handmade jewelry, lioele review~

My mom made me beaded earrings! She uses swarovski crystals and sterling silver for all of her jewelry. She bead em together with nylon string~ They are so shinny and kawaii! she is really crafty! hehe
here is her etsy site

Jewelry by Kisa
*photo with sunlight*

So I have been using Lioele bb cream for few days now, first time I applied this on I thought it was too light and has pink undertone that looked like it didnt match my skin tone. I did have to use concealer since it didnt seem to cover that well also it felt slightly heavy like I have mask on which I hate feeling but after wearing this for few hours that feeling seems to disappear. The tone seems to match my skin after awhile as well, but color is fair toned so I dont think I can wear this if I got a tan tho :P I didnt like it at first but after a while its not bad but I did have to blot my face once which I never have to do with my DHC Q10 foundation. Im gonna wear it for few weeks to see if its gonna benefit and improve my skin~

here is my doodle it happens when Im on the phone for a long time :3


  1. The earrings are adorable! ^^ You're adorable too, hehehe. I really like your eye makeup, and you have perfect eyelids!

  2. Look at that doodle!!! and those earrings made by your mommy!?!? looks like there's some talent in this family huh???

    you're just adorable, absolutely adorable!

  3. you look cute and so are the earings woot woot

  4. Your face really looks perfect! Perfect skin, perfect eyes, perfect lips... simply everything! ;)

  5. ur skin is brillant!! and u draw so well!

  6. Wow, you look so pretty!
    And I wish I had some kind of talent, I envy your doodling skills. I can't draw for my life :[

  7. so pretty! i love the earrings. i am going to check out your mom's etsy sit. what lip products are you using in this post? its like a perfect baby pink.

  8. those are so cute. too bad i can't be wearing dangling earrings =( my baby might just pull my ears off. lol Love the doodling! so cute!

  9. your mommy is so talented! the earrings are pretty and feminine1

    and i love the doodling you did! draw more :D

  10. ur momma got skiLLz! and so ru! look @ that doodle.

  11. i love ur makeup! ur so pretty :) and wow ur very talented nice drawing! i wish i could draw even jus a bit. :p

  12. I hated my Lioele at first but I persevered and now I adore it! It just fits so well now.

    I did also buy the whitening and anti wrinkle Lioele havent tried it yet but I will.

    I have a private beauty blog! Come along and see it if you like? I will need you to email me so I can send you an invite: Makemeshiney@gmail.com


  13. ur mother is really talented~!i really love how she made the beads into that shape! i wish my mother is still here with me now..T_T..she passed away 2 yrs ago due to lung cancer..sobs..but memories with her will always remain in my heart. she was my best friend, my life, my everything.. she still is till today..may God bless mama's soul..

    <3 <3 <3

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let me know what you think~ :3

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