Review~ Fiberwig vs mac fibre rich lash

One of the must have for me in a make-up is a good mascara. It gives you depth and dimensions gives you the illusion of larger eyes. I have really short lashes that is really straight, I usually have no patience in putting on false eyelashes so its a must for me to have mascara with fibers in it. Also there is no hassle with using mascara primers so its really all in one for me :) One of the great benefit for this two mascaras are that you dont need to use eye make-up removers! just use your usual facial cleanser and warm water is all you need~
*The trick to using them is applying 3 coats, let it dry alittle each time you apply.*
*also works great with electronic lash curlers*

                                                   After with fiberwig
                                               M.A.C fibre rich lash

Dejavu Fiberwig: (one of the very first fiber in mascaras invented) made in Japan $22 at sephora
I have been using fiberwig for 5 years and I loved it ever since I discovered them in Japan, now they are so popular its distributed all over internationally. After it dries this mascara turns in to rubbery texture becomes waterproof great for weddings, sweat, outdoor. when you remove them all you need is warm water you can actually see the rubbery particles come off.

M.A.C fibre rich lash : $12 at mac cosmetic counters
This mascara is pretty new additions to mac mascaras, it have similar consistency with fiberwig but I would say alittle less fibers but works just like fiberwig. I would say you do have to apply alittle more for the fibers show and its is not water proof like fiberwig, but over all I like it and of course half the price beats it! :)

Overall I would say I love Fibre rich lash since it is less expensive :) they are both great mascaras! hope this review helps anyone that was interested in getting this  mascaras!


  1. I want to try those mascaras! The mac one is very appealing cause its cheap. :)

  2. fiberwig for $12.60


let me know what you think~ :3

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