Photo Diary: A date with Yuina :)

H e l l o~ 


Im gonna start writing a little bit of Japanese here and there from now on since my cousin said love checking my blog but she cant understand it so lol ^^;;

I went on a date with my little cousin Yuina yesterday~
Here are what we did on our date!

She insists that we take purikura photos everytime we go anywhere its apprently a tradition amongst girls here in Japan lol

here are the Purikura photo booth we chose, Rumor which is one of the newest machine which I really liked alot compared to other machines cause photos came out clearer compared to other machines that I have tried so far~ 

It was weird at first cause the space in the machine are fairly cramped compared to other machine but what was cool was that the camera in the middle moved up and down, when it came to shooting the whole body the camera moved up and took from an downward angle hence giving off big head small body effect lol  :D

next we took photos in this Lady by Tokyo machine, one of Yuina's favorite machine I asked her why she said it took really nice photos~

For lunch we tried out Sweets Paradise
its a chain all you can eat sweets buffet, buffets in Japan has a time limit and this place is for 70min you can eat all you want! Not only sweets they have a little bit of regular food also such a pastas, salad, soup and large variety of sweets, cakes, chocolate fondu and ice creams~ I thought it was ok was not that impressed, all the cakes sorta all tasted the same but hey it was only 1480yen about $18. :)

Then we went shopping around in MYLORD a department store.

Saw new Dolly Wink Brown Mascara and liquid eyeliners! Ofcourse the minty colored packaging caught my eyes lol

Went to this store called Passport 
They sell home goods items along with super cute items lol

cusions and pillows
mugs and mug covers with a spoon holder

Here is my small haul from MYLORD. 
Yuina and I both got this polka-dots after bath towel robe from passport, it was on sale only cost 870yen about $11 and I got a high waist skirt shorts from Honeys which is a clothing stores that sells cute style clothing with a low price~ They were having a sale so this shorts was 50% off! cost only 1190yen about $15! ^__^ I love finding great cheap finds that are cute lol



  1. cute ^o^ my daughters name is yurina just with a r ^^

  2. omg everything in Japan is so cute T__T I really want to buy all this stuff now!! Oh wow, they finally released a brown liquid liner for Dolly Wink?! EXCITING!!! 

  3. You and your lil cousin are so kawaii!!! Hehe. Purikura machines in our country sucks. Lol. T___T


  4. Girls are such teases ;P anyway, it's cool you got to hang out with your cousin I actually love hanging out with mine, especially since I don't see them very often.  A sweets buffet sounds like my kind of thing too.  We don't get much in the way of dolly wink here, so I'm kinda jealous lol.  The clothes you got were very cute too.

  5. Aww such cute items you got ^^ I love brown eyeliner ever since I bought Love Liner  when I was in Japan last year. I have a feeling that Dolly Wink's will be better ☆ can't wait to get my hands on them xD


  6. I like the cusion and pillow. so cute~!!

  7. ...is that Hon-atsugi? Because I went there last week and I kinda made the same pictures you showed here! And I bought the little striped frog chain which is on one of your pictures because my stepmom loves frogs, can't resist to buy! I have a love-hate relationship with Sweets Paradise, I love the food but I hate that I gained so much weight because of going there! Def. no idea how Japanese girls pull that off...

  8. awww you girls are so cute! and cute goodies too! 

  9. the bath robe thing is so cute! I so so wanttt!

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  10. That skirt is so cute =D
    And you both look so pretty in the purikura!

  11. OMG so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute, everything is cute *__*

    I'm hosting a give away if you haven't entered already, please check it out ^^http://emi-doll.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/119-emis-1st-blog-give-away-sponsored.html

  12. You two are so cute!! And I agree that those booths take clearer pictures, i see the difference very nicely :)

  13. The skirt is adorable!! ^^
    Looked like you had a  lot of fun with your cousin! 

  14. the stuffed animals are so cute!
    looks fun~

  15. I've been dying to achieve that kawaii look but sad to way my efforts had been futile. I am planning to buy makeup online and i hope i can get the appropriate cosmetics. 

  16. OMG!! Love the mug covers and spoon holders!!! What a great idea!! The Purikura looks like so much fun! Since I can't see myself going to Japan anytime soon, I really hope they start to catch on here in the US!!

  17. It sounds like the perfect girl's day - purikura, sweets and shoping! I can't pass by stores like Passport because I just want to buy all the cute items, I like the towel robe you picked out!

  18. Everything looks so cute!!! I so wanna visit Japan!

  19. the first picture is very kawaii!hahah~~xDD
    wow...i wanted to take photos using those purikuras too >_<

  20. You and your cousin are sooo cute! Love the purikura!! *v* Japan has the most amazing things to buy!! Aw I wish I could get all of the cute things. Your haul is so cute!!

  21. Aww your cousin is so cute :3 I'm jealous I want to go back to Japan so bad >.< you should check out purikura.blogspot.com there are reviews on all kinds of purikura machines so you can choose a really good one to use next time you go on a date :)

  22. all the pictures are sooo cute!!! i want all those plushies!! =D

  23. i always love how your hair looks! can you pleeeeease do a makeup tutorial? i also have long hair but i dont really know what to do with it when i try to style it =<

  24. i meant hair tutorial, but i also love your makeup looks, so feminine, beautiful, and not heavy! my fav kind :)

  25. That bath towel is so cute! Definitely want one!

  26. Looks like a loads of fun :>

  27. You guys look so cute...I love the dress with the bows on it...and I love your blog...I'm your new follower...yay

  28. Cute purikura! I wasn't too impressed with Rumor because of the stamps, I like the high angle though. I reviewed it on my blog: http://www.purikura.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/review-rumor.html

    Lady By Tokyo is one of my favourites too. You might like Bijou Cocktail if you get a chance I found it took nice pictures :)

  29. I like those kind of shorts! hehe.

    I really enjoy reading your blog <3.  I always check my Google Reader for new posts. I will also subscribe thru Bloglovin just to make sure I won't miss anything from you...hehe.
    Please post a new video on YT if you have time >.< Thank you! :)

    BTW, I tagged you here (http://noothermerry.blogspot.com/2012/08/blog-of-beauty-tag.html). I hope you don't mind.

    Lovelots from the PH. :))

  30. aw looks so fun. I love your purikura pics; you both look so cute! and those shorts!! great find ~

  31. awwwn u and your cousin look soo cuute!! and the food looks yummy!

  32. Haha oh purikkura its been so long!
    Im loving the after shower outfit!
    Looks like you had an amazing day!

  33. Everything's so cute :3 I love how your new layout/ blog header is the picture with your cousin! So sweet! 

  34. Wow! Everything is so cute! I love the puri! 


let me know what you think~ :3

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