Photo diary: my Bday week!

H e l l o
How have you been? Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend :) 

Spring is finally here! I have been taking it easy enjoying the beautiful sunny days trying to recover from the long winter blues since the cold really took a toll on my body & mind, so I am sorry for the lack of updates... =__= 

With the Spring renewal energy and the warmth of the Sun, I hope to recharge my spirits and start being positive again! I hope that energy will show in my coming posts, I've got to start doing the things I used to love again! Thank you so much for following my blog as always, I hope this Spring season will bring some positive energy on your way also

To my post:

April 1st was my Birthday, I noticed alot of my blog friends are also April Babies~ I guess something about us April Babies with blogging? hehe,, To my Fellow April Baby, Happy Birthday as well! 

Here is my FOTD & OOTD from my Bday, very simple and casual. I've also finally colored my hair again~ it turned out somewhat ombre style with the ends where I bleached while back turned to ash brown and the new growth to light brown.

 Bday FOTD♥

Skin79 orange BBcream
Candy Doll mineral face powder
Candy Doll concealer in light
Jill Stuart Mix blush in 02

Kpalette 24h tattoo liquid eyeliner
Dolly wink Long mascara
Visee glam nude eyes palette N2
Dolly Wink eyebrow powder 
Dolly Wink eyebrow mascara in mocha
Dueba gossip grey lens

YSL Rouge Volupte in 01

I wanted to Thank my dear friends for making my Bday so much sweeter.
Thank you Rina, Sandra, Katie for the sweet generous gifts, making my bday so much more special. I cherish our friendship and LOVE, thank you for the many smiles you have put on my face :)

Thank you so much Sandra! You always seems to know what I love :hugs:
Jill Stuart 15th anniversary e-mook and cutie Liz lisa pouch
Thank you katie for always surprising me with your sweet gifts! Arigatou!
Thank you Rina & Sandra for this generous gift. I am glad we all have become such a good friends together! I truly miss you both!
I almost fell off my chair when I opened package and saw this, never had my girlfriends gift me T&co! fits me perfectly Thank you! Zach was shocked too lol

Some photos from my Instagram: 
Bday week

Green tea roll cake from Katie that she got from Paris Baguette! :D Thank you for this cute cake hun I made my wish!
Bday Lunch with Zachs' family at Outback! One my favorite eats~
server served me free Bday sunday
some cute Easter stuff at Target
I made some new ekilove creation! 
went to Dave & Busters for my Bday! all of us put our ticket together they got this Pink Domo-kun for me! :D


  1. Happy Belated :) I like your eye makeup so lovely.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday~~You got such nice friends and the gifts were all lovely!
    My eyes were looking at your handmade stuff *_*

  3. You look beautiful as always!! So glad to hear you had a nice birthday! :D

  4. You look so pretttyyyyy :D:D Happy belatedd!

  5. Happé belated birthday Eki!

  6. I LOVE that top you're wearing. Do you mind if I ask where you got it? ; _ ; ♥

  7. I am glad you had such a nice birthday!!! I wish you a lot of happiness this year too!! <3

  8. Oh my gosh you look beautiful in those first pictures! those lens really suit you! it seems like you had a lovely birthday! :) congratulations <3

  9. Hi Eki!! Happy Birthday again :) Glad to know you had a wonderful birthday. I'm slowly going back to blogging as well. :) As usual you have the most amazing skin and love the hair! What's your hair color? I just recently dyed mine but will dye it again in 3 months :)

  10. Happy belated birthday, Eki :)

    My bf always talks about Outbacks... I want to go now, your lobster and baked potato looks so yummy :d

  11. Aww yeah! April Babies <3 I'm really surprised that your birthday's in April as well, rarely any of my friends are born in April...I thought I was alone in this world hahaha
    But you looked amazing and it's great to see that you've recovering and getting better ^^ Can't wait for more updates! Stay beautiful and healthy!!

  12. happy be-lated birthday eki - wishing you a wonderful year ahead - p.s. your cake looked really yummy!

  13. wow,really awesome gift and your friends..it's so wonderful to have a friends like your..(≧^◡^≦)

  14. happy belated bday!! You look stunning as always! :) 

  15. Happy Birthday! (a bit late ><)

    My cousin was also born in April Fool's. Her dad is very playful so no one believed she had born, they thought it was a joke! Only her grandparents visited on her first day xD 
    The other day, everyone went there to apologize...

    I loved your cardigan <33 

  16. happy happy birthday!!! cute stuff!


  17. Eki!  happy birthday!  May you have a really happy year!  :D

  18. this post made me smile :D i love birthdays!!! 
    happy birthdayyyyyy Eki ^__^

  19. Happy Belated Birthday!! (*o*) .. I just recently moved to MN and started blogging as well. You're truly an inspiration♥ .. I'm so sad looking at those cute Easter stuffs. I did not see any of those at the Target near us! :c

  20. happy birthday!!

    anw, the font getting smaller and smaller.... just in case you didn't realize it..

  21. Aww, a belated happy birthday and happy easter.
    Thank you for sharing this lovely post and I hope you had an amazing birthday with all your loved ones.

  22. happy birthday love :)

  23. Happy belated birthday!
    Your photos are gorgeous as always. When my docent looked at my screen while I was reading your blog in school, he said you're so beautiful he can't believe you're real ;D that was kinda cute!

  24. Happy birthday again, Eki! Looks like you had a great birthday and easter :D Great presents and meals!

  25. Happy belated Birthday ♥
    You've gotten such cute things! Great pictures.

  26. Happy belated B-day!
    Great photos and your outfit looks adorable!

  27. Awwww Eki looks like you had a wonderful time!

    So many yummy sweets *____*

  28. Happy birthday eki!!!I also have that Liz lisa pouch! <3 

  29. your hair looks amazing & that food looks great, Happy Birthday!

  30. Just sweet and thoughtful presents :) :)

  31. Happy belated birthday from a new follower! I love your outfit :D


  32. happy belated birthday eki!! btw i love your hair, what colour did you use? :D x

  33. Elaine Horn-RanneyApril 12, 2012 at 2:51 PM

    Happy birthday, Eki!! Looks like you had a good one!

    Also, I love how you did your eyebrows. ;)

  34. You look beautiful Eki!  Happy Birthday Month! ^_^
    Yay for April babies!

  35. Awww happy birthday ^__^
    Ughhh I love April.
    That's when have all the adorable bunny related merchandise. 

  36. You coloured your hair? Looks so beautiful!!! I've already wished you Happy Birthday through twitter ^^
    You take the most kawaii pictures ♥ XOXO

  37. What beautiful gifts! So happy to know you had a great birthdays, hopefully the next year will be the same!

  38. Happy Birthday again! :D You look so pretty ♥ And awesome gifts! You are so lucky! :D And love the coord X3

    ~ Kieli ~

  39. Glad to hear that you are getting over your winter blues; Spring is such a great time to get re-energized! Also, very cut etop you have on!

  40. You have such generous friends. :) HBD! Cute pink Domokun, btw. :D

  41. happy happy birthday!!! cute stuff! ^^



let me know what you think~ :3

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