I L.O.V.E~ SaLa wax~ :3

Here goes another I L.O.V.E post~

Sala hair wax by kanebo!
I love them so much, they are amazing! I have images of only 2 of them today since Im too lazy to find the other ones they are packed away somewhere. I have oily hair and this wax have never made my hair oilier,sticky,stiff,hard, or weight down. I have lots of fly aways *baby hair that sticks straight up! >:(* so this wax makes my hair looks tamed and shiny~all have nourishing benefit with honey and tsubaki flower extracts. I have tried blue,light pink,yellow and orange and all have been great!~ They have 7 different style wax for
keep hold *light pink*
lightcurl perm *bright pink*
super straight *blue*
shiny *yellow*
super airing fiber *orange*
elegant hold *red*
illuminating wax *two tone pink*
Comes in two sizes 90g or 30g large one will last you very long time and the small one is great to keep in your purse, its travel size :)

before: shiny wax *yellow*
after: you can see that its more tamed and shiny :)
close up you can see shiny particals
shiny wax
have pearly shiny particals
keep hold wax
its milky texture great alternative for gel or mousse
I was surprised to see this in the mail so early!! I have ordered this item on ebay 4 days ago shipped all the way from Korea! The seller was kind enough to include 3 sample of ac care spot. I donno what this sample do since its in korean hehe, if any body knows what this item do please let me know :)
I have been reading or hearing about bb creams for long time but I personally have never tried it since I am very happy with my DHC Q10 foundation but with everyones review made me want to try it :3
I do break out and have blemishes especially around pms time haha so I am going to test it out!


  1. wow that hair wax really made your hair shiny! and I also want to try some bb cream too but havent gotten my hands on any =( let us know how that bb cream work out for u

  2. Ooo I so wanna try the DHC Q10 foundation! You like it a lot huh? :D The shiny wax looks awesome!! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. i need to try that hair wax (oily hair too) thanks for the review!

    ohhh, what does the DHC foundation look like? :P

  4. where are the hair waxes available? sounds like something i need.

  5. Oh I love Sala hair wax too! I am european and my hair is fine and straight, but this wax doesn't make it greasy! I have the yellow one!

  6. oooh can u pls do hair tutorials using the wax? do u ever use it while ur hair is damp?

    i have one from the brand sexy girl and its a little bit too sticky for me.. but i LOVE the smell haha.

  7. hey doll

    can you perhaps send me the link to your ebay seller...that was quick...i ordered bb cream from a seller it never came =(....



  8. Is that the Lioele Triple the Solution BB cream?! I use that! :D


let me know what you think~ :3

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