eye make-up tutorial~ ;3

Hello~ here is my first tutorial!!
had a request on how I apply my eye make-up so here it is. It was alot of work putting everything together!! X3 I give props to all the ladies out there that does tutorials~ I guess next time I'll do a video instead ;3

Here is my before and after on top

I have just gotten package in the mail from miumiu~ thank you!! I have purchased her aube Jewellery Shower Eyes #31 I have been looking for this palette. I love aube's purple tone shadows they can look brown to purple nice shade to compliment asian skin tone~she also was kind enough to buy me some darkness lashes that I wanted! thank you thank you miumiu~

list of things used for this look:

aube Jewellery Shower Eyes #31
bourjois effet lumiere in les bruns cuivers 41
ettusars shinny powder in white
Darkness lash in kma 9
M.A.C fibre rich lash mascara
M.A.C blush in whim
Electric lash curler


I pluck and trim my eyebrows~to make a nice arch in the eyebrow you can use your brush or pen to find the marker. Look straight and line your stick next to your eye, that should be your highest arch. For the end of your brow line, use the end of your botton lash line as a marker. Put your stick along your lash line, there you can see the best looking brow to match your eyes.

here I have used the 3rd color med shade, using the brush that came with this palette~ too lazy to use my brushes hehe :3

put all over your lids
now with the flat round ended applicator used the darkest shade

make an arch using the same technique as the 2.
now with the pointed end applicator

follow your natural lash line till the corner of your eye

with the 2nd shade the med light shadow

apply on the middle of your eye along your lash line

now with the lighest color *this one is cream based highlighter* its really shimmery

highlight along your inner corner of your eye

use your powder or cream highlighter * I like the fine shimmery kind*

put it along you brow line, it defines your brow and contours your face more

I love this eyeshadow by bourjois~ I stock up on this stuff hehe
the lightest shade is perfect highlighter for inner corner of the eye for natural look.

applied over the shimmery shadow it will keep the shimmery powder from going everywhere at the end of the night X3

line your eyeliner make a wing end this will create bigger eye effect, you can see on the pic below on how to make winged end just follow your corner of your eye. Looks nice when it meets your bottom eyeshadow *I like using gel or liquid liner*

apply mascara top and bottom

this photo is before curling my lashes

I Love using electric lash curler it will not damage your lashes~ fast and convenient :3

after curled lash~ you can leave here for natural look :)

When I wear false lashes I like to apply mascara and curl them it will feel less heavier on your eye if you curl and apply your false lashes.
also looks better from side view not as fake looking~

with darkenss kma 9 lashes

left: natural lash right: false lashes

apply brush, I like to smile when I apply brush you can see the apples of your cheek that is where you want em and brush along your side of the face

and then apply lip gloss and your done~!!!

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial~ :D


  1. great tut eki! thank's! you are so pretty as always!

  2. Great first tutorial! All the colors look gorgeous on you!!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial :)
    Btw if u don't mind me to ask, how the electric lash curler works ? we don't need to press, like usual eyelash curler does is it ? Sorry for my bad English, hope u understand what I meant >.<

  4. very nice tutorial! you're really pretty!

  5. great tutorial! those lashes look so hotttt <3


  6. I have the same palette for years but I never use it lol. It's one of my collector palettes :p. It looks so gorgeous on you, guess I'll use mine soon. More tutes please :D.

  7. Thanks for the tutorial! :) The lashes look really good on you. Anyway I also want to ask about your contact lenses. What kind and brand are they? They look really good on you too. :)

  8. great tutorial! the lashes look soo gorgeous! idk if we have those kind here. :(

  9. u read my mind hun! i've been wanting to ask u to do an eye makeup tutorial. u look lovely! the makeup really opens up ur eyes!

  10. hey eki! i'm so surprised it got there so fast haha.
    it looks great on you! i'm glad the purple works for you cuz I just can't make it work =p
    the falsies look so nice, i wish i had the patience to try applying lashes again hehe

  11. Awww Eki you're as gorgeous as always!

  12. omg i love how you did your eye makeup! so pretty! they look so much bigger and brighter...:)

  13. Wow, I love this look! Looks so sophisticated, but still natural.

    Great tutorial and step-by-step pictures! :)

  14. Oooh, you are just soo pretty! You look like a natural uzzlang ahhaha. I love how you do your eye makeup!

  15. great tutorial!!!

    u r just gorgeous!!those lashes look good!!

  16. thanks for the post ~ im so inspired with this look ~ you are so gorge, i'm jelly ;)

    Love how you do the winged liner ;)

  17. wow great tutorial! you are sooo pretty!! Your face just glows!!


  18. wow.. u r soo beautiful!!! love the tutorial.. u take ur pix soo professional.. it looks like u see these on the magazines... hehehe

  19. oooh btw, i'm also curious about the circle lens you're wearing?? what brand are they, and can I order them online?


  20. wow u look so gooooorgeous...
    @_@ like.. nice skin and sexy smile =)
    where can i get electric lash curler btw? im using shu uemura now, u reckon its better?

  21. great tutorial!
    really easy to follow and your lashes look amazing!<3
    your skin is like flawless, super pretty!♥

  22. Where can I get those lashes? I am becoming more and more interested in Japanese products. I am dying to get my hands on some...please HELP! LOL

  23. um, great tutorial! I gotta try out some light colors now....

  24. Thanks for the tutorial. You look absolutely gorgeous. I've just added you to my blogroll. I can't believe I never came across your blog!
    Keep it up :D

  25. omg you look so adorable without makeup..i love the tutorial your eyes are so pretty!

  26. hey babe

    LOVE LOVE LOVE thus tuttie!!! im actually gunna use it in my upcomming post...i need to get that "kwaii crack eye" look down...keep them comming babe...i do have a request can you do a tut focusing on the eyes on how to line them to make them look huge!!!

    thank you!...and sorry for the no reply on the email...i have alot of catching up to do!


  27. wow..u r good in make up. Thanks for the sharing. I like make up too... ;-)

  28. wow! You're so pretty!!! I like it! Smokey but wearable during daytime..

  29. woah i love your eyes so kawaii ..

  30. Hey where is your electric lash curler from?

  31. i love your tutorial! :) was very informative <3
    i was wondering, how do you trim your eyebrows?

  32. where did you get the darkness kma 9 lashes from? please let me know i love these lashes and having been looking for them but ardell doesn't carry them...

  33. love this look eki ~ will try it tonight when i go out with my girlfriends x

  34. Just ordered the lashes cant wait to get it in the mail!


let me know what you think~ :3

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