Things I L.O.V.E from Japan~ :3

SO Im writing about things that I love that is awesome. My aunt sent me this lip gloss from Japan. This lip gloss is pretty popular lip gloss among young girls, its sooo shimmery and glossy looking without the gooey texture! Its made by kiss me japan. 
Contains royal jelly extract great nourishing benefit :)

Here is must have for people that wears contacts. Another awesome item from Japan! :P Well this eye drops are made by Rohto, they have started to import their items in US but they only have the boring and not that great ones. They make all kinds of different eye drops but they only sell em in Japan,, :( 

This two is my favs~ pink one is *Lycee* contains B12 and rose extract and have mild cooling effect. Rohto make cooling level of 1-7 and this one is 3, they make one for contacts and another one for non contacts. Relieves the red eye and moisturizes  for hours! Loves it ;3

Blue one is* Zi 0* This one is for the hard core people that want to feel like you have ice cubes in yo eye! Its level 6 and Im telling you its intense~ but I love it!! I make all my friends try this one. Their first reaction is "oh my gosh!! I have paint thinner in my eyes!!" *trust me it dont burn, its intense icy feeling* but after few minutes they are like "most intense and amazing feeling my eyes ever felt" you gotta try this one it will relieve your red eye and dryness instantly~you will be addicted :D


  1. i love that stuff!! i have to try the pink one now!!

    ur contacts are amazing girl... which ones are they?

    thank you for comin' thru, i will be following you now! ;)

  2. aww thank you for your sweet comment :) I wear clearly colors by coastal contacts. Its like circle lens comparable to geo angels but this one is more vivid in colors~

  3. Randomly stumbled across your site and it's amazing! I'm starting college and just got into the whole make-up thing and all so all your tips are what I depend on~
    The eyedrops sound amazing and I agree about the contacts.
    Where can I get both? Would you recommend any reliable sites I can order from? I live in the UK...

  4. hahah! so cool ! i must try this! thanks for the review! <3


let me know what you think~ :3

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