Sigma brush & Mask set winners + Love packages!


Hope you all had a Wonderful Labor Day weekend! I know I did~ I got to relax away from my computer all weekend long and got to hangout with some friends :D

First I wanted to say Im sorry for the belated announcement of the giveaway winners, after going through all the qualifying entries to be entered into random drawer here are the winners!

Congratulation to

Sigma travel brush set winner:

Mask Set winner:

Please send me your contact info at my email or tweet me :)

Wanted to Thank my hunnies for sending me sweet Love Packages! Thank you Sandra for sending me some of my favorite sweets in matcha flavored choco and some kit kats! ♥ :::hugs:::

Japanese kit kats in 2 flavor packs in dark chocolate & matcha, tiramisu & flan pudding :D

Fujiya LOOK choclate in matcha ice cream parfait with azuki bean, Nameraka matcha chocolat

sent me Tokyo banana cake from Japan!

Next up Love from Khatsii  all the way from Australia ^__^ Thank you sweetie for sending me such a lovely heels from Forevernew!! you are really too sweet to send me this heavy shoes~ X3 Thank you so much its so pretty!! ::hugs::

lace bootie heels in size US5 

Lastly thank you Natalie for sending me your Handmade lash!

Natalie of Spirys makes handmade eyelash jewelry and sells her creation on etsy store, I always appreciate Handmade creations made with so much attention and love~ 

more about Spirys:

Eyelash jewelry is made out of glass beads and wire, so it is lightweight but very durable. It can be worn again and again using regular eyelash glue.

You can watch a video tutorial here: http://www.youtube.com/user/SpirysShop 

I will be reviewing this items along with a giveaway of the extra sets sent from Natalie :)


  1. whoaaa can't wait to see those eye feathers on you! I AM LOVING THOSE LACE HEELS. yes i needed to capitalize that obnoxiously. so, so gorgeous!

    giveaway going on now!

  2. Mmm I want to try those Kit Kats!
    The Spirys homemade lashes look really unique too. 

  3. Omg! Those eyelash jewelries are to die for! I love the cupcake ones :)

  4. The snack is yummy! Like the lace boots! It amazing!  The handmade eyelash is definitely awesome! :D

  5. The shoes are gorgeous! Ahhh, i wish the Kit Kat sold here have those flavours too; the import ones are so limited and expensive T__T Also, love the eyelashes, even though they look so out of this world. XD

  6. The heels are gorgeous! Very elegant and chic and Victorian era style!

  7. WOW, those lashes are too cxute! i love them!!
    Krissy xoxo www.swallowmyfashion.blogspot.com

  8. Those heels are cute~ I will check them out in forever new! I miss diff flavour kitkats!!


  9. The white lace shoes are so cute !! Such nice packages *__*

  10. The heels are gorgeous! And those snacks hmmmmmm. Anyway the lashes is really unique and special, i like the candies one most, really cute and adorable! ^^

  11. The heels!!So pretty!!!If I can work now,probably I will spent that lot for a nice shoes like that too~

  12. These heels look goregeous :) Love them!

  13. Yay congrats to the winners :D
    Man all those snack are making me hungry lolBtw I'm loving your new layout Eki!!

  14. Oh wow, those lashes are fantastic!
    DO WANT :D

  15. The shoes & eyelash jewelry are gorgeousss ♥♥ Can't wait to see you in both!

  16. congrats to the winners !

    the snacks look so yummy !!

    anddddddddd those eyelashes look insane ! =D

  17. niceee shoees!!!

  18. Woah I'm really kicked by these eyelashes now! Amazing job (:

  19. those eyelashes are so cool! i never knew they existed :) I would really like to see those booties on you! Hopefully in a OTD

  20. matcha kitkaaat, I really want that since its so hard to find one in my country :( and love the shoes, white + flower = total love  <3

    and wow, its the first time I see those type of lashes O_O cool

  21. shoes are lovely. <3 btw eki, i think you linked to the wrong forever new website. :P here's the correct one: http://www.forevernew.com.au/

  22. Wow love the lashes!simply gorgeous!! love ur blog! :)


  23. Wow I like the shoes, so pretty!
    That kitkat looks yummy :)

  24. Oh my goodness! The jewel lashes are amazing! Love them!

  25. LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoe!  Do you know if this style is still available?  I'd love to get me a pair!

  26. i'm glad you like the shoes hun! i thought of you the moment i saw them :] but i'm sure glad that they got to you safely! i was a little worried they might get lost (i'm always paranoid with shipping haha) <3 thank you for the great blogging you have done over the years and most definitely thanks for inspiring us all eki! どもありがとうね!
    <3 khatsii 


  27. unfortunately i was lucky when i grabbed them for eki ^_^; those shoes were selling out fast here in Australia. sadly i don't think they are available any more cause Forever New just released a whole new lot of gorgeous shoes! *drools* i wish i wasn't broke so i could have them all >_>;

    <3 khatsii



let me know what you think~ :3

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