iPhone photo diary: Shibuya, Akihabara and Tokyo tower all in one day :D

 Hello :)

another post on photo diary hehe ^^;;
Zach was visiting me here in Japan for alittle over an month and I was really busy trying to show him around cause it was his first time here so this day took him around Tokyo to some famous spots~ 

First we started our adventure in Shibuya to show him how dense of people are there lol

Im sorry for the low quality photos,, forgot to take my camera with so all taken with iphone D;

Then we stopped by Akihabara cause he was interested in seeing all the nerdy stuff lol... ^^;; I was too busy looking at all the stuff there that I completely forgot to take photos but managed to take photos of cute items~

at one of the Figure and Anime store spotted this life size Belldandy from oh my goddess! Brings back fond memories hehe 

Also at the same store there was Life size Ayanami Rei figure~ Zach standing next to it to show how big it is lol :D

Also tons of Gacha Gacha machines are everywhere in Akihabara~ Spotted this Hello Kitty x Evangelion collab charm! I wanted Rei but end up getting Asuka instead :(

my Akihabara Gacha machine gets lol

Then at the end we ended up at Tokyo Tower it was already dark by the time we got there cause it get fairly dark quickly now around 4-5pm ish

we went up the tower for 800 yen, too bad it was dark but the lights were beautiful~ then you can also go up the second observation tower for additional 600 yen, end up going to the second floor but was fairly small and crowded so had to wait to go up and down.

then stopped by at the gift shop in Tokyo tower~ Had huge collection of Hello Kitty gifts lol Spotted this huge Hello Kitty and of course had to take photos with it lol 

I think Zach had a nice time in Tokyo, he mostly enjoyed the food for sure lol

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  1. Ahh The Belldandy figure is soo amazing! And the Hello Kitty Asuka and Rei are adorable!! Eki, you're giving me so many places to put on my "Must Visit" list ^o^

  2. WOW! Tokyo looks amazing. I hope one day, that I can go too! How much longer are you in Japan Eki!? It looks like your having a nice time. Chu~

  3. rilakummaaaaaa owww thank you eki for your photos

  4. Aww this post made me miss Japan heaps! I can't wait to save up enough for a good shopping, food and culture trip around Tokyo with my host sister! =D And of course I wanna immerse myself in cuteness overload! XD

  5. Wow that's a lot of blythe dolls, and so much cute rilakkuma! You guys look like you're having so much fun ^_^

  6. Love it!! :D Thanks for sharing! So nice of you to show him around to so many places all in one day :)

  7. love ur hair! so pretty!

  8. You look so flawless~
    Thank you for sharing the photos with us! c:

  9. The street is so packed! Seems a bit intimidating. :X

    The Chopper phone strap is just too cute. I think when I go to Japan... I'll probably be buying mostly chopper merch. <3 Hello Kitty is slowly growing on me now from all your pictures. XD

  10. The night view of the Tokyo Tower is awesome ♥ This year I visited TT on day, next year I also wanna visit it by night.
    Great pictures ♥

  11. great pictures! i wish LA also had a tower that you could down from .. haha

  12. Hello Kitty... Helllo Kitty EVERYWHERE!!! D;

  13. I love your blog!

  14. I love this post especially the rilakkuma pics

  15. Hahaha the Rilakuma and Hello Kitty are so cute...
    Wish me luck to come to Japan next year.
    Wish nothing will cancel my Japan trip anymore :D


  16. Lovin' all the photos and thank you so much for taking your time off to upload them ^^ btw, my sister-in-law took photo of that huge Hello Kitty too when she was in Japan with my brother for their honeymoon :D

  17. Your hair is so pretty !

  18. ohh love the Blythe dolls and Pullips dolls!! <3<3

  19. rei ayanami is my favorite anime character!!!

  20. awhh so many cute things.. rilakkuma and hellokitty are my favorite :)

  21. omg so this is your bf zach! so cute! <3
    makes me wonder, does he speak japanese?

    i wanna see more japanese food! All look so yummy and pretty! And is there many street food? (just like hot dog sellers)
    and those beverage machines, i was told there is a lot of these around the city, right? but how is its price?
    Because here in brazil it is very hard to find machines, almost all stores sell it, but when we find, it is a little bit expensive and always put the money and the machine doesnt accept, dunno if it isnt plain or something like this... kind of hard to buy these here.
    in USA i tried a machine, wasnt expensive and easy to use, always had change (here sometimes you get no change, machine doesnt have coins)..

    i wanna shop in japan *___*

  22. Japan is beautifule! :3

  23. Eeeee.... This makes me want to go to back to Japan RIGHT NOW! ;__; Akiba... <3

  24. Oh my goodness! Shibuya 109 AND Hello Kitty in one setting?! *faints*


let me know what you think~ :3

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