Garage sale part 5~ Nars skin set

Here is part 5 of my garage sale~
Brand new never used Nars skin set~! $98 at narscosmetic.com

Im happy with my current skin care so I dont need to use this :3

Im asking for $68 plus shipping, please email me for shipping rates I will find the lowest and the fastest way to get it to you~

click on the link for details

balancing toning lotion 6.7 fl oz 200ml $36

balancing moisture lotion 2.5 fl oz 75 ml $55

purifying soap 7.5 oz 200g $22


naturgo by shiseido clay oil blotting paper

popobe bear phone strap

chifur by shiseido lip stick ing 12 pinkish red with case

thX for looking ;3
paypal only

if you are interested for have any question email me @ erikakimura@me.com X3


  1. Hi Ekimura~ Can you write a post on how you maintain your eyebrows? Do you wax or pluck? Powder or pencil? Any product recommendations & lastly, eyebrow tinting? Thank you~

  2. i like ur tutorial. you have beautiful eyes!!!


let me know what you think~ :3

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