2012 Favorites

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Now that the 2012 year is over with, I wanted to share items that I loved so much in 2012 that it just became my "GO TO" products that I frequently or daily use! Some of the products are my repeated favorites for few years now~ ^_^

Full post below :)

1. Fairy Drops BB cream
Why LOVE?: Altho there is no SPF in this BB cream it goes on true skin tone with semi matte flawless and airbrushed finish! Great for night time and flash photo :)

2. Dior Addict lipstick
Why LOVE?:  Goes on super smooth without creasing, keeps your lip hydrated with juicy plump look with punch of color. It also doesnt make my lip crusty after wearing for hours like some lipstick does. Its sorta like a lip balm and a lipstick had a baby this would be it~ a perfect harmony of both! :)

3. Dolly Wink brow mascara
Why LOVE?: Makes my black hairy eyebrows to be neutral shade and keeps the blushy-ness in neat orders without feeling heavy! :D

4. Dolly Wink Long mascara
Why LOVE?: I LOVE fiber-in mascaras because the extra fibers it give a BANG to my short thin lashes lol Also since I use electric lash curlers the fiber-in mascara keeps my eyelashes curled neatly~ This mascara gives me a nice long full lashes that I wish I naturally had so I get to cheat with this mascara hehe :)  

5. Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner
Why LOVE?: Gosh I keep going back to this liquid eyeliner simply because its been the best, why best cause this one liner last me good 3-5 months depending on your usage without drying out like most other liquid eyeliners after months and month it still lines smoothly! Also it goes on true black and lasts all day without giving a PANDA eyes we all hate lol 

6. Candydoll concealer
Why LOVE?: I have MAD dark circles that I seems to had since I was like 12.... lol so concealers are a MUST have item for me, over the course of years of using concealers I find that most concealers tend to either crease, gets flaky/cakey or too oily.... so when I started using this concealer I was amazed that it didnt do all of the no no's! Its not oil or feels heavy, doesn't crease or get flaky/cakey and covers my darks circle perfectly and looks natural! Also great as a highlighting base as well :)


1. Shiseido's Integrate eyebrow and nose shader
Why LOVE?: Ive been looking for perfect nose shader for my skin tone that didnt look obvious and a eyebrow power so whats better to have 2 two in one! This velvety powder goes on my skin smoothly blends amazingly and depending on how much you add on you can look super natural to drastic with this shader! 

2. Kanebo's KATE eyeshadow
Why LOVE?: I love KATE eyeshadows simply because it blends beautifully and all their shade really compliments asian skin tone amazingly with beautiful micro shimmer~

3. CANMAKE highlighter powder
Why LOVE?: unlike some highlighting powder out there this powder is so velvety and smooth with fine micro shimmer that is so subtle, its gives off super natural highlights! LOVE this items on top of my nose bridge, highlight enough to make my nose more defined :)

These face products works greats with my super sensitive breakout prone skin!

1. MyChelle Serious Hyaluronic firming serum
Why LOVE?: Not only is MyChelle a all natural and organic skin line this product really does what it claims without irritating my crazy sensitive! It firms, smooths and plumps the skin! I noticed that my skin is so much smoother after using this almost feels velvety with a healthy glow now! :D 

2. Paula's Choice Skin perfecting 2% BHA liquid
Why LOVE?: On 4th bottle now, LOVE this stuff! Its gentle but powerful exfoliation made my skin glow with decreasing my surprise breakouts! I love how my skin looks now thanks to this product I highly recommend this to anyone that has oily to sensitive skin type that suffer from lack of radiance and suffer from breakouts :)

3. Cellnique Skin Action Sebum gel
Why LOVE?: This seems to be my cult favorite for breakouts, been using this stuff countinuously  since 09. They instructs to use it on the T-zone the most oil prone area to reduce black heads but I started applying this gel on my breakout prone area and BAM it worked like miracle!  There were one time I went without buying a backup thinking "I'll find another cheaper product to replace this" so I went a month without using this gel and boy did my skin looked awful! was breaking out like crazy and that's when I found out how this gel was keeping my skin from bad breakouts! 

My face seems to LOVE these masks~

1. My Beauty diary mask in Earl Grey Tea & macaron
Why LOVE?: Not only does this stuff smells so yummy but also makes my skin so radiant, fresh and hydrated. Love how my skin looks the next day after using this mask :)

2. My Beauty Diary mask in Birds nest
Why LOVE?:  One of my very favorite mask from MBD series! Makes my skin so soft and smooth! In this winter wonder land that I live in this mask really helps my skin to be hydrated, I just LOVE this mask!

3. LOVE MORE scotland Rose crystal & tourmaline lifting mask
Why LOVE?: I love LOVE MORE masks! seems to agree with my sensitive skin really well and just love their lifting mask series after using the mask my face always feels firmer! Smells lovely and skin looks radiant what more can I ask for hehe :)

 Nail polishes that I wore most often~

1. Essie mint candy apple
Why LOVE?: Pretty pastel blue with hint of green, so pretty~

2.Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in mint sorbet
Why LOVE?: Gosh 2012 seems like my obsession with mint color lol This is perfect minty green that is super fast drying and long lasting! I just LOVE this polish!

3. Zoya in Erika
Why LOVE?:  I dont love it cause its my name... ok ok maybe I do lol Not only 3 free nail polish, I think its cool that its named after my name because this shade pretty much shows what I love baby pink with micro pearly gold shimmers!! so pretty lol  

4. Julep Alicia
Why LOVE?: Not only 3 free nail polish, Julep makes really opaque thick nail polish that with 2 coats you will get beautiful finish! LOVE this shade its super vibrant peachy pink~ very cute shade!

