Glam Bag: February 2012 bag review

Today I wanted share my Feb My Glam Bag~

 After subscribing in end of Jan for the Feb bag I finally got it today!

I had a slight disappointment with their service...
 In the initial email from My Glam after subscribing it did say that they were sending out the packages to arrive by Valentines day by sending out the packages to people that are lives out farthest first so that everyone will receive the package in around the same time, with this info I thought that I would get my bag by the 14th but it never came so I checked in to my account at My Glam to see if I can find any information regarding to my order but nothing, I also didn't receive a tracking number so I wanted to see if I can find it in my account but no info regarding to an shipment, I tried to find a CS contact but again NOTHING I couldn't find a way to contact them on their website so I backtracked to my order confirmation email then I found a link to email the CS in that email. I ended up email them on the 17th through my confirmation email next day I got a email with a tracking number from the CS.
All in all the information they provided to getting the packages in the mid month turned into end of the month so that was a disappointment, not knowing when my order was going to be sent out. Also buy the 16th they already released what was going to be in the bag on their website so there was no surprise to the bags itself.

What was in the bag?

Roll On Shimmer by NYX


Dazzle your face and body with Roll On Shimmer! Jazz up your look with any of the 16 brilliant shades that wears on eyes, face and body. Loose powder with intense shimmer and glitter. Simply apply to your desired body part by rolling on the product and control the intensity of the pigment yourself! Easily blend the shimmer powder using a brush or clean fingers and take with you everywhere you go for added sparkle.

Shine Control by X Out


    What it is:
  • X Out Shine Control is an oil-free moisturizer with a mattifying complex that helps to instantly absorb excess oil.
    What it does:
  • X Out Shine Control is designed to help moisturize the skin while helping to minimize the appearance of shine, helping to create the perfect canvas to apply your makeup. It's the ideal primer to add to your daily beauty regimen as it hydrates while helping to control oil and mattifying the skin.
    What else you need to know:
  • Oil-Free
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Created by dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, the makers of Proactiv®, America's number one acne system

Dead Sea Premier Other Products


    Concentrated Facial Serum with Vitamin E & C:
  • The Vitamin E & C Serum protects your skin from aging. It revitalizes, nourishes, firms, tones, improves texture, adds elasticity, balances your skin (5.5 PH), and reduces discoloration and age spots. This serum has a high concentration of Vitamins A, E and C. It's like a vitamin shot for your face. Vitamin E encourages the skin to produce more collagen, a natural wrinkle filler. When we get older (from Age 23), our body loses collagen and the skin becomes loose and wrinkly. This serum contains vitamin E to help your body produce collagen. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant preventing aging in the future. Finally, Vitamin A helps our cells become stronger and healthier. It is also considered to be one of the most important vitamins for our skin.
    Moisture Complex:
  • This product won an award for best product in 2005 by Health and Beauty America (HBA). It is not your regular moisturizer because it has many different purposes. First, tt absorbs easily, gives you moisture for 24 hours and nourishes your skin with 21 minerals from the Dead Sea. It contains liposome complex and Dunaliella seaweed (which only live in the Dead Sea) which have amazing anti-aging effects. This is a great cream to start your day it contains natural SPF and protects your skin from makeup and free radicals. Second, it is a wrinkle filter. The mineral bar is a high concentration of minerals from the Dead Sea.  It opens the pores, helps your skin to absorb oxygen from the water and allows the cream to soak in and fill wrinkles and fine lines.
    Eye Serum:
  • The delicate eye area needs special attention , since the skin is thinner in this area and tends to wrinkle first. Our velvety feeling eye serum absorbs quickly, reducing the appearance of fine lines, dark circle and puffiness. Eye serum contains liposome complex, sodium Borate, rose water which moisturizes, firms and tones the skin.
    Eye Cream:
  • Premier's Eye Cream protects your delicate under eye skin keeping it moisturized all day long.This cream targets fine lines and wrinkles and prevents future wrinkles.It also contains natural SPF 17 UVA and UVB sun filter protection.

