Review: Buy Swagger clothings + giveaway


Hope you are all having a wonderful St Patrick's weekend! Today I wanted to share my review on clothing from Buy Swagger! Also a giveaway!

Who are they?
we are based in the UK but we ship internationally. We sell cute and kawaii Asian-style women’s clothing with free delivery in the UK on every order and free international delivery on all orders over £50
Our philosophy: To provide customers with a quick, efficient and friendly service which bridges the gap between the Asian clothing market and western consumers.

Mission Statement: To provide online clothing platform based within the UK where western based customers can access their favourite Asian designs quickly and efficiently, bridging the gap between the East and West while simultaneously capturing the youth and fun of a generation through clothing. We focus on providing great value korean, japanese and chinese influenced 'fob' style clothing with quick and free delivery!

On to the Review:

They let me choose 2 items from their store, shipping was quite fast considering it was coming all the way from UK. Was quite pleased with the quality of the clothing :) I want to address that the clothing are all one size, to get a better idea of the clothing on me, I am about 4'11" 90lb.

Size 8-10
Bust: 64cm (stretch)
Length: 64cm
Elasticated Hem: up to 122cm

What I think?
I usually avoid buying dresses from online since I cant never tell how they fit on me, I asked Irene from Buy Swagger if she thought petite person could wear this dress since it said size 8-10 but she said that it has elastic band around the dress so she said it might be ok for someone that is petite so I gave this dress a try since it was really cute in their photos. Made out of 2 layered fabric top are semi sheer navy blue with rose pattern chiffon fabric with second layer fabric being matte black fabric. The dress is really stretchy, I felt like I was too short for this dress since the length were a bit long on my frame, I think it will fit perfectly on anyone that is 5'-5'2" or 153-158cm perfectly , over all it is made with quality and really pretty, I would recommend this :)

Size 8
Bust: 90cm
Sleeve: 57cm
Length: 53m

What I think?
I LOVE anything nautical theme items so when I saw this cardigan I wanted it, again size are size 8 I would say its a size S or small medium, size I wear mostly size XS or S this cardigan fits on me like a large S or a medium since it is not a perfect fit on me, loose fit and not cropped on me. It is made with thin cotton material so its not that warm great for spring/summer,  I think its cute only wished that it fit me well. :(

overall its cute, quality are not great but ok but I would recommend it :)

It been a LONG time since I posted a FOTD so here it is :D
what am I wearing? 

Skin79 orange BB cream
Mini review: 
I think this BB cream are slightly too light on me, surprisingly! since I am quite pale at NC 20-25 so I would say this would be perfect for anyone that are NC15-20! The coverage is amazing and gives off a nice natural grow :)
 Candy Doll concealer in light
cosmagic Deco cheek blush

Dolly Wink long mascara
Kpalette 24hr tattoo liquid eyeliner
Kate gradical eyes eyeshadow palette
missha automatic eyebrow pencil in light brown
Dolly Wink eyebrow mascara in mocha
Dueba gossip brown lens

YSL Rouge volupte in #1 Nude beige


I am not paid in any way to review this items. Just here to share my opinion :)

On to the giveaway!
One winner will win any 1 piece clothing from Buyswagger.com. Open to anyone in the world!
Only one rule, "like" Buy Swagger facebook! :)
please fill the form below to enter :)

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  1. You look gorgeous babe! The outfit totally matches your EkiLove jewelry piece. Sailor-like style ;)   

  2. I love the new clothes on you Eki! Your hair has grown so long now =)!  I can't believe its almost been a year since I saw you >___<. I'm glad to see new EkiLove items! I remember when I got my first anchor necklace from you!  I hope you're doing well and taking care! I miss you~~

  3. I am absolutely in love with this nautical cardigan OMG OMG need one *~*

  4. Awesome review ^^ And I'm loving the cardigan too :D I love the color and the sporty yet casual feel to it.
    Thanks Eki for the review~ You're The Best!

