope they will end up doing international shipping AND have an english version of the website!! how exciting :D:D

  4. I wish they show pics of ayu wearing those different lenses already! :)

  5. Can you please do a tutorial for your Sayoko Ozaki look please? You looked so great and I would love to recreate the look!

  6. Hello Kitty's cat eye is so cute!

  7. can u give me the link[website] of Liz Liza??? thanks..

  8. wow! Hello Kitty has a skin mask range thingy-ma-jig!
    Krissy xoxo

  9. omg... Cannot handle the cuteness of the Hello Kitty stuff!! I bet the Sexy Look masks will be amazing~ you have totally turned me on to them, haha! ♥

  10. I love the Hello Kitty stuff! It's so cute~~~ x3
    I really want the HK mask! ;3

  11. The old Ayu fan in me is really excited about the lenses hehe and wow Liz Lisa... PLEASE international shipping *.*

  12. lol so cute lol i like liz lisa clothing they are so pretty too bad i woudlnt be able to wear them lol need to go work out a lot first and then maybe lol well that goes for all cute clothing hahaha wahhh and i was trying hard not to get anything anymore but i just placed an order on imomoko.com for those masks and the hair care which is something that my mom needs lol thank you for sharing ^u^ or else i wouldn't have known about the product

  13. I can't wait for the Ayu X Sweet Days collaboration! I hope it will be aviable for international fans!


let me know what you think~ :3

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