Pineapple or Goji Berry Facial Mask Sachets by Freeman


    Pineapple Facial Enzyme Mask:
  • Gently exfoliate with Pineapple Facial Enzyme Mask to help lift dry, dead skin cells out of the way. Pineapple Extract and AHA's exfoliate so that moisturizers can reach your skin for better hydration and reveal fresher skin.
    Goji Berry Facial Hyrdation Mask:
  • Hydrate skin with Goji Berry Facial Hydration Mask, which helps calm, hydrate and nourish for soft, supple skin.

$100 Gift Certificate from Nu.Me

What I think?
well I love sample service mostly like surprises and getting to try products before actually purchasing them so when I heard about My Glam bag and looking at their previous bags I decided to get it, as soon as I saw what was in their Feb bag on their website honestly I was disappointed mostly due to having some product brands I never heard of and then I thought well thats cool they included a gift certificate but once I got the bag and saw that the gift certificate to nu.me was only good for hair styling product, hair extensions and it excluded hair products. I never heard of Nu.Me hair straightener or their hair drier so I am quite hesitant in purchasing them since I already own both straightener and drier so I don't see a need to get anything from them. The only product I will use is the NYX roll on shimmer lol I really don't know if I want to continue my subscription still debating, I want to see if the service and the product improves or not what do you think...?

Also a update 
with my 3 year blog anniversary giveaway~

I decided that I wanted to give a prize to more than one winner since I wanted to celebrate this event with some appreciation to you my readers, I decided that I am going to have 3 winners! With this change in heart I decided that I need to buy more prizes!! lol so far this was my giveaway prizes but I am currently buying up more items that is partly why I haven't done the giveaway yet even though my 

3 year Blog Annivers has already passed... it was yesterday!!! 2/22 D; .... lol 

Thank you so so so much for having me here for 3 happy years, without your support and love this blog would not have lasted this long,, really, thank you for being so kind to me all these years.


preview: some of the items in this giveaway :)

well Im sorry that it will be belated blog annivers giveaway but I promise I won't keep you waiting too long ^__~

well take care!



  1. everything look good!
    Happy blog Anniv Eki! I always love your blog :)

  2. I've been hesitant to sign up for the glam bags too :( maybe I won't try it~ but it did seem like a good idea!! I can't wait for your give away :) えきさんのビデオが好きです!いつもありがとうございます!

  3. okay I didn't even notice the MyGlam post because the AMAZING photos of the giveaway products that will be given to your wonderful readers. Omg babe.. you're going to have people going goo goo gaga over your blog anniversary giveaway! O___O  I'm already there! keke

    Now w/ the MyGlam. They def disappointed me the 1st month (jan bag) when I first subscribed w/ them. Never got my bag... due to shipping label issues. So I gave them another chance. Not really thrilled about the products either. NYX roll on shimmer is seriously the only thing useful besides the delicious chocolates that I already ate up. I am cancelling for sure. I'm not big on these subscription services. $10 to me is a lot of money. That's like another candy doll lipgloss that I can be obsessed over. So many girls I know this month had issues w/ their shipment. A few will not be receiving their bags. Surprise Surprise!!! -___-   They need to step it up or else they're going to lose a lot of glammies this way.

    Love ya <3

    Julie ^_~

  4. I actually started my subscription with MyGlam since their beginning in Dec. but I am SO disappointed by their service that I stopped my subscription. In December, I got my GlamBag and didn't even get the full-size UD Sin eyeshadow... it just wasn't in there! and it was the thing I wanted most in that bag. They sent me an e-mail saying they'd get back to me on that, but they never did. Then the next month, my bag NEVER CAME. They gave me a refund for it, but I was so excited to try out the products in that month's bag and I wasn't going to get it at all. And then of course, this month's bag had REALLY disappointing products. I think overall these sample subscription companies only put out good stuff at the beginning to get you sucked into it, but then the samples get worse and worse. Yeah... :'( sorry for the long whiny comment but just thought that you'd like to know and maybe save $10 a month -___-

