Tutorial: Shrimp Tempura roll!

wanted to share one of my favorite dishes with you today! Shrimp Tempura roll :D It has been a long time since I posted a food tutorial so I hope you like this as much as I do! So yummy and fun to make~  ^_^

What you'll need:

For sushi:
med to jumbo Raw shrimp
Short grain rice/sushi rice
sushi vinegar
Flying fish egg/tobiko
kewpie mayo (Japanese mayonnaise)
seaweed sheets/sushi seaweed paper

For tempura:

1/3 cup of flour
1/4 cup of corn starch
1/2 cup of cold water

1 egg yolk
tea spoon of baking powder

pinch of salt

vegetable oil

 and of course VERY sharp knife to cut through the sushi rolls lol :)

Starting off: Shrimp!

Take off the shells then devein the shrimps, tip: (go here for how to devein) then make a small slices in the inner curve of the shrimp so that you can spread the shrimp straight by pinching down the shrimp like in the bottom picture. 

Frying: Make batter

Prepare the batter, mix in all the ingredients listed for the tempura above in a large bowl. TIP: colder the water the crunchier the the tempura will be :)
Now Add about a cup of vegetable oil in a medium pan, make sure the oil are hot to check if the oil are hot enough drop few drops of the batter in the oil if the oil bubbles around the batter like in the photo below then its ready to be fried. Gently lay the shrimp in the oil, take out the shrimp once the batter are are golden and the tails are red then lay them down on a paper towel or on a newspaper. TIP: If you never made tempura before you should watch this video

Prepare: SUSHI!

To make sushi rice, mix in sushi vinegar to your steamed rice. slice up some cucumbers in a thin slices, well in this part you really can add whatever items you please such as avocado, cream cheese etc :)

Now make sure to have sushi bamboo roller to make sushi rolls~ flat out the sushi rice on to the seaweed paper just leave about 1" space at the end so that it is easier to roll the ends together and by doing this the rolls will keep its shape while cutting the rolls, lay all the ingredients on the center of the seaweed like in the picture, (need 2 tempura shrimps per roll) now roll in from the end where the rice is on~

Now cut the roll with your SHARP knife into 10 pcs~ and its DONE! :D





  1. WAAAHH it looks so yummy!!! I wish I could also make sushi. im a bad cook 

  2. your homemade sushi looks so good!
    mine always turn out pretty bad looking lol!


  3. it looks delicious !! 


  4. yummmmm!!! love tempura roll.. my fav! <3   

  5. Oh my goodness that looks absolutely delicious!! Makes me crave for Japanese food right now! >__<

  6. wow sounds very delicious ^-^ I´´ll have sushi later :D

  7. Lidool_baybee_angelApril 18, 2012 at 3:55 AM

    Oh, wow! Thanks for sharing~
    It looks delicious! :D

  8. wonderful ! I will try but in Italy it's difficult to find ingredients!

  9. OMG! This look awesome!! And thanks for your step by step! It made it easier to understand ^^

  10. mmmm this looks delicious!

  11. mmmm looks so delicious! Maybe I'll make sushi today... hehe ^3^

  12. OmG that tempura looks so delicious cool tutorial!

  13. The tempura looks so delicate and delicious!!

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  14. Looks delicious! <3 Made me hungry :D

  15. Thanks for the tutorial! Love this ! <3 totally gonna try making it now <3 ^3^ !!!!

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  16. thanks for this EKI!!!

  17. Wow looks delicious! I've always wanted to make sushi rolls, just need to get the ingredients and bamboo mat! ^_^

  18. omg you are so talented! So good at everything!! I"m going to try this ou this weekend :D

  19. god, those look so good! did you learn these recipes from your parents or self-teach yourself? :3

  20. You make everything look so easy! 

  21. love sushi too...nom nom :)

  22. one of my favorite sushi >_< too bad i can't eat it any more D: allergic to shellfish *sobs*  thanks for the tutorial love!

  23. Im hungry now. At first I thought it was raw shrimp (my fav) but shrimp tempura sushi is so good too. I wish I could make sushi half as nice as yours :) they are wrapped perfectly!


let me know what you think~ :3

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