I L.O.V.E Nose pack & DHC

Hello this is my second post about things I love. You might see this post alot since there are lots of things I love, hehe. X3 Its mostly consist of things that I use alot! (which is beauty products)

Softymo by kose Black coal nose pack:

I use this nose pack once every 2 weeks or so. Its one of the best nose strips I've used so far. It is a heavy duty nose pack. I am very oily and have really large pores on my nose so this is perfect for me. This nose pack uses black coal said to have tightening effects on the skin. You get 10 strips in a pack for around $5 in Japan. Ive seen this sold on ebay for around that price.
DHC Q10 cream foundation(the left one in the pic)

This is my all time love when it comes to liquid foundations. I've been using this product for almost 2 years. I L.O.V.E it~!! I've had DHC products for over 5 years and every product I've used from DHC has not failed me. This foundation is really creamy, it doesn't feel heavy or cakey, has good coverage ( I dont have to use concealer), and contains Q10. I dont have perfect skin (see pic below) but this foundation gives me the look of naturally beautiful skin. It is great for people with oily/combination skin like me and does not make me break out like other liquid foundations! :) All of their color is in an ocher base, its like a yellow tan under color. I use yellow ocher 02 and yellow ocher 03 depending on summer or winter time, compare to NC30 ish. Good colors for asian skin tones~

Here is what the DHC website says about this product. Trust me this product does what it says~
Creamy fuller coverage. Achieve perfect-looking skin at last! This long-lasting SPF 18 foundation offers fuller coverage to smooth over pores, blemishes, and imperfections. Enriched with age-defying coenzyme Q10, hydrating olive oil, and UV damage–fighting olive leaf extract, these ingredients can help you win the fight against fine lines. Feels silky, not heavy, on skin. Elegant matte finish.

Before: Excuse my face with my nose pack,,>_< class="Apple-style-span" face="verdana">
After: with DHC balancing lotion then DHC Q10 foundation~


  1. i like DHC products too -- it's very affordable isn't it? I've been using the DHC lip masks and the makeup remover oil. Fabulous stuff!!!

  2. aww that Q10 cream foundation has magnesium sulfate..something im allergic to.. :(

    but i took a look at the Q10 liquid foundation (the one on the right inside the photo) and looked at DHC's website and it doesn't have sulfates..and im wondering if it can still give as good of results as the one you're using. The cream foundation was said to have a fuller coverage whereas the liquid is sheer to moderate. i kno u probably haven't tried the liquid foundation, but it'd be great to hear ur opinion on it :)

    oo...i saw that nose strip at the Japanese grocery store i went to, and wasn't sure to buy it...maybe i should next time! but...i saw one of ur videos and u got the Naris Up Eggshell and Charcoal thing...which do you feel is better at removing blackheads? the pore strip u have on this post or that liquid one from Naris Up?

    sorry for all the questions T__T and thank you for answering!!!


  3. oh and btw, just for reference purposes about my question for the Q10 liquid foundation, i too have combination oily skin, and is heavily acne prone, so.....i guess then..that foundation would work for me since ur skintype is similar to mine?


let me know what you think~ :3

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