  5. Happy 3 year ani! I never actually purchased a glam bag before, but it seems disappointing! 

  6. Thanks for your reviews. I was about to get subscription with MyGlam. But after your reviews, I am so disappointed their services and products. I have monthly with Birchbox and I like their services. Lately I'm a little  disappointed my Birchbox because few deluxe samples are worse =(. Anyways, Happy your 3 yrs Blog Anniversary. As Always I Love your blog. Keep it up ^_~ 


  7. Happy blogiversary! Haha I've been following you for soo long now, and still am going to continue to~ ^^
    Too bad about their service too, it seems so many are dissapointed with them :( Hopefully they work on it soon!

    xx tht-christina.blogspot.com

  8. Oh boo. I kind of had high hopes in myglam. I signed up for a subscription as well but still on the wait list. I say give it another try. One more month. Hehe. Then if your expectations are still bombed then discontinue. The shipping details suck though.

  9. the glambag for february does look quite disappointing. the very first glambag was amazing, but of course, the first one will be because the girls and company need to generate interests and subscriptions. after people have already made their subscriptions, then the products can start to get less impressive. i was skeptical that something like this would happen, especially since the first glam bag WAS so impressive. hmm ... i will be quite interested to see what comes out for march and april.

    <3 rae


  10. I want to try MyGlam at least once if I can ever get a subscription.
    Happy blog anniversary!! I found your blog last year around this time and I really enjoy reading your posts.

  11. In Australia the subscription boxes are horrible. ):

    Have you heard of the glossybox for Christmas, they gave out the Deborah Lipmann polish and other AMAZING high quality products. Jelly..
    I'm a recent fan of your blog but congratulares on 3 years! :)

  12. Congratulations on your 3 years!  I am just starting and I hope to exude similar grace that you do with your blog! ^0^  Been a fan for about a year now!  


  13. Like many others, I am too just getting started and you're such a great inspiration. ブログの3周年おめでとうございます! Keep up the good work! ウルグアイから愛!!! ♥♥♥

  14. Happy blog anniversary and thank you for sharing all this wonderful things with on! ♥♥

  15. Happy blogiversary~~ おめでとう

  16. Well you're the BEST so it's worth everyday. It's been another wonderful year for you and all of us!

    For another year let's "Ganbarimasho" (by SMAP)

  17. I think it's a waste of time (of subscribing it) if you'll get disappointed by the time the products arrive. It's also a waste of money. They're just samples. It's better to read/watch other people's review (those that you trust) first then only decide on whether to get the product(s) - not subscribing to it. Sometimes it's just better that way. :)

    Also, happy 3rd anniversary to you and your blog! Hehee!

    Anna xx

  18. Happy blog anniversary !! I'm a recent fan of yours but I'm so happy I discovered your blog. I love it! And thank you for all the reviews you do. I really enjoy reading them :) Also thank you for the giveaways, there so fun! ;)

  19. Happy (belated) blog anniversary!! Looks like you got some nice stuff, did you mention having such a hard time finding contact information? that should honestly be one of the things they really care about... if you don't have customer service... 

  20. happy blog anniversary eki (for yesterday) ^_____^

  21. Eep! I can't wait for your giveaway. Happy 3 years~ 

    I was curious about My Glam bag. Your review was very helpful. 

  22.  Well let me talk about my experience with their service...
    I am Brazilian and heard about the Myglam since the beginning because of Michelle Phan! But since they didn't offered international shipping i haven't signed up to their website.
    Too bad fr me because in december i went to US so i tought "hum, let's try this myglam thing" when i signed up the subscriptions wasn't avaliable. Too bad because i checked the december bag and it was amazing! So in january 6 they opened subscriptions and i signed up for the monthly one and waited!
    So by the middle of january they presented the january bag... but i haven't received it! No tracking number, no emails, nothing!
    I checked their twitter so they said that people who did subscriptions by that time will just receive the febuary's bag because the january's one was already out of stock!
    So i've waited untill feb and i felt very dissapointed because they said everyone will be able to receive the bags by feb 14th but they just shipped mine by feb 16th! I got it about 2 days ago =(

    If they can fix the shipping and communication issues people would be more happy about their service. At least they answer the emails pretty fast!

