Garage sale part 4~jewelry seals :3

Part 4 of my garage sale~ all brand new $15 domestic free shipping~! :)
Jewelry seals great for decorating a cell phone, camera, whatever! :3
I used to be so into decorating my phone and my camera but I dont really do it anymore so I want them to be in use by someone else that would love em X3
they are stick on but you can use glue with em

Cute plastic black and rhinestone heart deco

strands of plastic pearl, black and white is med about 5mm
the white pearls are about 3mm


pink and clear rhine stone strands about 3mm

multi color stick on rhinestones about 5mm

thX for looking more to come :3

if you are interested please email me at erikakimura@me.com


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let me know what you think~ :3

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