Vlog Diary: Tokyo SkyTree and Asakusa


Been a while! Im sorry for the lack of updates lately ^^;; 
The heat in Japan has made me so lazy and unmotivated to do anything.... D; maybe not the heat itself but the humidity and the heat just doesnt mix well with me T_T

well few weeks back I visited Tokyo SkyTree and Asakusa so I wanted to share my trip with you~ I had a lovely time sightseeing the new and the old part of Tokyo!

Please watch the video for the Vlog! :)

どんぐり共和国 Donguri Kyouwakoku A Studio Ghibli Store at Solamachi 
store filled with Ghibli character merchandise :)

Had yakiniku for lunch :D my childhood favorite Bireley's orange drink :)

Then stopped by Asakusa since its down the street from Skytree, with its famous Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate 雷門) with the Giant Cochin (Lantern)


  1. such a beautiful scenery. I want to visit Tokyo one day!!

  2. Wow! Looks amazing! Going to make sure I visit Japan, someday. (=

    Anna xx

  3. OHHHH MY GOSHHHHHH I want to visit that Studio Ghibli store SO badly! ;OO One day I must! <3
    Omg I had no idea the Tokyo SkyTree has that glass part... I don't think I could bring myself to go up there, since I'm VERY scared of heights and ledges, I'll probably freak out! The view must be incredible though! :D And I love looking at all the photos! It's pretty incredible to think that this is what you get to see everyday, Eki. :) I mean, I look out my window and I see regular houses. Or going into town you see some older buildings and small shopping centers, and that's about it! XD I just can't believe that places like this are just, everyday normal places for people! :O

  4. The views from Asakusa are just magic! Thank you very much for sharing:)

  5. Love your new banner! Great pictures, and I know how you feel, I haven't been up to posting either because the weather here is also hot and humid!

  6. Wow how great photos ♥ I totally fallen in love with them!! Next time staying in japan I also want to visit the sky tree ♥
    I love your new header, it's so cute!!

  7. wow..nice sight!
    and your new photo cover is sooo cuteee!!

  8. lol orange drink...  did you change the banner recently?  i like it.  then again, i also liked the others...  what a tower!.  the food is making me hungry though, not gonna lie... :)

  9. The sights in Japan are so pretty :]  Also, love your nails!!

  10. Wow! Japan is so beautiful! The Ghibli characters are so cute. Also love your blog header! Wish I could make a header cool like yours. ^_^

  11. The skytree seems such a cool place! The Ghibli store is making me so jealous! Everything's so cute! :D

  12. Totoro and Jiji!!!
    Beautiful pictures! Hope ur having a good time in Japan!

  13. Awww, I love Kiki from Ghibli ^-^

    Nice pictures.

  14. Such gorgeous photos Eki (especially the Studio Ghibli merchandise!) :D Reminds me of how beautiful Japan is. <3

  15. Beautiful pictures Eki!  You make me miss Japan... especially all the Totoro merchandise!  I hope you are well!

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let me know what you think~ :3

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