    About the products... well i haven't had a chance to try them but yeah they look pretty crappy compared to the dec bag. I hope they can get more partners in the future to make the bags more attractive! I will keep my subscription and give them another chance =]

    By the way... thanks for the post! I think it's the first time i see a blogger talking about what you really think instead of making videos and posts talking good things just to get a reply from the MyGlam twitter!

    You're awesome Eki! Sorry for the long comment and congratulations for the 3rd blog anniversary \o/

  23. Happy 3 year blogaversary! ♥
    That is so disappointing about this experience... I feel like they just wasted the whole point of doing preview bags by sending it to you after the products were already released :( Not to mention those restrictions with the gift certificate... boo on them.

  24. happy 3 year eki and many more! we miss you on youtube too ;)

  25. happy 3 years!! keep it coming... i love reading your blog!! *^_^*

  26. Happy Blog Anniversary!!! May there be many more to come :) i always enjoy reading the reviews and stuff always helpful in making the decision whether to get or not get an iten

  27. happy 3 year bloggversary :) 

  28. i honestly think there are way other better monthly samples out there.  i've seen style suzi's glossy boxes and they always look legit and not cheap. 

  29. I really like these concepts but I dont have the income to sign up to one yet XD hehe

    And happy Anniversary!

  30. Happy 3 Year  Blog Annivers! I've always been so skeptical about these deluxe sample subscription companies, thanks for your honest review. $10 might not sounds much, but it adds up! and I'd rather do my own product review research and purchase something I REALLY want, instead of having them sending something that most likely will disappoint me. I've seen reviews of other people's "deluxe samples" and most of them did not really motivate me to subscribe. It's a shame that my glam gave good dlx samples at the first months and getting worse!

  31. Giveaways EVERYWHERE. I love it! ;w;

  32. Happy 3 yrs Eki!! Doesn't it pass so fast! 

  33. Happy 3 year eki. i love coming to your blog and seeing the cute little posts you post up. keep it coming.

  34. Congratulations on your 3 years Lovely!! It's been so fast and I cannot wait for the next 3 to come ^o^

  35. Happy 3 year anniversary and more to come eki! (= I love reading your blogs & look forward to every update.

  36. Happy 3 year anniversary,! :) I really love reading your blogs! <3 :)

  37. Happy 3 year anniversary, Eki! ♥ You are one of my favourite blogs C:

  38. Happy 3 Years! I can't believe I've been following this blog for 2 years now!

    I think it's SO awesome that you're reviewing one of the sample boxes!
    Literally 3 days ago I heard about MyGlam and tried signing up... but they don't ship to Canada ;_;
    So I looked around and found Glymm which is the same thing except for Canadians!
    My first box will be coming for March.
    I'm so excited! It seems like an awesome idea!
    I would have loved that 100$ giftcard though *_* their wet to dry hair straightener looks pretty awesome.

    Cheers Lovely!

  39. I reaallly didn't like this bag :( I couldn't use a single thing in it aside from the NYX shimmer, and even then it wasn't really suitable for my eyes.

     I wish they wouldn't partner with cheesy mall-kiosk companies, I'm fine with some drugstore products but not shady products that people peddle you at the mall.

  40. congrats on your blogiversary, Eki!

    I haven't been please with MG since December. I didn't even get my January one, but was refunded. February's was really disappointing, I wouldn't have been willing to even pay 5$ for this one had I known what was inside. I'm thinking about just canceling my subscription, especially after that X-Out repackaging shadiness, but I want to give it a chance, so we'll see? :/

  41. I also am pretty disappointed with MyGlam's service. They are going through so many problems, I really hope that they can sit down and really take a look at their service so that their customers are happy. Even this month, I was missing two items in my bag. This shouldn't happen!

    I did my review here:

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