My skin LOVE LOVE LOVE Korres body butter! 

makes my ashy legs look brand spanking new! lol Really makes my dry skin super hydrated without fake oily greasy feeling, this lotion actually feels like it seeps into my skin and nourishes it! Also major PLUS that its 99% AU NATURAL~ ^_^

A must have items for me~

1. Rohto Z! eyedrops
Why LOVE?: Since I am a contact wearer with really bad vision I tends to give lots of stress to my eyes, whenever my eyes feel tired, dry, red I use Z! to refresh my eyes! Its super minty it almost blinds you! lol so if you use this the first time it'll feel really strong like acid in your eyes LOL but after the intense feeling you feel this cool feeling the alleviates tired eyes! If it was red before the eyedrop just look at you eyes after the feeling subsides and you'll be amazed that your eyes are no longer red!  ^^ 

2. Rohto Lycee
Why LOVE?: I use Lycee when I want to use less minty intense feeling, also this one contain vitamin B and its pink! :) It works great as well its just not instant like Z! but effective against tired eyes and dry eye!

3. Julep Elixir Organic Moroccan Argan oil
Why LOVE?: I LOVE this stuff since its 100% Organic Aran oil you can apply where ever you desire. On face, cuticle, dry skin and hair! I mostly use this on my hair as a moisturizer it works amazingly in keeping away dry ends without greasy, heavy feeling. I apply after shower while my hair is semi damp this keeps my hair smooth after it dries!


  1. Great Favorites babe! Love those nail polish drop swatches... made the colors so much more playful, colorful and cute! Those two minty shades are def my two favs too. Can't ever get sick of minty colors. Really want to try Dolly Wink's mascara one of these days. Been obsessed since I saw your post on it a while back. hehe :)

  2. Wah! Nice favourites! I want too try the Canmake highlighter and Candydoll concealer now too! (I already love the Dollywink Eyeliner and Mascara!!!)

  3. Lovely list. I really like th bird's nest and earl grey tea & macaron masks too!

  4. I looove reading favourites posts! Thanks for sharing yours! :) x

  5. Victoria KazimierczukJanuary 5, 2013 at 5:32 AM

    Want this all <3

  6. Loving all the products that you've mentioned in this blogpost ^^ i really would like to try the fairy drop bb cream :D

  7. thanks for sharing~ very interesting ^_^


  8. This is an awesome favorite post :) I am really interested in the lychee eyedrop...I have to check if it's available when I am :) Happy new year Eki!! :)

  9. Gosh I really need to pick up some of those eyedrops, can't believe I haven't tried them out yet - everyone loves them! I also miss my dollywink eyeliner - such a good liquid eyeliner pen!

  10. Thanks for this post♥ That Fairy Drops BB Cram really cought my eye.. it sounds very interesting! ^^ And the package looks so cute~


  11. I loved this post Eki!! It gave me so many ideas for new products to try out :)


  12. Thank you for always sharing, Eki! Because of you, I am using a lot of great products! You are the one that convinced me to get DollyWink products and I used your recommended products and tutorials to get into gyaru, and become better at make! Thank you!!

  13. Thanks for sharing Eki!!
    I love these posts because it gives me an idea of what products are good and worth trying! I have the Dolly Wink Long Mascara which I haven't opened yet so seeing this on your 2012 favourites gives my hope that it will be good :D

    Btw Happy New Year ^__^

  14. thanks for sharing!

    can you please do a review of all the mychelle products you have? i remember your haul and have been so curious ever since. would love to try the serum, though! :)

  15. great picks for 2012 eki - wishing you a happy new year full of lots of love and happiness x

  16. WOW!~! Thank You so much for all the detailed descriptions and photos~ Gonna try out some of the brands that you recommend ^^

  17. I completely agree! Thanks, Eki!


  18. I loved this post! I'm so glad I found your blog. Everyone has been raving about Fairy Drops, I have to try it one day. Let's add Dolly Wink and Canmake on to the list. I'll purchase them when I go to Korea and China in the next few months. Thank you for your recommendations! x


  19. Such great picks Erika! I adore Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet too! In fact I found that colour thanks to you, I love mint green ♥
    You also introduced me to a whole new world of makeup I didn't even know existed, for instance, BB creams, they have to be one of the best inventions ever! xx

  20. Such great picks! I wanna try some canmake products!

  21. Great picks! I wanna try everything! I seriously want the Dolly Wink eyeliner :( But they're always sold out whenever I look for it at my local Japanese goods store ><

  22. Thank you very much for this post Eki, i love it!
    I hope soon to try some products of Dolly Wink x3 and called the corrector of Candy Doll sounds pretty interesting and amazing!O: The Shiseido's integrate eyebrown and nose shader caught my attencion pretty much!O: Thank you for share this with us! It is really helpful!^^
    btw those are some very pretty colors of nail polish (^^)b
    Have a pretty day!;3


  23. Amazing Blog post Eki!
    Your posts are so helpful and i am really happy when you post cause im always able to enjoy a great read!

    Sakura x

  24. Cool ~ i love ur list!

    & we might have almost the same list for nail loves!

    =D ~~~~~

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  25. this is so helpful thanks so much for this lovey post.
    have a great new years <3

  26. Love this post, Eki! :) I also love the Dollywink products, and Argan Oil. :)


let me know what you think~ :3

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