  5. Very Very Cute Outfist ^o^ The Nautical cardigan  really suits you even if it is a little loose~

  6. you are so cute , the dress too ! thanks for review

  7. I've been seeing this shop pop up a lot lately.. I am planning to shop from them soon so it's good to see the quality!

  8. えりかちゃん〜元気?!服も可愛いけどえりかちゃんの肌「綺麗」ってしか思えないよ〜it looks so healthy and flawless~~ hope you're well! x

  9. this dress suits you very well. Love your earrings.

  10. Your eye make looks gorgeous! <3

  11. lidool_baybee_angelMarch 17, 2012 at 11:44 PM

    You are so damn pretty!

  12. kyaa the dress looks good at you.

    You're so pretty<3

  13. arrw you look very pretty ~ the blue dress suits you very much! *w*
    ♥ shushu-blog.blogspot.com ♥

  14. I love these photos. You look so pretty. 

  15. Thanks for introducing this store!! You look beautiful as always!

  16. wow i love the cardigan too!! nautical theme is perfect for the summer :)
    and you look so pretty as always ^_^

  17. You look lovely! Thanks Erika, great post! :) xx

  18. pretty as usual.. i always love your FOTD ^^

  19. The cardigan looks so adorable! I love it.

  20. The dress looks beautiful~ >u< And your FOTD is wonderful~ <3

  21. Oh, Eki, you're so tiny and cute! ^_^ Love that dress on you! I always want to try these Asian styles too but I am a little bigger, do you think buyswagger sizes would fit american size 6?

  22. I know this post's focus is on the clothing, but I just wanna say that those contacts look super great on you!

  23. I have the first dress. The length looks fine on you. However, I changed the bubble on the bottom since it doesn't look with me to just double flare layer out. I'm 5'2 and it fit fine. I think it runs big but I was okay with it since you can also tie it as a halter and it's stretchy. Plus, I got big burst... I'm a 34D and was told I'm a DD. lol. It just depends on the brand.

  24. I love the dress - very cute and I love the colors. Taking a peek at their site, it looks like they have some really cute clothes.

  25. The outfit looks very nice. I especially love the pattern on the dress and both the cardigan and the dress goes well together. :)

  26. awww Eki Chan... Lovely giveaway :)
    Pretty Eki ^^ <3

  27. i like the cardigan! so cute.
    and i like your lipstick color. :)

  28. Aaww these are super cute! but I think I'm a bit tall for them :( (5'9' >.<)

  29. Joanna Marie ArieteMarch 21, 2012 at 4:06 AM

    that dress is so cute! And BTW, I can't help but notice your beautiful skin..would  you mind sparing some time on sharing your skin care routine? (^__^)

  30. You look so beautiful in the pictures of this post. Love the earrings ^^
    P.S. Your hair is getting really long! I love it ♥

  31. You look like a model in these shoots!
    I know this is random, but I noticed there were new Koji Dolly Wink lashes that were added to the original series. Was DYING to ask if you can do a review on these as I love the series but wasn't sure which ones to purchase... purchasing them to Australia is very expensive due to high import taxes so I can't afford to purchase all of them. Pretty Pretty Please??

  32. NO I MISSED THE CONTEST! but omg you're so gorgeous! and how is it that you look like Utada in your last pic. do you use any special lights for your photos btw? and i can't believe you're 4'11"!!! i thought you were tall this whole time!

  33. I love your style!! Try also Try custom jeans

  34. i love the blue dressss! so pretty

  35. so lovely eki-chaan <3
    love it so much! x3~


  36. what hair dye and lenses are you wearing here?

  37. what age are u eki?? i no you are older than 16 but what is ur real age??

  38. Hi! There is a site that is based in AU its called sakuradreams.com.au - I believe thats the link in any case the owner is Yuki ( yuki109.blogspot.com) Her cosmetics are awesomely priced, she also carries the popular tsubasa false eyelashes line "DollyWink" 


  39. Hey Eki! Do you prefer the Skin79 orange bb cream or the oriental one? I like dewy bb creams and am use to the vital orange one, but was wondering if I should try the oriental one.


let me know what you think~ :3

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